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Introducing Sweet Acres Malt: the only solo female-owned artisan malt house in the country on a mission to help Ohio breweries produce a true Ohio beer.

The Southern Ohio-based company provides locally-grown and malted grains used in beer and distilled spirits production — including barley, wheat, and rye — to craft breweries across the Ohio market.


Malted barley — or malt — is often said to be the “soul” of beer.

One of the four key ingredients in beer production, malt gives brewer’s the ability to experiment with an entire world of different flavor possibilities — where the only limit is the imagination.

Simply put, without malt, beer would be lifeless and flat.

In the same way that a particular region’s climate, soil, and terrain affect the taste of wine or coffee — what’s known as “terroir” — the same holds true for barley. In other words, when you’re tasting a beer, you’re tasting the flavor profiles specific to that region.

If there’s one thing the explosion of the craft beer market has proven, it’s that craft beer aficionados are fiercely loyal to drinking local.

But as an Ohio craft beer lover, is your local beer truly local? As it turns out, not so much.

Sure, it may have been brewed down the street, but the the vast majority of Ohio brewer’s source key ingredients like malt from places like Wisconsin, Oregon, and California. 

The reason? There’s simply not enough barley grown in Ohio nor enough malt houses in the state to fulfill the sheer volume of malt that Ohio brewer’s require every year.

Enter: Sweet Acres Malt.


Sweet Acres Malt is making it possible for Ohio Brewer’s that claim to produce true Ohio beers to not just talk the talk, but walk it, too.

With Sweet Acres’ Ohio-grown and malted grain, local brewers can finally begin producing beer not just brewed in Ohio, but beer made from ingredients sourced from the very soil of the state — creating all new flavor profiles unique to Ohio.

Why the focus on the local Ohio market? Because craft beer in Ohio is big business.


How does Sweet Acres set itself apart from other small Ohio-based malt houses? By delivering consistent, high quality malt products and locally-sourced barley, combined with a unique partnership approach with brewery customers that competitors don’t.

Our products will include:

Our personal approach, combined with our production capacity, makes Sweet Acres Malt perfectly positioned to capitalize on a nascent malting industry within Ohio — one that has amazing growth potential for small malt houses like ours.

Only 3 malt houses within Ohio with a 2K ton malt/year production potential. 
Not nearly enough to fulfill existing demand.


While it’s still early days, Sweet Acres Malt has laid the groundwork for major growth in the days ahead. Here’s an inside look at a few of our most notable accomplishments to date:

Base malt formula is developed with proven quality and brewing results from several breweries, including:


At the helm of Sweet Acres Malt is Camille Harris. Before earning her BS in Agriculture from The Ohio State University, Camille was raised on her grandfather’s small grain farm in northern Ohio.

She first learned how to make malt in her kitchen. After several years of research, completing courses in barley and malt, experimenting, and planning, Camille decided to pursue her dream of opening her own malt house. 

In addition to owning and operating Sweet Acres Malt, Camille works for the USDA, where, for the past 12 years, she has overseen the quality of food products developed for the US Military.

Now, Camille is on a mission to build Sweet Acres Malt into the leading provider of Ohio-grown and malted grains to Ohio breweries and to become synonymous with true Ohio craft beer in the days ahead.

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