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Every day, every person in America encounters a variety of surfaces.

Those surfaces could harbor the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) or other infectious diseases.

Consequently, these surfaces – pretty much every surface imaginable –
need constant disinfecting.  Wouldn't it be great if we could make the surfaces permanently self-disinfecting?

Teslake solves these problems with a groundbreaking product that consists of metal alloys that are permanently antimicrobial.

In addition, the alloys are extremely durable and corrosion-resistant, making them broadly applicable to many applications.

While we can produce several variations, the first product will be an adhesive-backed metal foil.

Our metal alloys work via the oligodynamic effect, which is essentially a rapid ion transfer from the metal to the microbe. This damages the cell membranes, causing bacteria and viruses to die in minutes to hours.

Our first product is a simple adhesive-backed metal foil, so that it can be used to cover virtually any common surface in our daily surroundings; doorknobs, grocery cart handles, cell phone covers, countertops, and so on. In a simulated touch experiment, a human coronavirus (not specifically the virus causing COVID, but a safer strain that is used for laboratory testing) was inactivated in 2.5 minutes. Bacterial colonies have been shown to be inactivated in minutes to hours as well.

While the kill isn't "immediate," like bleach, it is permanent. If the surfaces are kept free of dirt and grime, they are constantly killing microbes.

The first version of the foil is in production now. We expect to make a small pilot launch this month (in September).

We have proprietary technology for the foil, as well as a licensed patent for the coating version.

On the medical device side of the business, we have a joint venture with the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, which is the #1 specialty orthopedic hospital in the US.

Foil is running through contract manufacturers controlled by our FDA-regulated Quality Management System. Distribution will initially be via Amazon.

Teslake is a medical device manufacturer that has technology to make surfaces

permanently antimicrobial. Developed for surgical instruments and implants, we are applying this technology for general consumer use.

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