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Full-service physics middleware solution for game developers


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TLM Partners uses machine learning to address the physics middleware market in the gaming industry. The company licenses, develops, and monetizes software and disruptive technology in traditional games and other entertainment industries, specifically integrated tool chains for next-generation gaming platforms for PC, Console, Mobile, and Cloud.

We move faster than the current competition, the slow entrenched giants cannot move with the agility of a smaller firm. By maintaining a scrappy startup spirit, our tech-savvy innovators position our company as unique and innovative leaders in the gaming industry.

Despite the fact that the gaming industry is one of most technologically advanced, it lacks access to a powerful, 2019 state-of-the-technology physics engine for the development of new games.

There is an unmet need for a truly customizable technology platform that can flex and grow with a dynamic market.

TLM Partners is first and foremost a technology company. Industry veterans have come together to address the needs of the gaming industry, but also to apply those learnings to other industries’ technological challenges.

Our internal game studio is a natural 
complement to our technology team.  Similar to Epic, Valve, and ID Software our team will bring our technology to market in eSports, Mobile, VR/AR, and mainstream PC & Console gaming.  When we have a hit game, we will sell it.  When it is simply a good reference design, we will give it away to highlight the technology.

TLM Partners Professional Services helps teams integrate our plug-in modules for Unreal, Unity, and the Cloud.

For teams wanting to use their own internal engines and modules, we provide reference code and plug-ins for Maya and 3DS Max. 

The possibilities for growth are endless, as the gaming industry continues to require new technologies for its ever-growing communities.

TLM Partners initial focus is our work with major players. Combined with the ability to create unlimited titles for them, this provides unrestricted access to consumption of our engines.

Our core work for Sony is centered on developing games for the PlayStation platform.

TLM has executed a MOU with CM Labs and is currently drafting licensing.

CM Labs sees a convergence of high-end simulation, mobile, and gaming and  believes that working with TLM Partners accelerates this convergence. Knowledge-sharing is key to the benefit of each company’s individual efforts to dominate the Mobile gaming space with CM Labs for training & simulation, and TLM for Gaming & Entertainment.

TLM will expand its foothold by establishing a research and development team at its HQ in California and an engineering support team in Montreal close to CM Labs HQ.

Jake Hawley | CEO
A twenty-year veteran of game development, Jake has experience in disruptive technology innovation, investment, venture capital, and executive leadership. He was COTB of Blind Squirrel Games, Senior Director of Intellectual Ventures, and MP of Thread Venture Capital. Jake is a trusted leader with an infectious enthusiasm, leading his teams with curiosity and steadiness.


Brian Waddle | CRO
A business development wunderkind, Brian boasts over twenty years of executive management experience. He is the former CEO of Road Dawg Games, President of Virtuos Games, China and VP of Sales & Marketing for Havok. He has dedicated thirteen years to honing his skills in game development, disruptive technology innovation, content creation, and ERP software implementations. Brian builds strong and loyal teams, supported by his unrelenting work ethic, drive, and vision.


Jim Preston | COO
A calming presence in the chaos, Jim is a sixteen-year industry veteran, having worked as the Director of Business Development for
FOVE and as the Executive Producer for Nomadic. Jim has worked on AAA sports titles, a nationwide broadcast-based trivia game, F2- mobile games, eye-tracking headset development, and warehouse-scale location-based VR experiences. Jim has the unique ability to communicate concisely and clearly, both in person and in writing.


Julien Merceron | Technical Board Advisor
The technical guru to the guru’s, Julien is energetic, focused, and ambitious. He has been a Worldwide Technology Officer at several major studios, where he gained extensive experience in global technological strategy design, game engine and tools architecture, R&D division management, and new 
offices setup. Julien brings the technological expertise needed to set the studio apart.

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