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The technology we use today to interact with our TVs — namely, the remote control — is often dated and not designed for web-delivered content. Furthermore, we can all agree that the keyboard and mouse have no business hanging out in our living rooms; they aren't a solution, but an ill-fitted patch to a problem facing TV viewers around the globe: accessing web-delivered content with ease. 

We, at Tarsier, Inc., a Minnesota-based company, have developed the solution: MoveEye™. MoveEye™ is silicon-embedded eyewear that allows you to interact with your TV using intuitive hand gestures, enabling you to operate your TV like a giant touchscreen — that you don't even have to touch. Just point at what you want, from your own perspective, and MoveEye™ serves it up. Having trouble visualizing this incredible technology? Check out the video above of MoveEye™ in action.

Hand gesturing is one of the most universal, expressive, and intuitive ways we communicate. Touchscreen technologies have paved the way, but MoveEye™ takes hand gesturing to a new level. MoveEye™ allows anyone to use a gesture as simple as pointing in 3D space to launch applications and navigate media.

Welcome to the next generation of human-computer interaction.

MoveEye™ recognizes your hand gestures and knows exactly what you're trying to interact with on the screen, allowing you to command your interface in a truly intuitive manner.

At Tarsier, Inc. we have assembled a team of engineers and advisors who are experts in the field, allowing us to develop the entire hardware and software for MoveEye without outsourcing any part of the project. We are very proud of this accomplishment, and are confident that we will be the team to count on for future iterations of the technology. 

To develop MoveEye™ we have taken advantage of advances in hardware miniaturization, low-power processing, computer vision, machine learning, object recognition, parallel processing algorithms, and microelectronic commoditization to produce the unprecedented capabilities of MoveEye. 

MoveEye™ is a licenseable technology in the form of a hardware reference design (to make the glasses), software developer kit (to recognize and target gestures), and rights to use the technology. What this means is that, rather than bringing MoveEye™ to market as a standalone product we will be partnering directly with the TV brands you know and trust.

Potential licensees include companies like Samsung, Sony, Apple, LG, Google, Roku, Microsoft, Panasonic, Vizio, Intel, and many others that are seeking ways to carve out space in the looming living room revolution. Soon, you will have the option to upgrade your television purchase to include MoveEye™ eyewear for your whole family. 

In October 2012 we debuted our 3rd generation prototype at DEMO, inciting great excitement as people experimented with our technology and witnessed firsthand the possibilities offered by intuitive interaction. Starting with our DEMO debut, we have received a considerable amount of media attention from each live demonstration, leading to much industry praise. Additionally, we are in a very strong position, thanks to our law firm, to move forward with our licensing strategy — or even an outright acquisition.

We are on track to meet our goals — licensing the technology and growing our support team —and have received many inquiries from large companies interested in MoveEye™. We have filed international patents and are in the patent prosecution phase with the USPTO. 

We have successfully built a fully functional wireless MoveEye™ prototype, currently in its testing phase. In January 2014 we exhibited this technology at CES in Las Vegas.

Our successful exhibition at CES resulted in some great press mentions in publications like Hollywood Reporter, USA Today and BBC. 


In August alone we have met with Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, and Sharp in their Silicon Valley offices. We are moving forward with our licensing/potential acquisition candidate plans.


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