SymSoil®, Inc.

Creates engineered soils for specific crops, including cannabis

Raising $1,500,000

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Enter SymSoil® Inc. 

This restoration technique is documented in 
hundreds of peer-reviewed articles. But, until recently was only available on a small scale. 

SymSoil has patented Robust Compost manufactured in large quantities at a low cost.

By cultivating multiple types of microbes, for soil reintroduction, SymSoil Robust Compost naturally, and efficiently restores the complete soil ecosystem in as little as one season.

It finds weakness and cultivates proper natural working soil balance.

Timely and cost-efficient, the results are nutrient-rich, flavorful, larger crop yields. 

Key Highlights

  • SymSoil ® Robust Compost maximizes sustainability, carbon sequestration, soil remediation or restoration, biodiversity and farming financial investments.
  • Robust Compost can reduce water use by 50%.
  • MVP is 250 tons and 2,003 species for unmatched biodiversity.
  • Each acre can sequester over 4 tons of carbon each year. The only truly cost-effective rollback of greenhouse gasses.
  • Early Adopters: Cannabis Cultivators

Chemistry Conundrum

Cannabis cultivators and vineyard managers focus on crop chemistry.

They know shifting microbial balance in the Soil Biome directly impacts crop value and ROI.

Previously, taking advantage of this knowledge in the marketplace was hindered by the lack of Living Soil available.

SymSoil ® Patented Solution

With SymSoil Robust Compost, microbe ratios are tailored to specific crops - meeting Farmers’ specs. As such, they actively and willingly pay premium rates.

Traction & Accomplishments

Working with several of the largest cannabis cultivators in the state:

Cannabis and vineyard customers excited about our products and 
services, have potential ~ $500,000 in sales commitments as production ramps up. 

Corporate structure in place. Full compliment staffing of 40 professionals and consultants operational for tech, supply chain, sales, marketing, legal, and science. 

The solution is patented and IP protected.

Social Media/Brand Awareness activating 

Most cannabis cultivators have found 
SymSoil ® through Instagram. 

  • Quickly gaining followers  - more than 8,000 in several months
  • Average monthly 160,000 impressions
  • High engagement, with 650 profile visits per week

Esteemed, Quality Partnerships

Bio research, commercialization, and equipment resource collaborators include: 

Aspiration, Dedication = Opportunity

SymSoil ® scientists and staff are visionary, passionate, practical, business people and conservationists.

To successfully evolve SymSoil ® Robust Compost, they bring a combined century of experience with:

Meet The Team

Elizabeth Pearce | Chief Executive Officer

  • Working green and impact startups for a decade
  • Began as an angel investor with the Keiretsu Forum, (largest angel investor org)
  • Startup Advisor to service, manufacturing and software companies.
  • Served as  in-house analyst for HighMark’s Family of Funds
  • Portfolio Manager for HighMark’s Small Cap Mutual Fund ($160M, 4 stars from Morningstar)
  • Wealth Management at Northern Trust on behalf of 40 family accounts ranging    from $2 million to $30 million for a combined net value of $300 million
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • A fifth-generation Californian, undergrad and MBA from University of California, Berkeley

Katharine Hinson | President - Science

  • Expert training of  soil conditioning inclusive of Dr. E. Ingham’s Soil Foodweb, Jadam, and Korean Natural Farming
  • Industry leadership incorporating soil biology, organic farming practices, nutrient  manufacturing and pest management tools
  • Expert resource, featured speaker, thought leader of Best Practices Robust Composting
  • 15 years composting experience
  • 10 years Cannabis Regional Cultivator Specialist 
  • Intrinsic application development of soil biology with farming, greenhouses and indoor growing
  • Organic farming practical experience in Ohio, Oregon and California
  • Developing patentable specialty products for SymSoil ®

Sam Grosso | President - Operations

  • Scientist, entrepreneur, businessman, conservationist,combat engineer
  • Quality Control and supply chain broker oversight of $.5B inventory. Liaison medical, pharmaceutical companies, investors, executives, and brands.
  • Archaeologist oversight, needs, outcomes, budget, personnel and vital stop order authority for California State Parks. Key stakeholder auditor for Native Americans, federal, state, and private entities.
  • Director cultural/natural resource protection and monitoring of 200+ contractors for LA State Historic Park. $20M management budget.
  • Engineer, US Marine Corps, Iraq, logistic ops managing 60+ engineers, 100+ large-scale missions, maintenance, and property valued over $25M
  • Heavy equipment, pre/post surveying, vertical construction, concrete, electrical, and water/sewer.
  • Developed / fostered camaraderie with local, international, and inter-agency contractors.
  • Dedicated to U.S. Veterans Wellness/Affairs. Project Management Certification, Operation Reboot
  • Cal. State San Marcos, B.S Cultural Anthropology, 3 years International intercultural medical field training in Ecuador with the CIMAS Fundación

Peter Hirst | Vice President -  VP, Science (Biochar Specialist)  
Energy and natural resources

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 20 years advancing responsibilities 
  • Private practice consulting, representing clients at FERC and the California Public Utilities Commission, and others
  • Nationally recognized leader in biochar and related agricultural activities,
  • Principal contributing author to The Biochar Revolution
  • President of the Northeast Biochar Association
  • Opening speaker at a Northeast Biochar Symposium, annual guest speaker at domestic biochar conference since 2009
  • International biochar projects in Chile, Hawaii, Canada and Indonesia
  • Savory Institute Holistic Management Training
  • Permaculture Design Certificate, direct study with Albert Bates, The Farm at Ecovillage Training Center, Tennessee

Cuauhtemoc Landeros | VP – Science 

  • Extensive background in composting traditions from indigenous people around the world
  • Formal training:
  • Soil Foodweb methods with Dr. Elaine Ingham,
  • Advanced Permaculture Design with Quail Springs Learning Oasis,
  • Regenerative Design Institute
  • Experienced in construction and solar design, collaborates with operations team
  • Sioux Tribe Member. 

Sales Team
Developing regional teams.  Each has company culture traits and wired to get exponential results in the SymSoil marketplace.  Talented, driven, passionae, eager, dedicated environmentalists, clever, bright, people people!

Market Opportunity

SymSoil is a game changer, a positive disruptor in how the earth is treated in farming. We are altering the mechanics in a scalable, cost efficient manner.

If Living Soil is the prescription drug for restoring soil health, SymSoil Robust Compost is the generic drug.

Unique Advantages

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