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Every person is unique.
The success of future biomedicine relies on the accurate biological model to deliver the precision medicine for each individual patient.

The human body has THREE-DIMENTIONS,
but current drug discovery is relied on 2D cell culture system and animal models, which inaccurate, time-consuming and expensive. Over 90% drugs fail in clinical trials, which cost $billions annually on testing ineffective drugs.

An in vitro 3D model system with patient-derived samples is needed for more accurate data and higher efficiency. The 3D organoid models attracted great attention for COVID-19 study. But all these organoid models based on the animal-derived material, which hinder clinical applications.

However, most current 3D models follow the animal-based material of 30 years ago, which is hard to use, causes unstable data and can’t use for clinical applications. Such problems not only hinder the drug testing/discovery but also the development of personalized medicine.

On the other hand, poor retention and low cell viability are some of the biggest challenges for cell therapy.

Thus, there is an emerging need for an advanced cell delivery system.


As a 3D cell culture company, TheWell Bioscience is solving these problems with its advanced biomaterials and robust organoid culture platform for high-throughput 3D cell model creation and fast testing service.

The company delivers a functional, xeno-free hydrogel system (VitroGel®) to closely mimic the natural extracellular matrix for cells to grow in vitro like at home. Cells from different resources such as patient-derived cells can culture on these systems for personalized 3D cell models, including those highly complicated organoid models and co-culture system. This fully controllable system is lab automation friendly and saves over 50% on time and cost to build and analyze 3D cell models.


Our technology can go beyond the 3D cell model by using for 3D bioprinting to make possible the large-scale manufacturing of tissue-engineered medical products. A novel static suspension culture method by using our 3D hydrogel platform can largely scale-up the production of stem cells to fulfill the cell therapy requirement. Using our hydrogel system as an injectable delivery system, scientists can achieve better cell retention and higher cell viability for cell therapy.


Our xeno-free 3D cell culture platform opens the door to run the drug screening on personalized 3D cell models for pre-clinical and clinical applications, which animal-based material can't do.

Compared to other existing products, our advanced hydrogel system
is user-friendly with many advanced features:


We have a series of revolutionary new products which will
change the future of biomedical landscape.


Every person is unique. Our novel 3D cell culture platform draws the precision medicine closer to each individual patient.

By growing patient cells from biopsy outside of the body, while maintaining the key properties from the patient’s originating tissue, we can observe cell responses to different drugs and give doctors better insight  to each therapy option.

The same technology can help drug developers to create more accurate disease models to identify ineffective drugs before entering the expensive clinical phase and save billion dollars each year.


The age of large-scale manufacturing of human tissues and tissue-engineered medical products is coming!

We create VitroINK, a family of the ready-to-use, xeno-free tunable bioink system for 3D bioprinting. The system requires no UV, no temperature/pH curing, or chemical cross-linking to maximize cell viability and bioactivity. Adding cell culture medium after printing can further stabilize the printed structure and support cell growth.

Different versions of VitroINK may incorporate multiple biological functional ligands to promote cell attachment, cell-matrix interactions, cell proliferation, motility/migration, and differentiation for many different applications.


The use of advanced technology is a game-changer -- and vastly different from current methods.

Our Screening potential is unmatched. By doing it in 3D with full lab automation potential, we can mimic the real situation much better and faster than current setups.

And by working with strong partners that have chosen to work with us because of our technology, we have already validated our concept within the industry amongst like-minded professionals.


We finished the R&D of our major products. We are ready to fully launch our products and service for big pharma companies, hospitals and other industry customers.

We have happy users from over 250 universities all over the world.
Thus far we have about 20 publications.

We have issued IP to protect our technology and continue to file new IPs.

We are well recognized in 3D cell culture field. The "Science" magazine recognized us. We are selected as the top 8 innovation by We are listed as #1 of Top 3D Bioprinting Startups out of 1089 relevant solutions by Startus Insights in 2020. We recently received the award of the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical award 2020 from Global Health & Pharma as “Most Innovative 3D Hydrogel System 2020”

We have well established distributing network with14 distributors to cover 25 countries.

And we work with NIST to establish the world first ASTM standard for 3D cell viability test (we are the only 3D cell culture system that has been selected to establish this standard).

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