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As the 21st century reaches maturity, schools, businesses and residents in these areas are increasingly at a disadvantage without access to high-speed internet. Telexity is going to help them catch up.

Then, our team can install fiber networks in underserved rural communities throughout America, giving businesses, schools and residents in those communities access to the high-speed internet they need to stay relevant in 2015 and beyond.


Think of it as a data sharing plan (just like your cell phone company offers), but for the cell phone companies themselves.

The big telecommunications companies have a simple formula they use to determine whether or not a population will be profitable enough to install high-speed internet in the area. If the formula says it’s not a sufficient money-maker, sorry.

You’re out of luck.

Small Town America

Small towns across the country are struggling to keep businesses and residents, who require good internet speeds to conduct their business, from skipping town.

And as their populations dwindle when residents flee to urban areas, tax revenue declines. When tax revenue declines, fewer dollars are put back into the municipality’s schools.

A Problem Feeding on Itself

And those schools, too, are struggling to stay competitive without high-speed internet access. Who wants to send their kids to a school that can’t offer access to modern educational materials, which are increasingly housed on the web?

According to the FCC:

Rural America 31 percent lack access to just 10/1 speeds,
and 31 percent can’t even access 4/1 speeds.


Tribal America

US Territories

The US government understands the problem, but haven’t made much progress in addressing it. In 2013, access to 25/3 broadband decreased by three percent from 2012.

"Approximately 35 percent of schools lack access to fiber, and thus likely lack access to broadband at the Commission’s shorter term benchmark (adopted in its July 2014 E-rate Modernization Order) of 100 Mbps per 1,000 users, and even fewer have access at the long term goal of 1 Gbps per 1,000."

~ 2015 FCC Broadband Progress Report

With the relationships already in place, and the wheels already in motion, we could have a small network up and running in just a few months. In fact, we’re nearing completion of a plan to build our first network in the Oklahoma City area.

With the OKC test market successfully behind us, we can expand to serve other rural areas all over the country, bringing high-speed internet to the heartland of America.

Dane Gasio is a 15-year telecom industry veteran. He's worked comprehensively in nearly every aspect of the telco business: retail, wholesale, enterprise, hardware, wireless, wireline, billing platforms, account and expense management, and mobile payments and processing. He also served as President of a public wireless company.

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