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Savor the Flavor

There is nothing better than a good meal

The decadent flavors, mouth-watering aroma and irresistible sensations are impossible to ignore.

Unfortunately, restaurant menus often lack even the slightest hint of what their food has to offer.

In fact, customers are likely to find more visual information from social media.

People eagerly take photos and quickly post them to Facebook and Instagram.

Entrepreneur and innovator Carl Turner realized that society's love of food and photos could be used to revolutionize the way we order meals.



SWIPEBY's curbside pickup/delivery option allows any local restaurant to offer the same conveniences as a chain drive-thru

We also make it easier to decide what and where to eat

Our brilliant swipe-based UI follows the same style as Tinder

Where’s The Convenience?

We’re all living in an increasingly digital world with technology that has added an unprecedented level of convenience to our busy lives.

Unfortunately, many restaurants have not kept up with these innovative changes.

They find it difficult to provide the best service to their customers without going way over budget.

This is a strain on consumers as much as it is restaurant owners.

Where’s The Visual?

At the same time, you wouldn’t see a movie based on the text description alone.

You need posters, trailers and any other visual the studio is willing to provide.

The same should be true for food, yet consumers have been all too willing to accept old-school menus that rely on words without visuals.

SWIPEBY Changes Everything

SWIPEBY overcomes the boredom, confusion and question marks of old-school menus and solves two key problems:

First, we make pickup more convenient at restaurants by allowing them to offer drive-thru convenience to their customers (even if they don't have a drive-thru!)

Second, we make it easier to decide what to eat, where to eat and what food is available around hungry individuals


Why We Do It

Let's face it: while we all would love to be adventurous, very few of us venture into new food territory.

The average diner frequents the same three restaurants and orders the same three dishes.

When consumers tire of the same old flavors, they turn to Google and Yelp, which are not terribly helpful.

The user-generated content rarely reveals the true elements consumers need to make an informed meal decision.

All too often Google and Yelp simply focus on location and little else.


Consumers then get lost in menus and user-generated reviews and comments, hoping to find a tasty alternative to their tiresome trio.

This gets old really fast, and there aren't food apps helping the situation.

Thus, we thought it was time to change all that by creating an app that highlights the magic of food while making it easier than ever to get a bite.

The Features You Need Most

Our services consist of 5 key components:

Data Analytics

Traction & Accomplishments 


Meet The Team

Our core team currently consists of founder and CEO Carl Turner and sales leader Moises Castano.

We also work with talented independent contractors (five engineers and one designer) to help steer our company as we move forward.

Carl Turner | Founder and CEO

Graduated from Wake Forest University with a B.S. in Finance, a B.A. in Computer Science and a minor in Entrepreneurship

Prior to founding SWIPEBY (in May 2017), Turner gained value experience providing strategic consulting in the tech space

He worked and interned with firms like:

  • Google (Hamburg, Germany)
  • A.T. Kearney (Dubai, UAE)
  • The Boston Consulting Group (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

He further worked with several startups in Germany

He also co-founded SEON, an IoT and mobile technology startup based in Hamburg, Germany and Cape Town, South Africa

For SWIPEBY, Turner is focusing on business development and marketing, and is dedicated to collaborating with the outsourced engineering team


Moises Castano | Sales Lead

Graduate of Wake Forest University with a B.A. in Communications

Gained valuable experience in strategy working with Barabino & Partners (NYC office) and Arduino

As an entrepreneur he co-founded Pilleve

He further worked with the TAO Group in NYC, where he learned the ins and outs of hospitality

Caetano is always there to give anyone an amazing time – especially our restaurant owners

He is focusing on sales, social media and growth

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