Superdreamer Records

New independent record label in Columbus, OH


What is it?!

Superdreamer Records is a Columbus, OH-based label set to launch at the beginning of 2014. By donating to help us get off to a running start, you are in turn supporting bands and giving this awesome city something it really needs- a highly active independent label putting great music onto vinyl.

The Details

In the beginning, the records will all be LPs (aka full-length records). These vinyl records will be pressed in batches of 500. For promotion, fifty of these records will be sent to a killer list of DJs and writers that has already been compiled with the help of Columbus Discount Records

The first few bands will be Columbus-based. Soon after, we will look to expand our influence by opening up opportunities for anyone no matter what city they call home.

The bands will be from different genres, but they will all be under the umbrella of underground pop. We are working closely with some of the best up-and-coming bands in town, but we will not be releasing their names until after this fundraiser when we know what kind of offers we can make. 

As for the business plan, we have projected sales, goals, break-even points, cost-of-goods, and pricing ready to go. We have been working with our local Small Business Administration's consulting services to prepare financials and get professional advice.

We plan on releasing 8 records in 2014.

Why vinyl?

The short answer: it sounds better and it provides an experience

If you happen to disagree, don't worry. We will also sell CDs and digital downloads.


Record labels use distribution companies to get their records in stores. These companies do not pick up labels until record stores are asking for them by name. Until that happens for us, we will be hitting the road and visiting record stores in person to spread the word and get onto shelves.

Please Donate!

Each tier of donations has rewards to show our gratitude. 

Please, take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to something that will benefit many people.

Thanks for your support!


If you are interested in involvement beyond donations, please email


Spencer Morgan - Co-Founder


Spencer is a singer and guitar player in a band called Psychic Wheels. He graduated from Ohio State with a Bachelor's in Economics in 2008 and currently works as an Accounting Analyst for a custom t-shirt company. Some of his favorite music of all-time: Stooges, Cramps, Velvet Undergound, and Ramones.

Eric Gussler - Co-Founder


Eric loves music and plays guitar. He attended Otterbein University and currently works for a parcel service and also as an Assistant Coach for a high school baseball team. Some of his favorite music of all-time: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Elliott Smith.

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