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FanHalf by Third Screen Sports is an innovative variation of daily fantasy sports (DFS). Other DFS platforms are nearly impossible for the average fan to win, but FanHalf is different. While watching NFL or NBA games on TV or in-person, FanHalf users enter contests that test their knowledge of their favorite sports teams and their ability to predict what will happen in the Second Half of the game.

With the popularity of DVR and Netflix, sporting events are the only form of television that people still consume live. Sports fans love to engage with their favorite teams in real-time, which has led to the exploding popularity of DFS.

The current generation of DFS platforms has two major weaknesses:

The contests are not winnable for a true sports fan. Most DFS contests are won by experts in statistics and probabilities who spend hours each week formulating their contest entries through complex algorithms, spreadsheets, and third-party line-up optimizers. It’s no surprise that the leading DFS operator admits on its website that approximately 70% of its users are net losers.

There is no platform that caters to true fans of individual teams. These fans don’t have a chance to show off their knowledge of their favorite teams.

Contests require as little as two minutes to complete, and are designed to reward users who can accurately assess the performance of players on their favorite teams while they are watching the game.

FanHalf is an interactive skill contest that’s designed to be played on a PC or mobile device while watching a televised sporting event on TV or in-person in the stadium or arena. It is inspired by DFS and follows the existing legal guidelines set forth by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA). We want our users to have fun, but we want to keep it legal.

FanHalf is creating a new chapter in DFS by offering contests that are winnable for any true sports fan (no more skill gap!) and a home team platform that rewards a user’s knowledge of their favorite team (get the home team advantage!). The way the platform works is simple. While watching an NFL or NBA game, users enter contests on their PC or mobile device via our website. FanHalf will ask users to predict what will happen in the Second Half of that game. Users then make informed decisions based on what they saw in the First Half.

Users can enter public winner-take-all contests or challenge their friends to private contests. Best of all, FanHalf gives fans the chance to win real cash, instead of “virtual coins.” Our software calculates the scores based on real-time data and awards the winnings to each user’s account. It couldn’t be any easier to play – and win – on FanHalf.

FanHalf is designed for sports fans, so it’s user-friendly and fun. Any sports fan can start playing – and winning – on FanHalf in just a few simple steps.


A user finds the game they want to play from the Lobby.


For the selected game, the user will choose the “Team Perspective” from which they’ll play. This is the team they follow regularly and feel they know the best.


FanHalf will serve up six questions. The questions are designed to be answered at Half-Time, but they can be answered any time before that. The first four questions involve players on the user’s favorite team, the fifth involves players on the team’s opponent, and the sixth involves players from other games being played around the league. Users apply their knowledge of a team’s strengths and weaknesses to make accurate predictions.


After filling out the questions before or during Half-Time, users can sit back, relax, and watch the Second Half. FanHalf will compare the answers to the actual game statistics in real-time, and update all contest scores accordingly. FanHalf will generate an email notification to all contest winners at the end of the night.

On FanHalf, users can enter public contests that are open to anyone or they can challenge their friends to private contests. For public contests, users can join from the Lobby. For private challenges, users can create a “Private Contest” and challenge their friends via email or text  to see who the most knowledgable fan is.

Our team has invested over $80,000 to build the FanHalf platform, which was completed in February of this year.  Our website went live in March and operated with a focus group of beta users during the NBA playoffs. In addition to launching our website, FanHalf has reached some other important milestones.

Our team has built a website that offers full gameplay functionality for the NFL and NBA. We also have the ability to accept credit card payments from customers in 25 states and Canada.  Additional states will be added later this year.

Our focus groups who played during the NBA Playoffs reported that FanHalf is a “fun and addictive” user experience.

UIGEA regulates online gaming and two prominent Sports/Entertainment attorneys have determined that FanHalf is compliant with this important law.

Our Provisional Patent application was completed by Miami IP Attorney Edmar Amaya and  is ready for submission.

All of these impressive accomplishments are just the beginning for FanHalf. Our platform has the ability to expand to other sports beyond the NFL and NBA. Currently, we are planning to add MLB, NHL, and International Soccer to our offerings. In the future, we may add even more!

FanHalf’s current responsive website is configured to function on any mobile device, and we have the ability to ultimately migrate the platform to an app.

Our Founder and CEO is a 30-year veteran of the TV advertising sales industry, with a specialized background in sports sponsorships. He currently is National Sales Manager for a major U.S, broadcasting company, and is launching this project in confidentiality. He intends to leave this position to launch FanHalf on a full-time basis as soon as Seed funding has been raised. A detailed bio is available by requesting access to our private profile.

Our VP of Business Development is a respected expert in all phases of Daily Fantasy Sports, including software design, customer acquisition and retention strategies. His bio is also available via our private profile.

With over 30 years in corporate marketing, with a specialized background in casual dining, our CMO has held senior positions at Pizza Hut, IHOP, Dairy Queen, and Papa John’s. He has also been the Head of Marketing for the Arizona Lottery and Jiffy Lube’s largest franchise group. Our CMO has a successful track record of professional sports team marketing activations.

Our Digital Marketing Director is also the Founder of as well as the CEO of Elite Rank Media. He is a search engine optimization (SEO) expert who is also a podcaster and a sports writer for Huff Post. His extensive experience in the areas of digital marketing and sports makes him an asset to the FanHalf team.

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