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Fast Facts

The Innovation Scout is a SaaS platform and program that allows companies to address their most pressing business challenges by connecting them with innovation partners.

By leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities, users can specifically outline the innovation issues they’re trying to solve and get instantly matched up with the most ideal startups, universities, and other partners.  It’s time to stand out from your competition.

Inject Some Innovation​

AI will serve as a great vehicle for augmenting human activity in corporate innovation; as of yet, it hasn’t been broadly applied.  Enter The Innovation Scout.

Our platform provides tools and processes to develop innovative ideas and quickly determine if they are viable. We provide research and assessment needed to find ideal partners & ultimately bring innovation to life.  It’s an end-to-end solution that delivers the discovery, matching, assessment, and pipeline management needed for companies to innovate at scale.

Evaluating in-house ideas and incorporating external ones has never been easier thanks to The Innovation Scout’s AI and big data components.  It leverages massive datasets from startups, universities, patents, open research and more, to search widely and meet precise innovation needs.

This capability simply doesn’t exist anywhere else in the business world.  The platform’s continuously improving releases take things even further by allowing users to manage current innovation partners, vet future ones, and set growth goals.  It’s a true marketplace for innovation!

How We Operate

As a SaaS platform and program, The Innovation Scout allows for seamless 24/7 collaboration between teams and engagement with outside innovation partners, in the form of a few different products.  Here’s a glimpse of the process at the core of what we do:

The client enters their challenge/business opportunity using our platform;

Once entered the platform utilizes natural language processing, machine learning algorithms and custom search to match this challenge to the ideal partner or source;

Clients click the innovation to get details (years in business, funding levels, etc.);

Then choose to either “follow” or “ignore” the innovation, which trains our platform to make additional future suggestions;

Clients then create their own custom assessment survey that the innovation owner answers to provide further insight into the potential match.

An additional service, ScoutBot, is a 24/7 bot service that delivers new, related innovations that meet your challenge straight to your inbox each week.

Last but not least is our Innovation Factory - a lean innovation program that provides clients with all the idea validation, challenge creation, partner assessment, and consulting they need to innovate.  It’s a 12-week program that culminates with a pitch day or RFP.

Just a handful of the many benefits & features our platform and program provides to clients:

Helps get new technologies to MVP faster than keeping things “in-house”

Faster assessment of outside innovation resources than ever before

Better team-to-team collaboration of outside innovation activities

Greater understanding of market trends and smarter test market selection

Provides a more transparent view of competitors and help monitor their activity

Lets clients upload their own data to use within their private account

Our Journey So Far

We’ve accomplished quite a bit already despite launching our platform just half a year ago.

Launched discovery & matching MVP
in May 2017 with a 300,000-startup database- which grew to 500,000 after our V1 launch in October.

Launched ScoutBot’s MVP in July 2017.

The 2nd iteration of the platform now contains
176 universities with their available IP.

3 current paying customers:
General Dynamics, Partners Health, and Baxter Health.

Obtained a provisional patent on our method for identifying database relationships.

1,700 Twitter followers and 1,000 corporate executives
subscribed to our newsletter.

Secured beneficial working partnerships with
Fulcra, MarketGoal, and 650 Labs.

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Corporations Stuck in Neutral​​

Many are turning to partnerships with innovative startups and others in response - but whether it’s done this way or in-house, innovation has become slow and inefficient and companies end up in a holding pattern for a variety of reasons:

Leading the Way

Meet the quartet of execs tasked with steering us towards our vision:

Annette Tonti | CEO | Seasoned pro who has founded & led 2 other high tech startups over a 3 decade career - raising $30M+ in VC/angel funding.  Has also formulated digital strategies for F1000 businesses, ran an emerging tech think tank program for global executives and produced a global program for MIT Media Labs.

Vernon Rauch | CTO | Data science & analytics expert with significant experience in implementing tools for quantitative analysis.  His skill set also expands to predictive modeling, machine learning, data mining & visualization, and business intelligence.


Dr. Lutz Hamel | CSO | Machine learning guru who has authored over 50 programming & software publications during a 30-year career, including the industry-leading “Knowledge Discovery with Support Vector Machines”.  Current Professor at Univ. of Rhode Island.

Michael Glavich | SVP Business Development | Talented business accelerator who’s responsible for much of our Innovation Factory’s content.  Long history of working with C-level execs & thought leaders, including Don Tapscott, Tom Davenport and more.

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