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Say hello to the future of gaming…

Say hello to the future of gaming…

Surrender to the call of the anointed kick-ass she-warrior Scorpiana, with Babatunde’s guidance, hone the craft of earth, water, fire and air elements, fight alongside 12 female shapeshifters, representing each of the zodiac signs. Lemurian Warriors Hack and Slash evil egotistical entities to restore the transcendental world of Lemuria, Mu!
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TGC’s first game in the series, Lemurian Warriors, teaches Astrology and Astronomy in an enjoyable format. In the primordial times of the planet Earth, there existed a captivating land, brimful of enigmatic charms, invigorating healing abilities and spell-binding natural beauty. Lush, incredible worlds were overflowing with superhuman beings, cosmic beings and divine species. This narrative driven, third person, Action RPG hack and slash with puzzles genres, is set on an ancient continent and based on the Legend of the Lost Lands.. The game is planned to release on steam. We are working to make this game one of the most captivating ever developed. Dual release available for mobile and PC/Console users.

Say hello to the future of gaming…

Is it written in the stars? Introducing the worlds first natal compatibility and original zodiac emoji keyboard combo! Indulge in the world of self-discovery, astrology, astronomy, wellness, and love compatibility! Featuring TGC’s original zodiac emoji & gif for text keyboard.

Our Astrology Emojis app consists of the most incredible, comprehensive list of astrology emojis ever developed.
Featuring high-end artwork that highlights the breathtaking beauty of the emojis and the impeccable work of our artists.

Astrology Emojis is a quintessential app. It gives you access to:

  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Numerology
  • Natal Chart Reading
  • Chinese Astrology
  • Constellations
  • And over 500 Astrology Emojis and GIFS

Built for iOS and Android, Astrology Emojis is an equally impressive project. More than 168,000 people have expressed interest and are anticipating the app’s release and we cannot wait for its grand debut! #GameChanger

We’ll offer Freemiums with Daily horoscopes, Premium services and emoji keyboard $4.99 and $1.99 monthly subscription services to games, puzzles, and reports

Say hello to the future of gaming…

TGC is excited to launch THE “kick ass female” Lemurian Warrior astrological fantasy video game, featuring Scorpiana and 12 character-shapeshifters, all representing each sign of the zodiac .

 Our game developers and storytellers are diligent at work, passionate at research, and careful to design this unique tale that is projected and expected to dominate a league of its own. Lemurian Warriors is a force to be reckoned with!

Dedicated to serving the gamer community, TGC also provides state of the art merchandise designed to revolutionize the gamers experience. We offer quality gaming gear, trendy gamer apparel, and more “gamer-craze” items. Finally, our Astrology Emojis App is highly anticipated! This is the world’s first Natal Compatibility app that features original astrology emojis and gifs for text keyboard combo. The user can explore love compatibility, utilize astrology for business endeavors, or simply text an all-time favorite zodiac emoji to the birthday girl or boy. “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”- J.P. Morgan

The Astrology Emojis App alone is a guaranteed game-changer.

Say hello to the future of gaming…

Say hello to the future of gaming…

Technology Game Changers is a start-up app and gaming company. We are dedicated to changing the future of technology. TGC is where enlightenment, entertainment, and innovation coincide. Our style is designed to cater to the currently untapped urban astrology market. With $1.2 trillion in spending power, urban consumers are an “important population for smart brands that want to grow market share and brand preference.” In addition to our target audience demographic, recent studies show that 155 million Americans play video games, and of that 155 million, 42% play games 3 or more hours a week!  Brilliant, how can this get any better?

Say hello to the future of gaming…


There is currently a lack in diversity and representation for the majority of the gaming population. Never before, has the urban market seen anything like Technology Game Changer’s Lemurian Warriors video game.

Say hello to the future of gaming…


Say hello to the future of gaming…

Our business plan and marketing approach is a guaranteed power combo. Our team is diverse. We’ve sought out Millennials, Generation X, content creators, urban culture connoisseurs, and technology experts, even social media influencers who can effectively bring TGC’s vision to life. Success is strategy.

Why TGC?  The firm has 6 sources of revenue, which are explained in the sales forecast table.

Additional sources of potential revenue could include merchandise, eSport, Motion Picture, TV Series, Book Novels/Comic Books, and Cartoons). These additional sources are not included in the projections but are planned to be introduced once the 6 primary sources of revenue have stabilized

TGC has values. We genuinely want to serve the underserved in a multibillion-dollar market. We want to be THAT VOICE.

Say hello to the future of gaming…

Our CEO Cherrylle Hatchett has 15 years of experience as the Head of Project Management that qualifies her to perform the role of the Chief Executive Officer. Cherrylle has successfully supported over 50 Go-live Software Enterprise implementations for Fortune 500 companies and has over 20 years of experience in astrology. As a start-up application and video game development company, Technology Game Changers LLC is assisted by Hatchett’s vast knowledge in diverse fields of the growing of technology. Her expertise over software implementation, informatics and IT training are a verification of her qualifications and aid in the rampant fiery development of Technology Game Changers, LLC.

Our CEO’s vision is married with the diligence of our elite team of accomplished and driven creators. Our Interns have gained viable knowledge of training that has led them to pursue leadership roles within the company and other Fortune 500 companies such as Facebook! Our game developers have worked on previous PC and Mobile Gaming and graduated top their class.

Say hello to the future of gaming.

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