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The WIJIT Company (TWC) manufactures, markets and distributes a unique, patented, and retrofittable mechanical Driving and Braking System (DBS®) for manual wheelchairs.

It uses upper-body strength more effectively than traditional push rim wheel propulsion.

Each fully integrated WIJIT DBS provides the user with a better way to get where they’re going. A WIJIT requires less energy input and maintains higher average speeds with enhanced mobility than standard manual wheelchairs.


Wheelchairs are a huge part of many peoples’ lives.
They provide those with mobility issues an alternative way to navigate the world.

Clinical studies have proven that propelling a standard manual wheelchair with the traditional “push rim” damages the operators’ upper body. Every push telegraphs an inertial moment of shock up the anatomy of the arm and into the shoulder.

Since the average active wheelchair user pushes their hand rims two to five thousand times a day, this represents a huge source of additional body trauma. Although designed to enable disabled persons with mobility deficits, modern wheelchairs are often the source of upper extremity injuries.


The WIJIT DBS is the world’s first mechanical alternative propulsion system designed to be retrofitted to standard manual wheelchairs. It offers operators unprecedented control, maneuverability and safety, without ever engaging the amplified pushing power of a traditional push rim.

Wheelchair dependent persons need cardiovascular exercise, without injuries caused by push rims. The WIJIT DBS provides neuromuscular integrative rehabilitative exercise while enhancing mobility, independence, self esteem and safety.

While extremely important for the permanently-wheelchair-dependent person, exercise is even more essential for stroke patient recovery.

Annually over 1 million American citizens suffer strokes. Over 80% of those victims are left with some degree of Hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body).

TWC has developed and received a patent for the new HemiDrive-M to serve this afflicted population.  Our HemiDrive-M will allow wheelchair dependent stroke patients unprecedented control over their own mobility with the use of our groundbreaking single lever actuated HemiDrive-M WIJIT.  Additionally, the HemiDrive-M provides critical rehabilitative neuro-muscular integrative exercise as they operate their WIJIT equipped manual wheelchairs.




Brian M. Watwood
CEO / CTO | Inventor, Founder

Brian Watwood invented the WIJIT and directed the development of its technology.  This inspiration was preceded when in 1987 Brian was a victim of a head-on accident while biking; and was initially paralyzed from the neck down.  His dependence on wheelchairs for years provided him a unique perspective on the needs of wheelchair users.  Through painstaking rehabilitation and the refining of the WIJIT development, Brian has been recognized nationally and internationally for his ingenuity in product development on behalf of the wheelchair dependent population.

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