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Tina Hughes has a long-held dream of being a part of the world of fashion. Her journey has had some twists, turns and detours but this October she has the opportunity to finally arrive at LA StyleWeek to show her collection: Tina Marie. Be a part of the journey - make a dream come true!

Tina's Journey

At 18 Tina moved to New York City to attend the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. Ranked among the top 5 fashion schools in the world, this was the ideal place for her to pursue her studies. She earned an Associate's Degree in Buying and Merchandising, and began working towards a Bachelor's in the upper division of Textile and Surface Design.

However, fate had other plans for her... it was in her home town that she reunited with her future husband, Jeremy. She moved with him to Columbus, where they have since had two daughters: Emma, 12, and Layna, 6. Starting a family has had a profound impact on Tina - preserving our environment and contributing to local communities are two guiding principles in her daily life. 

Her daughters also inspired her to begin creating again. First it was small alterations, then costumes, then making their clothes.... In time, she felt a burning desire to finish her schooling and begin designing her own creations.

Introducing Tina Marie

In May of 2013, Tina graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. During her studies she refined her aesthetic as well as her techniques, and has assembled a debut collection of stunning pieces.

Tina Marie is designed for the woman who loves thoughtful details, intriguing silhouettes, nostalgic whimsy and modern quirks. A lover of history, Tina often incorporates details found in clothing from the 12th or 13th centuries. Her aesthetic is often compared to that of Anthropologie, a company beloved for its affinity for beautiful creations outside of the norm, with unique juxtapositions of color, pattern and texture. Beneath it all, each piece is motivated by a love for the Earth, for the strength of our communities, for her daughters.

Tina Marie is a line of staple pieces - beautiful wardrobe additions that will stand the test of time and become a beloved favorite. Tina Marie is a line inspired by the dream to create a beautiful legacy for Emma, Layna, and children everywhere.

A Whirlwind of Opportunity

The first Tina Marie collection has already drawn interest from a few boutiques in LA that would love to see more. And we intend to show them more - at LA StyleWeek!

In a moment of inspired impulse, Tina emailed one of the founders of StyleWeek with images of her debut collection and a link to her blog. Quickly she received a response saying that her materials had been forwarded on to the head coordinators, who loved her video! They wanted to see more of her work.

8 hours later, Tina sent them an inspiration board, 5 sketches, and a collection of swatches. After the longest weekend of her life, Monday morning arrived and along with it an email: Tina had been bumped up to the main fashion show!

Seating 800 people, this show is a BIG deal. A HUGE deal for a new designer.

This is everything.

A sampling of the designs

The moodboard

2013 Collection

Get Tina to LA!

LA StyleWeek is an incredible launchpad for Tina Marie.

If you believe in:

a. Tina Hughes, talented designer and hard-working mother

b. Tina Marie, a beautiful collection of unique, thoughtful creations

c. building stronger local communities

d. protecting our planet

e. ThirstRelief.org

f. all of the above

...then please consider contributing! We are seeking $4,500 to pay for travel and other expenses related to participating in this fabulous event. Any funds received beyond our goal will be reinvested into the company.


$15 - Thank You. 10% of your donation wil go to thirstrelief.org
$25 - A Thoughtful Note. 10% of your donation wil go to thirstrelief.org + recieve a handmade card with an orginal print or design.
$50 - A Quick Shot of Behind the Scenes. All of the above + a behind the scenes print.
$100 - The Perfect Accessory. A handmade accessory.
$250 - The Market Tote. Hand made tote with current remnants.
$350 - The Vintage Market Tote. Handmade tote with vintage fabric.
$500 - Pick Your Favorite Piece. Pick a piece from 2013 spring collection.
$1000 - Made For You By Me. Pick between 2 dress designs and I will make one just for you.
$3500 - Made For You By Me + . A custom dress made for you, to be named after you, and included in the next collection.

Who is Thirst Relief?

Jeremy had the opportunity to shoot for Thirst Relief and the Xingu Mission several years ago

Learn more about Thirst Relief at http://www.thirstrelief.org

Own a piece from the collection

A One-of-a-Kind Vintage Handbag



Tina Hughes - Designer


Tina is a talented designer with a BFA in Fashion Design, an Associate's in Buying and Merchandising, and extensive knowledge of textile design. The latter often informs her designs, as she creates each piece with an expert eye for juxtaposition and a thorough understanding of the economics and waste behind traditional textiles. Her line, Tina Marie, is the culmination of her vision, her principles, and her love of creating. She is determined to succeed and to be an example to her two young daughters, Emma and Layna. Tina is fortunate to have a talented videographer for a husband - it was Jeremy who shot the beautiful video above.

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