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The Diamond Cartel:
Fast Facts

Luxury jewelry is exquisite, dazzling and all-encompassing. It inspires and enriches us with a visual flare that allows us to express who we are and differentiate ourselves from the pack. This became especially apparent for Hakeem Ismael during the COVID-19 pandemic. He quickly realized that while there are many urban and trendy fashionistas seeking luxurious options, there aren't any retailers fulfilling their needs. He formed The Diamond Cartel to serve this very market offering high quality products, using recycled gold and diamonds, and also bringing an innovative and futuristic twist to the jewelry and luxury watch market.

The Problem
That Never Ends

The reality is that few know how to target a variety of different demographics and genders, and also provide an affiliate program that allows customers and social media influencers to make a contribution and make a commission selling the products.

And that's not all -- when is the last time you saw a jeweler offer a buy now, pay later (no deposit) method that allowed customers to pay for a product at a later date? What about cryptocurrency -- it's becoming more and more popular every day, but it's not as if jewelers have taken note. Good luck buying a new necklace with Bitcoin. We also allow customers to try on products from the comfort of their home with our AR virtual (Try on, before you buy) integrated in the online store, and not many jewelry store’s offer this service.

These are just a few of the problems of today's retailers. We're here to fix them.

This Solution
Changes Everything

The Diamond Cartel solves all of these problems and many more by offering a solution that continuously searches for ways to tailor and improve our business model around our customers' needs.

Our innovative e-commerce jewelry brand combines a more efficient and sufficient service with a variety of high-quality gold and diamond jewelry, as well as luxury watches, at an affordable and competitive price.

This will allow us to attract a wide demographic of consumers.

Affiliate Program
For You and For All

The Diamond Cartel has also developed a groundbreaking affiliate program for our customers and social media influencers.

We will effectively provide them with an opportunity to work alongside the startup team and receive a commission while promoting and selling our products to their friends, family and social media followers.

The commission structure is very generous -- the affiliate will receive a 10% commission and customers will receive a 5% discount code.

Pay The Way You Like

We're not stopping there. The Diamond Cartel has also inked a partnership with Klarna and integrated a buy now, pay later/pay 12-month installment payment method (no deposit), to allow customers to pay at a later date.

We did this for budget-conscious shoppers and to offer customers a better shopping experience -- and help them spend smarter and make payments without putting a dent in their budget.

This payment method also helps the brand increase conversion rates, attracts budget buyers, and generates more sales.

7 Reasons We’ll Lead This Market

Greater Creativity: The Diamond Cartel provides creative aesthetic videos and images to attract a wider variety of consumers (few stores are capable of matching our quality -- not many bother to try!). The Diamond Cartel also offers more information to consumers, and we added a blog and "learn" page on the website, to give novice shoppers more of an understanding about jewelry and luxury watches.

Better Products: Whether you want gold and diamond jewelry or luxury watches, The Diamond Cartel is number-one in offering an outstanding finance plan, a cryptocurrency payment solution, appointment booking, and AR Virtual (Try on, before you buy).

Enormous Growth Potential: The Diamond Cartel is primarily an e-commerce business, and this market has reached 15% of overall jewelry sales. By 2025, as much as 95% of all jewelry could be purchased via e-commerce. We are ready to serve consumers in this transition with a vastly superior solution. We also plan to generate sales by utilizing digital marketing tools, such as Facebook ads, Google Ads/SEO, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, and many more.

Sustainability: In a world where study after study shows that people are shopping with a conscience, sustainability is a must. We meet this need -- and deliver a superior product -- by using recycled gold and diamonds in our jewelry. Now consumers can wear luxury without increasing their carbon footprint, and we are able to reduce our expenses in the process.

Sophisticated Marketing: The Diamond Cartel has developed a sophisticated marketing and branding style. We proudly celebrate the urban culture and luxury -- and also high-end jewelry and luxury watches.

Satisfaction Every Time: We're not another sell it and forget it retailer. The Diamond Cartel strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction online and offline in our showroom every time. Our team of dedicated craftsmen pay attention to the smallest details, culminating in truly stunning fashion when manufacturing custom jewelry inquiries.

Free Shipping Worldwide: This one speaks for itself, but it must also be said that all of our gold and silver lines are in stock and ship within 1-5 business days. Our diamond lines ship within 3-7 days, depending on the item. Watches are delivered usually within 3-7 days from the ship date and include insurance and appraisal certificate.

Traction & Accomplishments 

The Diamond Cartel has achieved great traction with customers, professional athletes, VIP individuals and others engaging on our social media platforms and making enquiries and showing interest -- and they are keen on purchasing from The Diamond Cartel store. We also have over 50 sign ups for our newsletter and affiliate marketing program. The start-up also has over 30,000 website visits since pre-launch.

We have already achieved a few milestones with product development by developing products with quality, ethically sourced SI, VS and VVS diamonds from Israel. These diamonds are set in uniquely designed precious metals to customers/consumers, and also source exclusive limited edition luxury watches that will bring years and years of pleasure and admiration in equal measure to the customer. We also use recycled gold and diamonds to support the cause of sustainability in our earth environment, and we also do this to cut cost on overhead expenses. We have also partnered with Klarna and Coinbase as previously mentioned, and we have also partnered with leading high-end jewelry manufactures located in USA, India and Israel.

Meet The Founder

  • Enthusiastic, bright and bubbly.
  • Works hard and always strives for success, whether it be personal or within a team.
  • He also has a background in wealth management/ hedge fund and trading.
  • He adopts a positive and proactive attitude toward life and work.
  • He runs The Diamond Cartel operation entirely by himself at the current moment, but plans to build a team and also hire staff for support, as the company grows and also plans into turning the micro entity startup company into a SME.
  • Hakeem manages the creative content and directing of the brand, and has had great success in terms of brand awareness and catching the attention of professional athletes, celebrities and VIP individuals across the world.
  • He has goals of taking the brand worldwide and intends to build flagship stores in regions such as London, UK and Miami, FL.

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