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Targe Industries: Fast Facts

The Most Shattering Problem

Broken windshields have been plaguing car owners since the introduction of glass windshields, creating a safety hazard and, when replaced cheaply, may detract from the value of luxury and high-performance cars.

Replacement windshields often fit poorly in the windshield frame, leading to air and water leaks. Worse yet, with the introduction of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) -- which include electronic sensors that are embedded in windshield glass -- the cost of replacing a windshield could cost as much as $2,000.

Over time, original windshields get scratched by debris, ice buildup and other things. Those scratches can distort the driver's vision as the sun, streetlights and car lights come into the driver's field of vision. That can be a dangerous situation.

It would be better to simply prevent the damage that causes all of those problems. However, accessory shops have a difficult time figuring out how to market and sell a product that is a new concept. What's more, consumers have a hard time understanding windshield protection. As if that weren't enough, shop owners have a hard time explaining it.

The Only True Solution

Targe Industries is simplifying the space and providing true value to drivers with Windshield Gard.

Targe Industries succeeds by molding ClearPlex film (the only patented windshield protection film that can be sold in the United States) to fit the individual windshields of any number of motor vehicles. We sell the molded film to customers around the country based on their orders for specific year, makes and models of cars.

To make this possible, Targe Industries has a production facility in Sacramento, California, where we have hundreds of windshields for high performance cars, luxury cars, fleet vehicles and some of the more popular daily driven cars. We employ a team of highly skilled film molders. Based on actual and anticipated orders for Windshield Gard kits, the molders use ClearPlex film, cutting it and molding it for the windshield of specific cars.

Stop Thieves Right Now

We aren't stopping there.

We use the same process for side windows to create Grab Gard, the number-one solution for preventing smash-n-grab theft.

Suppose you drive a Tesla; well, it turns out that the wing windows are a popular point of entry for thieves, allowing them to steal whatever's inside.

Grab Gard kits are fabricated to fit the wing windows of each Tesla model.

Installing the Tesla Grab Gard kit is an easy process that provides important protection for car owners.

Precision Auto Spa

This shop will also allow us to test out new Windshield Gard designs so that when we start to sell them to the national market, we will be sure that they fit properly.

The benefits of Precision Auto Spa also apply to the Grab Gard market.

More Than Protection

Targe Industries is also excited to bring our groundbreaking solution to smartphones in the form of SKNZ Colorgard.

Focusing on decorative back covers that can be made for any electronic device, SKNZ will allow consumers to customize their favorite devices.

This will greatly enhance the appearance of any device, particularly those that tend to be replaced often.

With SKNZ Colorgard, consumers will enjoy the like-new feel of having a visually enhanced device.

Built To Be Profitable

Targe Industries has an exclusive agreement with Madico, the manufacturer of ClearPlex film, that means we are the only company that can sell ClearPlex film for the purpose of making pre-molded, pre-cut kits. This agreement gives Targe Industries a unique position in a new and fast-growing business of windshield protection film.

Targe Industries has as an equity partner, Ed Owens, who is the most experienced and most skilled person to work with ClearPlex film. Ed has trained installers on every continent. He is hiring a staff of film molders whom he will train to also make Windshield Gard kits.

Molding ClearPlex film to windshields is a complex task that takes a lot of skill on the part of the installer. It also takes a lot of time to mold the film onto the windshield of a car. That time could vary from about 60 minutes for a Porsche to almost 3 hours with a Tesla. During that time, there is a high probability that the film could be damaged and/or the paint on the vehicle around the windshield could be damaged from the heat that is used to shrink the film.

With Windshield Gard, after Ed and his crew have molded the film to a windshield in the Targe production facility, a moderately skilled installer can put the film on the windshield in about 30 minutes. This means that a job of molding film on a windshield on a car could take 2-3 hours, risk a loss of film or car damage, and end of being a financial loss for the installer. With Windshield Gard, the installation work should take about 30 minutes with a greater than 90% chance of success, earning a margin of more than $200 per job.

Traction & Accomplishments

Almost 600 Windshield Gard kits have been sold to more than 150 customers who are located in 35 states. Customers have purchased kits for all models of Tesla, all models of Porsche, all models of Corvettes, Lamborghini, McLaren, several models of BMW, Ford GT, Ford F-150, Honda Accord, Acura models, Jeep models, Mercedes Benz sedans and vans, Ford vans, and many more makes and models.

Word of mouth is spreading knowledge about Windshield Gard around the country to the point that Targe Industries receives calls every day from new customers who are immensely satisfied with Windshield Gard. Windshield Gard has been accepted as a viable product at automotive detailing shops, car dealerships and among fleet operators.

SKNZ Colorgard products are being accepted by customers all over the country with positive user experiences.

Precision Auto Spa has had a good reception from all the people with whom it is associated in the Sacramento area.


Madico: Targe Industries has an agreement with Madico that Targe will be the only customer for ClearPlex film in the USA to whom Madico will sell ClearPlex film for the purpose of making pre-molded kits.

Madico: Madico’s salesforce will sell Windshield Gard in the USA under their product name: Ready/Fit.

Tint World: Windshield Gard has been made the exclusive product that will be used in the almost 100 Tint World stores in the USA for windshield protection.

ADS: Targe Industries has an agreement with ADS, a Florida based company, that they will sell Windshield Gard to fleet accounts in the USA.

Targe Industries is a sponsor of Porsche Club of America and the Porsche Parade.

Meet The Team

Peter Jensen | Founder & CEO

  • Long and distinguished record in starting and building businesses
  • Examples include Bumble Bee Seafoods in Brazil, helped to commercially grow asparagus for the first time in a tropical climate and started the first washed mushroom business for Monterey Mushrooms
  • He also became the founding president of ClearPlex film in 2009
  • Under his leadership, ClearPlex film established itself as an essential automotive accessory product in countries in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia and Japan

Mike Rombach | Chief Operating Officer

  • 30+ years in various operations including sales management and customer satisfaction management

  • He's won many awards including three times as Distinguished Member of Leaders Council - AT&T / Lucent’s highest sales honor for the top 1%

  • His proficiency with diverse business aspects has been invaluable in setting up the systems, processes and business practices needed to make Targe successful

Kathi Kobs | Accounting Manager

  • Served as the Controller and Financial Manager at ClearPlex from 2014 until the company was purchased by Madico at the end of 2016

  • She is familiar with all aspects of the ClearPlex film and ProtectionPro businesses

Ed Owens | Production Manager

  • Mr. Owens is the person who developed the installation techniques for molding ClearPlex film on a windshield at the time that ClearPlex film was invented more than 10 years ago

  • He demonstrated the installation techniques to Peter Jensen, who then decided that ClearPlex film could be a good business to lead

  • Mr. Owens has trained people around the world on the installation techniques for ClearPlex film

  • He has acted as the ClearPlex, and later the Madico, technical representative of ClearPlex film to customers in every market of the world

Josh Rau | Senior Project Manager

  • Trained mechanical engineer and practiced that field for several years before starting his own businesses

  • Taking advantage of his mechanical engineering skills and his penchant for entrepreneurship

  • Mr. Rau is the product manager for Grab Gard

  • He is also analyzing the production techniques for Windshield Gard to find ways to streamline the kit-making process

Anthony Rose | Precision Auto Spa, Store Manager

  • Mr. Rose has been a manager of tint operations and paint protection film operations at Alexia’s Tint Shop in Beaverton, Oregon

  • He started as a tint apprentice and worked his way up to being manager of those operations

  • In preparation for starting Precision Auto Spa, Mr. Rose will attend the Detailing Success school in Big Bear, California -- one of the most renowned training grounds for detailing shop owners in the United States

  • Many Windshield Gard customers have attended the school

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