The Fitness Meal

Great tasting Keto Food to solve the Diabetes/Obesity epidemic


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We all love food. Especially great tasting food. It's delicious, wondrous, and all-around incredible. But what makes it so good? More often than not, it's things we shouldn't eat much of: sugar and fat.

Our founder understands this firsthand. He's been very dedicated to his health throughout his life, relying on Keto to help him win 12 bodybuilding titles. When his father had a heart attack at 55, he sprang into action, teaching him Keto -- and ultimately helping him live to age 90.

Despite being blessed with fitness for most of his life, he gained 70 lbs in 2020. But he overcame this obstacle and is fit once more. Having witnessed the drama and trauma of the other side -- the side in which fat and sugar take over -- he knew it was time to take action. After all, health is defined by facts not opinions (body fat %, blood pressure and blood panel).

By lowering sugar/carbs your health will improve, period. Our founder is proud to have helped many diabetic individuals overcome their challenges by going Keto. And now he wants to help so many others do the same.

  • The Fitness Meal's products are ultra-low carb and taste great!
  • Most "healthy" alternatives taste awful, to say the least
  • Reviewed approved
  • We are the only company that has USDA approval to have Keto on the label
  • Trademarked and patent protected
  • Sugar is killing us, but never fear: our cookies still have that good cookie taste


Diabetes and obesity have led to one of the worst problems the world has ever seen, costing 10,000 lives daily.

This is not acceptable. This is amenable.

We cannot tolerate it any longer.

It's time for a change.


We'll dominate this market with:

  • A simple formula filled with ingredients that are Fitness Mealed -- in other words, no salt or sugar
  • Our outrageously delicious, incredibly nutritious flash-frozen burritos have a 12-month shelf life
  • And as a result of our flash-frozen technique, they are six days fresher than the so-called "fresh" products sold everywhere
  • Considering the quality we provide, our prices can't be beat - 12 burritos delivered for $59



William Hogarty | CEO

  • Built not one but two $50 million companies
  • 35 years of experience in Keto space 

Roy Herman | CCO

  • 30 years of experience in food manufacturing 

Brian Sherwood | CMO

  • 20 years of retail supplement/food distribution experience


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