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TransAc: Fast Facts

Pacelli Ndikumana, co-founder of TransAc, has firsthand experience with data protection and data privacy rights. As a lawyer, he has spent more than 15 years defending these protections rights to safeguard consumers. His initial dealing with the provisions of the DPA1998 and ultimately with the GDPR 2018 has prompted him to develop this application for the benefit of every data user.

Now he has finally put his dream into motion and will strive to raise awareness and enable each data user (consumer) to fully enjoy ownership and the value of their data.

Enormous Problem

Your personal data is not terribly personal anymore.

The world's biggest tech companies -- we don't have to name them but you know who they are -- use your personal data every second of every day. They know who and where you are, and your commercial preferences.

Instead of other using your data by default, you should be able to decide who you want to share what data with, and for how long.

The consumers are currently not attempting to resolve the problem but are frustrated for giving away their data with nothing in return. The majority would prefer to exchange their data rights with revenues and there is a minority which prefer to exercise their right to  control by keeping their data and not sharing them with any other data controller.

Changes Everything

We, at TransAc, ensure you take back control of your data in compliance with GDPR. Once the data user has assigned his data rights to TransAc, its mission is to provide him with a transparent and accountable regulatory data protection and privacy rights.

TransAc will safeguard his data protection rights and will pay him a price for authorizing third-party companies access to it.

Furthermore, Transac will offer 6 legal and business services to enable its customers to enjoy their rights to be protected from Cyber abuse and harassment, to avoid nuisance calls and messages, to exercise their right to erasure and control.

It will provide a digital estate Planning service to enable its customers to leave a "digital will” and to manage their assets or their debts. It will also provide reliable data for the temporary recruitment sector to enable Recruiters to access to live data for identity, credential assurance and current or potential availability of the worker.

Key Features

TransAc combines data, legal and technology expertise, empowering clients to monetise their data through data ownership and legal protection

Ownership of data means each data user should be in control of his personal data and any data controller or broker should not process his data without a legitimate purpose

Under the legal protection feature, TransAc recognizes the value of the data as a business asset that should be protected and can be exploited through a license agreement for a determined term

Under the security feature, TransAc has sourced the latest distributed ledger technology to securely store your data where the customer is able to grant and revoke access to his data in seconds

Traction & Accomplishments

Product Development
TransAc has already spent some time validating our idea; we also undertook some market research (June 2019-Feb 2020).

TransAc has already completed the development of the proof of concept, the website, pitch deck, valuation report and brand identity (March - October 2020).

TransAc was registered in Nov. 2016 as a trademark with the number UK00003173543, under class 35 (provision of business information); class 36 (insurance, financial services provided via internet, provision of financial information) and class 42 (Electronic data storage).

We are planning to register the technology and the legal tech service under the patent once the MVP will be completely developed.

Meet The Team


  • 15+ years experience working as an attorney in the legal field of data protection and privacy rights
  • His personal experiences with GDPR prompted him to develop this application for the benefit of every data user
  • Prior to starting his profession as an attorney, Pacelli was Deputy manager of the African Bank of Commerce, an offshore bank based in Burundi
  • His dream is to raise awareness and enable each data user to fully enjoy ownership and the value of his data

Pierre Kirk | CO-FOUNDER

  • Experienced contract and investigatory lawyer with a background in data rights and financial regulation (based in London and Zurich)
  • Master's Degree focusing on the early development of legal concepts from Durham University and an LLB from Huddersfield
  • Driven to democratize data, returning control to ordinary internet users


  • Technology entrepreneur with focus on improving human lives through the power of technology
  • Also the European Lead for Government Blockchain Association
  • Over 15 years of industry experience working with global brands across Europe, India and USA

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