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The Sun Exchange:
Connecting the World to the Sun

Imagine living in drizzly London or icy Montreal but making money from the sun shining down on Africa or the Caribbean. It’s now possible thanks to...

This breakthrough platform enables anyone to earn income from selling solar energy to high social impact and stable cash flowing businesses around the world, from wherever they are on the planet.

Due to an exponential growth of its online user base, Sun Exchange is fast becoming the leading provider of clean, low cost solar power access for businesses and communities in Africa and is now ready to expand internationally.

Our Most Abundant and Valuable
— Yet Underused, Resource

Solar energy.

It’s one of our most valuable, yet underused resources. Not only can solar energy sustainably power hospitals, schools, community organizations, businesses and factories, it can also drive entire industries and economies.

Solar also dramatically reduces carbon emissions and air pollution, and it’s quickly becoming the most affordable source of electricity.

Financial obstacles continue to hinder widespread solar adoption – especially in emerging markets where solar power on commercial, industrial, educational and healthcare structures is desperately lacking.

Meanwhile, individuals and organizations around the world interested in investing in solar power for economic and environmental reasons often lack suitable roof space, the funds to purchase an entire-on roof system or live in an area where there’s not enough sun exposure to make it viable.

That’s where The Sun Exchange comes in.

Monetize Sunshine in
a Few Simple Steps

Closing the Solar Funding Gap

Sun Exchange is the first and only global online peer-to-peer solar cell micro-leasing marketplace that allows anyone in the world to purchase solar cells and lease them to pre-qualified commercial cash flow positive low risk entities.  Every project has the high social and environmental impacts of emission reduction and provision of more affordable and reliable power to business and communities in emerging markets.

Sun Exchange Is Powering Up

Since launching in 2016, The Sun Exchange has experienced tremendous growth and successfully laid the groundwork for achieving even bigger milestones in the days ahead. Here’s a look at some of our most notable accomplishments by the numbers: 

Key partnerships secured with:

Numerous press mentions in world-renowned publications:

Astronomical Growth




Key Awards & Recognition

The Industry’s Next Leaders

The Sun Exchange’s executive team is uniquely positioned to lead the charge in a global shift away from fossil fuels and close the solar funding gap by connecting the world to the sun. 

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