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About Us and TaskFriend

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The TaskFriend app helps nonprofits fund their mission one task at a time.

On our app, you can find someone nearby to help you with anything you need. Find someone to mow your lawn, clean your house, or even assemble furniture. The possibilities are endless. Anyone can complete tasks to make some extra money OR it can be directed to a local nonprofit of their choice.

TaskFriend makes local services affordable and accessible. Currently local services can be expensive and sometimes are not easily found. As a result most would rather do it themselves, ask family or friends, or go without. Hiring a potentially expensive stranger is generally the last resort.

For example, if someone needs a wireless router installed but doesn't have the skills, the first choice is friends or familty. Plan B:  Hire an IT company where the national average is $325. For a one hour task, that's not a good value.

In the United States, this is the same for many categories of local services. Why does it cost $40/hr to get your house cleaned when the person doing the work receives less than half?  Local services are expensive and inaccessible, not because of the cost of labor, but because of the inefficiencies in bringing people together. 

TaskFriend solves this problem by connecting nonprofits directly with people needing local and affordable help. Our platform empowers people to focus on doing the things they do well by allowing them to rely on the members of their community for the things they don't.

TaskFriend charges a 5% transaction fee on receiving payments. There are no other fees for using TaskFriend.

With TaskFriend, you can...

  • Post a task to find help around the house or office
  • Complete tasks to earn money for yourself
  • Complete tasks to raise money for a nonprofit

Giving Back Made More Accessible

TaskFriend App is easy like sending a textInstead of just offering money, people can now contribute by getting something done or by helping others in their community. By providing people with more accessible ways to give back, nonprofits can potentially double what they normally raise each year. 

People who feel passionate about a cause, and want to volunteer their time, will no longer have to search for an organization looking for help, submit an application, and wait for a chance to give back. Instead, just download the TaskFriend app, help people in your community, and raise money for your cause all at the same time.

Everyone Wants to Belong

Everyone wants to belong to something

Whether it's supporting a local school, church, a political campaign, an environmental or human rights organization, everyone has something they feel passionate about. With TaskFriend, more people are able get involved in their community, not just the core people that do all the work. 

The two things that prevent people from giving back to their community is time and money. With TaskFriend, people who don't have time to give can support a cause by getting others involved by requesting tasks. Those who don't have money to give, can contribute by completing tasks for others. 

Everyone Could Use Some Help

Getting things done takes a group

We believe that everyone could use a hand with something. No one has the time, knowledge or the resources to accomplish everything on their own. TaskFriend makes it fast and simple to find local and affordable help for anything you need.

Getting help is easy as sending a text message.  It benefits either the person doing the task or it can go directly to fund a local project.

Everyone Has Something Unique to Offer

Energy, experiences and traist all make us 100% uniqueTaskFriend App empowers people to earn money on their own terms, opening the door so everyone can contribute.  

With the TaskFriend App, notifications are configured so alerts are received only on task offers that match the desired types of work.

Choose to direct your earnings to yourself or your nonprofit organization. We believe everyone can and wants to contribute something to their community.

How it Works - It's an App

A fundraising campaign begins when a nonprofit organization is approved. They are issued their own unique group ID that can be used by people to raise money.

Members of the nonprofit are introduced to the TaskFriend app at their own group meetings or through their emails. From there, they can start posting various tasks requests that need to be completed while other members can respond to the requests using the TaskFriend app. 

We will advertise the TaskFriend app to people in local communities looking for local and affordable services. This will allow nonprofits to reach people outside their immediate circle to not only raise money, but to raise awareness for their cause. 

Members are encouraged to ask their friends and family to download the TaskFriend app to post something they need done which can directly help a local community project. 

The idea is that if everyone commits to helping just one person in their community for the purpose of furthering a good cause, we can make the world a much better place.

Example #1 - CureSMA.org

We can cure SMA

Cure SMA is dedicated to the treatment and cure of the spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) disorder. SMA is a genetic disorder that's characterized by loss of motor neurons and muscle mass. Cure SMA funds groundbreaking research and provides families the support they need. Our company was introduced to the Cure SMA organization by a family friend affected by the disorder.

People with SMA need assistance for basic necessities such as using the bathroom or getting ready for work. If an assistant is not available, normal life grinds to a temporary halt. TaskFriend fits perfectly here. Those affected by SMA will have rapid access to help from a trusted community. 

SMA is also a financially draining condition for families. If Cure SMA embraces TaskFriend, families will be able to reduce their financial hardships by helping not only the people affected by SMA but others in their community as well. Families will also be able to complete tasks to raise money for Cure SMA and raise awareness of their cause to others within their community.

Implementing TaskFriend has no start-up costs and it would provide immense benefits to the families affected. It would also allow the organization to raise significantly more money to fund research while providing families with much needed support.

Example #2 - #TrashTag

Trash Tag is good thing that has gone viral

#TrashTag is an environmental movement in which people clean up waste-filled areas and post a before and after picture with #trashtag. This encourages others to get involved to partake in the clean up efforts.

The TaskFriend App can scale the #TrashTag movement.

A big factor preventing people from getting involved in causes like the #TrashTag is the lack of time. With TaskFriend App, people will now be able to hire others to clean up dirty areas and the money can even go towards supporting an environmnetal rights organization.

TaskFriend App empowers environmental organizations to inspire people beyond their circle of influence so more can be involved in clean-up projects. TaskFriend has the potential to help the world become a much cleaner place.

Example #3 - Lions Club & The Rotary

TaskFriend makes connections strongerThe Lion's Club International and Rotary International are service-based volunteer groups made up of 50,000+ clubs with millions of volunteers that all work to serve local and global community projects. They raise about $100+ million a year and fund programs from disaster relief to mitigating hunger to ending polio. We are currently working with both clubs locally to run TaskFriend App pilot programs.

"The kind of innovation that we must aspire to generate at Rotary is called 
disruptive innovation
- John Hewko

The Lion's Club International announced a new goal of doubling their annual 
raise by 2021. This is an ambitious effort that requires them to do something different. 

TaskFriend App can be that difference. We're currently working with local chapters to establish processes and document the results in preparation for a national roll-out.

We Bridge the Gap - 95% Goes To You

More people can helpEvery family has had at least one time where they were asked to raise money for a team, cause or organization. If you have or had children in school, you know the routine.  Fundraising takes many forms, but usually it's simply giving money to purchase something you don't need or want, which often ends up re-gifted or tossed in the trash.

Current methods of product-based (candies, popcorn) fundraising are also inefficient as less than 50% of the money raised goes to the cause. The TaskFriend App provides people with exactly what they want and need in exchange for their efforts.

Wouldn't it be great to have your kids help the widow down the street with her yard work on a Saturday afternoon, knowing the money for getting your kids out of the house helps build the new library for their school?

What if you could contribute to a political campaign by mowing your neighbors lawn? Imagine contributing to fund a research for a cure by running errands for a friend.

Your school, church, human rights organization or neighborhood clean-up project receives 95% of the money, unheard of in fundraising.

Changing The World - One Task at a Time

Good things happen when everyone helpsThe TaskFriend App was designed with this belief that people are inherently good and social beings that have an innate ability to help, trust, and work with one another. We're able to collectively create more value together than if we went about it alone. The essence of TaskFriend App encourages and accelerates this behavior.

By signing up one organization at a time, TaskFriend App is in a position to scale and provide immense value to the world. We can help nonprofits fund their mission by making local services affordable and accessible. And by bringing local communities together, we genuinely believe that we can make the world a better place.


Sang Nam (Kevin) - Chief Executive Officer


Born in South Korea and now a citizen of the United States, Kevin has lived in many diverse neighborhoods throughout his life. This has allowed him to develop a deep appreciation for people and cultures that exists inside communities. Kevin is driven by this belief that when you bring people together, the world becomes a better place. TaskFriend App isn't just based off an idea, it's the result of years of research and experience in meeting new people and trying to understand why and how people make decisions.

E.Kasey Kasemodel - Chief Technology Officer


Kase has decades of experience in the areas of cyber security, systems design, business intelligence, corporate behavioral science, intellectual property management, and software engineering. This has allowed him to enjoy many years of assisting small businesses and multi-national corporations helping them gain improved positions from data analysis to enterprise-wide system efficiencies.

Raghu Naik - Senior Software Engineer


Raghu has enjoyed 10+ years of IT experience in project management and managing critical projects while fostering healthy relationship with customers, various project teams, vendors and ensuring successful integration and delivery of proposed solutions at Avion Technology Inc. a woman-owned, minority-owned, family-run business located in Schaumburg, Illinois, they specialize in web design, web development and legal process outsourcing.

Debra Maurer - Marketing and Sales


I enjoy the challenge of finding creative ways to increase profit margins and attract new business. If you don't increase your customer base, you will never reach your potential. My "secret sauce" is my ability to connect to my audience. I then discover and grow additional revenue streams as I understand the psychology of the sale, which is why people buy services or products.

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