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The first of several patents is related to intelligent devices and proprietary Flip-Flop technology utilizing 'predictive logic' and artificial intelligence. 

Our technology meets core buying demographics' needs within the $36 Billion personal audio market for more innovative and intelligent features that keep up with their fast-paced smart-connected-world and lifestyles. 

Classifications within our five-year plan include:

  • Smart devices
  • Personal audio products ($36B market)
  • Wireless Bluetooth devices
  • Intelligent smartphone cases, (iPhone)
  • Wearables (a $62 Billion market)
  • And partnering with some of the largest music streaming groups

​These sectors possess 20-percent to 36-percent Cumulative Annual Growth Rate, CAGR, providing a high-growth high-margin business. 


Within one of our vertical niche markets, the $36 billion personal audio market has an absurd amount of complacency.

Even the top 5 brands, who control 50% of the global market, fail to meet consumers’ needs for advanced technologies and unique features, despite possessing a pricing strategy at 10x's cost.

Global market leaders don't provide new and innovative useful key features for keeping up with core buying demographics living in a smart, highly connected world moving from device-to-device with their busy work and play lifestyle. 

Consumers are also irritated by the so-called “intelligent” premium priced headphones that are unable to detect when a user takes them off, sets them down, puts them back on, and other call-to-action predictive logic functions.


Our first-generation models solves these and many more problems by developing advanced technologies and features that:

This solution comes from our patented Flip-Flop Technology (iOS and Android compatible).


With momentum on our side, we've already designed, developed, and presented at the request of main buyers at Top 10 US retailer's such as Best Buy, Costco, and GameStop, in preparation for regional store tests for full-store roll-outs and online channel sales.

NOTE:   A Costco full-store rollout (600+) in any year would represent annual sales in region of $20M, as would Walmart and Sam's Club. Similarly, Best Buy full-store rollout (1,000+) would represent $12M annually, depending upon how many models, colors, popularity of products, etc. GameStop (4,000+ stores), would represent $2.5M+ annually with just one popular wired or wireless gamer model, or an 'exclusive' given by Console (Xbox®, PlayStation®, Nintendo Switch™).

If AT&T (or another mobile carrier) were to take a two-year exclusive on (patented) intelligent smartphone covers or wireless speakers, sales could reach $50,000,000 in four years (which is what our salespeople did in the past for a US brand of iPhone covers).

Our head of sales has been in the consumer electronics industry since 1983. With more than 35 years of experience, he has represented top headphone manufacturers such as Beats, Shure, Monster, Pioneer, and Philips to help them grow their business profitably in the channel, generating $100M annually.

He will utilize the same contacts with US retailers, 3PL providers, and online channels for driving CAGR, as he knows this business very well. 

Consumer direct channel sales are equally being deployed providing up to 10x's cost, margins, for stronger earnings stories. 

As more products within our five-year product development plan are introduced to global markets, so to will our revenues.  

We work with all types of Global Top 50 EMS suppliers down to smaller EMS and SMT providers to meet small or large volume requirements. Some suppliers ship 6 forty-foot containers per day to some of the largest retailers in the world.

For US markets, inventories are placed with 3PL providers and Amazon fulfillment centers for facilitation of B2B and B2C channel sales. 

Besides the US, we have received $150,000 order from United Kingdom sole agent and their confidence selling $1,000,000+ in 2020 for UK market, solid and reliable partners, who's key management previously took - LG UK from £40 Million to £1.2 Billion. Popularity of consumer electronics products in EEC follows UK market trends, where we're starting first. 

We have received expressed interest from more than 12 countries for becoming sole agent of Tattoo Audio brand of products as more than 60-percent of revenues, earnings, and CAGR stories will come from the faster growing international markets. 

These markets will be operated and managed by Country Sole Agents who acquire products on FOB or CIF Letter of Credit, L/C, terms.

Timing is critical - for securing a plurality of Country Sole Agents from around the world to build the Tattoo Audio® brand quickly. 

This current round of financing enables us to become a profitable business with products sold on a global level. 

An investment that will bring music to your ears! 

For more information about Tattoo Audio and what we have planned for the future, please refer to the Business Plan portion of this Fundable profile.



  • Seasoned Senior Director (Asia Pacific) and Country Manager with 15+ years progressive responsibility leading development of markets for multiple global brands 
  • Administration Lead firms with 65+ staffs and $35M revenues

  • 36+ years experience
  • Has represented top headphone manufacturers such as Beats, Shure, Monster, Phillips, and Pioneer to help them grow their business profitably in the channel, generating $100M annually

  • For 20 years he held position of general manager in charge of 1,000+ employee factories specializing in headphones, earbuds, and wireless Bluetooth speakers shipping up to 6 forty-foot containers per day to some of the largest retailers in the world 

  • Serves as liaison between overseas EMS and SMT suppliers and US, EEC and Asian sales offices for ensuring timely and smooth business operations

  • Manages the company’s social media marketing and advertising programs
  • Administration of deliberate planning, strategy and goal setting, development of brand awareness and online reputation, content management and more

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