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The Insiders Network
At A Glance

The Insiders Network is a sports media organization bringing a brand new digital content and ecommerce perspective to the ravenous sports industry.

We build exclusive subscription access and media partnerships with sports insider groups to provide authentic, behind-the-scenes information and storytelling from industry insiders that offer an entirely new perspective on the game.

An Unmet Need:

For the millions of sports fans who rely on digital media to stay engaged with their favorite teams and athletes, it can often feel like they’re missing out on the full story. While the sports media industry generates billions of dollars every single year, sometimes fans simply can’t get enough of their favorite sport.

There’s currently a monumental demand for “micro content” that focuses in on the hidden and often never-before-seen side of the world’s most popular sports, including everything related to it, such as the day-to-day details of non-athlete industry professionals.

At the same time, there is no platform that currently specializes in cultivating the kind of nitty-gritty storytelling that fans are after, and nobody is dedicated to bringing an insider’s look to all sports on a single platform.

Enter: The Insiders Network.

Untold Stories

The Insiders Network brings the hidden side of our audience’s favorite sports to the surface by uncovering authentic storylines and individuals that have an entirely new, highly engaging and informative perspective to share with their fans.

At the same time, we are the trusted partner for insiders who have never before had a voice in their sport. From the caddie under the strap, the jockey on the horse or the pit crew member who keeps the car on the track, we bring a never-before-seen perspective to fan’s favorite sports.

The Insiders Network will become a one-stop platform for content, storytelling and shoppable e-commerce centered around specialty groups such as caddies, jockeys, pit crews, women and college athletes to meet this demand for micro content verticals under one media platform.

How We Do It

The Insiders Network is able to offer untold stories and content by securing exclusive license access to and media partnerships with sports insider groups across multiple sports channels.

The Insiders Network is a holding company that consolidates an array of sports verticals to connect our audiences with the rest of the story. The Caddie Network, launched in June 2018, is our first vertical and serves as proof-of-concept for the overall business (see traction slide).

Traction for
The Caddie Network

The Insiders Network
Executive Team

After over 25 years in the sports media and golf industries, co-founders John Von Stade and Merrill Squires saw a growing demand for more engaging content focused on professional caddies. As a result, the pair approached the caddie association about creating a 10-year exclusive license, and The Caddie Network was born.

John Von Stade, Co-Founder | John leads all strategic, business and investor-related activities. He is a 25+ year veteran of the sports media and sports business industry.

Merrill Squires, Co-Founder | Leads all strategic, business and investor related activities. 25+ year veteran of the sports media and sports business industry.

John Turner, Audience Development | John manages and plans all of TCN's audience and content growth activities. He has 10 years of experience in major media businesses focused on audience growth and acquisition.

T.J. Auclair, Director of Content | TJ handles all of our day-to-day planning and the execution of TCN content across all platforms. He is a 15+ year veteran of several major golf publishing businesses.

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