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Thaddeus Medical Systems is logistics-focused biotech packaging manufacturer looking to repair the rampant inefficiencies present in the packaging & shipment of sensitive medical items.

Our initial solution takes the shape of a highly durable temperature-controlled box that ensures all key variables are controlled and constantly monitored for optimal shipment safety.  It’s supported by a cloud-based software portal for easy management & data analysis.


The healthcare supply chain - specifically the shipment of vaccines, blood, drugs, tissue & organs, and regenerative medicines - has traditionally worked like this:

But this process, also known as the “cold chain”, is becoming trapped in the ice age of the industry.  In fact, over $35 billion is wasted annually within it - largely due to poor practices surrounding transit and storage of temperature-sensitive products & specimens.

To combat this, pharmaceutical companies are investing heavily in packaging - at an average of roughly 9% of total logistics expenditures (up from 6% in 2012).

But in addition to being styrofoam-heavy and bad for the environment, these solutions are still causing cold chain failures far too often (in 1-20% of all shipments).  This can result in:


The time has come to move the cold chain from the passive ice age to the active IoT age.  Introducing Thaddeus Medical Systems: an up-and-coming innovator of smart packaging technology for temperature-sensitive products.

At our core, we rely on IoT-enabled, reusable, active temperature-regulated hardware and software to protect perishable products.  Our flagship product, called the iQ-ler, is allowing us to position our brand as a pioneer in the cold-chain packaging industry.


The iQ-ler’s hardware elements is more temperature controlled box than traditional cooler - built with military-spec co-polymer case and hardware.  It’s durable, rugged, designed to last for years, and equipped with tracking for location, pressure, temperature, & all other necessary insights.

From rural medical care to military applications, this makes it an ideal solution for virtually anywhere medicine has to travel long distances & times to get to the end patient.  Plus, it’s made to be reusable as possible (unlike other existing solutions).

iQ-ler’s physical component is rounded out by a cloud-based software platform that serves as the hub for centralized data management and aggregation.

The portal automates key portions of the receiving & documentation processes, providing supply chain data insights and predictive analytics.  It also provides an API that allow for seamless integration to other enterprise inventory systems.  And, there’s more:


The combined power of iQ-ler’s hardware and software results in unmatched value for customers - greatly improving workflow efficiency, product integrity, and transparency.  Cost & waste per shipment are reduced, and air-to-ground conversion is also made easy.


Some of our proudest achievements since 2015 launch include the following:


Thaddeus was conceptualized by Founder & CEO Dr. Steve Scully, an M.D./Ph.D with a decade-plus of experience in research and clinical laboratory environments.

Most recently serving as a Lab Director, the majority of Steve’s earlier career was spent at the Cleveland Clinic & Mayo Clinic - two leading US medical institutions - where he gained a passion for the subject.  He’s joined on our executive team by these skilled individuals:

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