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Every morning, 60 million American women reach for their smartphones to check the weather before they get dressed for the day.

Today weather apps provide current conditions and other detailed information but they’re contextually irrelevant for the women who are using their local climate conditions as the first step in their process of deciding how they will dress the day.

Once they have their weather info they then switch to apps like Instagram or Pinterest for outfit ideas that are not related to their current climate conditions and then they must switch again if they see an article of clothing they want to purchase.

This is highly inefficient and very time-consuming.

Everyday women want to look great, feel confident and be comfortable.
Every morning, 95% of women reach for their smartphones to check the weather, but checking the weather is more than about finding out the temperature or if it’s going to rain; it’s accompanied by the question "What should I wear today?"

Traditional weather apps provide weather conditions and and a mountain of other data designed for data nerds. ThreadWeather is for women everywhere who not only want to know about the days weather but also want:

To be inspired
Once they have their weather conditions they switch to apps like Instagram or Pinterest and consult fashion blogs for outfit inspiration. However what she sees might not work in her climate that day.

To be able to instantly shop
Millennials want their digital content to be instantly shoppable, but today if she sees something she’d like to buy, she must switch to another shopping app or email to make a purchase.

ThreadWeather contextualizes and facilitates their: I-Want-To-Know,
I-Want-To-Be-Inspired, and their I-Want-To-Buy mobile micro-moments.

ThreadWeather is a fashion recomendation and discovery platform, marketplace and weather app that offers personalized style advice matched to the users current weather conditions.

Users follow the fashion influencers and brands they love and get inspiring style tailored to their individual tastes and weather conditions, plus the ability to purchase items from the looks they love.

To do this ThreadWeather leverages machine learning and computer vision AI to learn about users at the individual level and recommends the most comfortable looks for the day based on each user’s personal style.

Every women on the planet is affected by the weather and everyday they get dressed.

ThreadWeather gives users their current weather conditions and uses AI to match and recommend inspiring images with instantly shoppable outfits.

Influencers, retailers and brands post content to share with their followers and influencers earn a commission when someone shops from their looks.

Women can swipe through images in a magazine-like spread to see more options, as well as follow the fashion influencers, retailers and brands they love.

We’ve launched our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and more than 1,000 users have come to our app organically and spend over 1.5 minutes browsing fashion in the app, viewing products via provided links. We’re constantly working on engagement, retention and monetization.

Our focus moving forward is to deploy our influencer and retail brand marketing efforts to attract them and their followers, focus on engagment and retention stratgies and to begin developing our Ad placement program to monetize our platform.

If you'd like to learn more about ThreadWeather and what we have planned for the future, make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the ThreadWeather profile to learn more about why you should invest!

Patrick is a UX designer who has created digital user experiences used by millions for successful e-commerce and consumer-facing companies including Nordstrom,,,, One Medical Group, Healthline, Nearby Now, Kno and YDesign Group. Moto: #designisthecanvas #dataisthepaint

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Dmitry is an IT and iOS developer and brings more than 10 years of experience in building distributed, reliable and robust software solutions for desktop, mobile, server for logistic, financial and other areas of business. He specializes in architecture and the implementation of cross-platform, concurrent, massive data processing and distributed systems.

Manuel has been developing software for the past 12 years. He enjoys learning and experimenting with the latest web technology and has worked for tech companies such as Intel and HP Enterprise.

Babak is ThreadWeather’s tactical advisor for all things AI, computer vision, machine learning and data science. He thrives in expanding the horizons of his capabilities both personally and professionally. Babak specializes in research, scientific methodology, algorithm design, computer vision, team building, leadership and education.

Mike is a Full Stack Data Scientist specializing in predictive analytics, network science and natural language processing. He has over 20 years of experience in software development and a unique combination of highly valuable skills.

Tiffany is an analyst specializing in social media and PR and monitors ThreadWeather's social media accounts to drive brand awareness.

Jeshua is a freshman undergrad pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Having grown up in a broad range of climates like the Tropics, Midwest and now in the San Francisco Bay area, he understands the need to be comfortably dressed and prepared for the day.

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