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The Lab is a state-of-the-art indoor training facility for ski and snowboard athletes coming soon to the Boston area.

When you’re a freeride ski or snowboard athlete, there’s no thrill more intense, no high more satisfying, than landing that new trick you’ve seen in a video or envisioned in your mind. But hitting the slopes unprepared can have catastrophic, career-ending, even life-threatening consequences.


With The Lab, we’re providing ski and snowboard athletes throughout New England with a place where they can practice their tricks and improve their technique in a safe, controlled environment. Whether you’re a newbie gearing up for your very first run, or a seasoned vet trying to master the elusive triple cork 1260, The Lab will be your space to experiment, explore, and gear up for a truly awesome ride.


Indoor training facilities are already a fixture on the West Coast, with facilities like Snogression in Utah providing athletes with spaces to hone their skills year-round. But until now, there have been no similar facilities for the East Coast’s equally passionate and far more densely populated ski and snowboard community.

That’s about to change with The Lab. Our Boston-area facility will offer New England snow athletes all the equipment and features they need to perfect their tricks and refine their technique:

  • Rail features
  • Main jump / kicker with foam pit for landing
  • Cliff drop
  • Olympic fly bed trampolines
  • Training mats

At The Lab, you will be able to work new tricks through every stage of development and practice them hundreds of times before you hit the snow. We’ll also offer classes and workshops, so you can get expert tips and advice about how to improve your technique.

The Lab founders Greg Pantano and Ian Reynolds are 2 die-hard ski and snowboard enthusiasts who met while working at a ski shop during college. Both loved working in the ski and snowboard industry, and used to talk while working about how incredible it would be to be able to support themselves and share their love of extreme sports at the same time.

It was during those early talks that the seed of the idea that became The Lab was born. The enhanced safety for athletes that access to an indoor training facility would provide was particularly important to both Greg and Ian, as they had both suffered serious injuries—a broken back for Greg, a broken neck for Ian—and watched some of the premier athletes in the sport suffer a similar or worse fate.

Both Greg and Ian moved on from the ski shop to launch successful careers in the corporate world, but their dreams of The Lab stayed with them. Then came the 2014 Olympics, and after watching greats like Iouri Podladtchikov, Joss Christensen and Sage Kotsenburg make their legendary runs, both Greg and Ian realized the time would never be better to make their dream a reality. Greg and Ian love everything about these sports, and to be able to make a living while supporting the sport and its amazing athletes is the definition of a dream come true.

We've got the team and we've got the plan, now we need your support.  The Lab has been a working project for years and now is the time.

The only thing left to do to make The Lab a reality is to build the thing, and that's where your help comes in.

With this fundraise, we're hoping to raise $25,000 to bring us one step closer to getting The Lab built and open for business. Not only will your support give us the resources to get there — it will also serve as powerful proof to the investors we'll need to complete the project that the New England ski and snowboard community wants The Lab, and that we're willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

We have some awesome rewards lined up to thank you for supporting The Lab:

You are a passionate skier or snowboarder that would love to see the sports progress, specifically the freestyle segments, but also want to limit risk for younger generations.
For this level of donation you get a super high five, a heartfelt thank you, and an optional hug on your first visit to the facility. But let's be honest, we know the hug is why you're doing this.

You are a passionate skier or snowboarder, cruising groomers and taking it easy, but at the end of the day you love to take a glory run through the park for a mean daffy/ spread combo. You want to get that spread even wider, and that daffy even meaner.
For this level of donation, you get a free session, a sticker pack, and that previously mentioned hug.

How's that first twin tip board or skis treating you? Your park rat days are in their infancy, but you've taken that spread and started to add some style. You're determined to take your game up a notch.
For this donation you get a sticker pack, a The Lab t-shirt, and 2 free sessions. We know you're too cool for a hug at this point.

Was that a backflip you just threw down? Nice work, you're well on your way to that rodeo 540 you've been dreaming about, but how do you add a spin to that flip that you've dialed in? This is the tier for you!
For this donation you get a sticker pack, t-shirt, and a month membership. You'll also receive a big high five, and a hug... but not until you put that rodeo to your feet.

(Only 50 available!)

The X Games are just around the corner; did you get your invite yet? You've mastered the basics, but now are looking at the big jump line at your local hill and want to take your game to the next level. Bring some style, and the ladies (or gents) will come a'runnin. This is a big one.
You'll be getting a sticker pack, t-shirt, and a full year's membership. Group hug on this one.

(Only 20 available!)

Was that you I saw duck the rope the other day? The big jump line is a walk in the park, you need something more. You've taken your game to the backcountry and are stomping lines left and right. Need to dial in your landings? This is the pass for you.
You've gone big, and told stories, this pass gets you 2 years of membership, and a private session in the facility for you and your friends for an afternoon.

(Only 5 available!)

You're a legend. A god among men. Skiing, snowboarding and The Lab wouldn't be where they are today without you. Kids wait in line for your autograph, and we will too. You've made our day, week, month, and year. You're part of the family. Part of the family is something we take seriously, and want you around as much as possible (not like that quirky cousin that you dread).
You'll be getting a lifetime pass to The Lab, a commemorative section of the facility with the name of your choosing (keep it clean...) and as many hugs as you can take. We promise not to pinch your cheeks like grandma does.


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