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Made Easy

Going to the doctor is expensive and inconvenient. Most of us have suffered through the misery of a clinic waiting room and will have to do it again.

For common illnesses like strep throat or the flu, people want to avoid the clinic.

They would also like a
cheaper solution

a single clinic visit costs hundreds of dollars.


No One Wants
To Be Sick

What makes it worse?

Waiting in a clinic.

Everyday diagnostics should be quick and easy, but testing for strep throat or the flu continues to be a tedious process:


Faster Diagnosis
= Faster Recovery

Test Anywhere Technology has shrunk the complex chemistry set and reduced the number of steps for an innovative solution:

The Team

Stephan Ogilvie | Chief Executive Officer
A seasoned medical technology executive with experience
across the healthcare industry, Ogilvie brings a wealth of knowledge, accomplishments and expertise to Test Anywhere Technology.

His career began at Medtronic where he held various roles in product management, sales and marketing. He later shifted gears and
moved to Wall Street, becoming a Senior Research Analyst in Medical Technology.

Ogilvie then joined NuVasive as Vice President of Corporate Development. He led the firm's acquisitions and special projects team.

As a medical technology expert, he has led strategic planning, investor relations and reimbursement initiatives. He also led global expansion of projects abroad.

Ogilvie holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism from BYU and an MBA in Finance from NYU.

Bliss Lansing | President and Founder 
Lansing invented the TAT platform technology that is poised to revolutionize diagnostics by giving consumers control over how, where and when they are tested.  While creating wellness programs for companies to lower health insurance premiums, she saw a huge inefficiency in diagnostic testing. She then designed a product that would enable everyone to get tested faster and cheaper so they can make immediate healthcare decisions. She believes convenient diagnostics will empower patients and improve healthcare efficiency.

She has experience in designing and implementing worksite wellness initiatives, health promotion, and marketing.

Lansing completed both her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and her Masters in Health Promotion at Brigham Young University.

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