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Transerve is a web-based location intelligence platform that allows businesses to analyse location-based data with pre-packaged analytics tools.

Our platform gives users greater insight into geographical market dynamics to drive better business decisions with their data.

Untapped Data Potential

Why? Because location intelligence is a complex undertaking:

  • Although there are massive amounts of data, it isn’t always readily-available.
  • Software platforms are expensive; requiring high-end computers and expertise to run them. 

As a result, Enterprises are often incapable of leveraging location-based data analysis because they lack the resources and internal expertise necessary to derive intelligence for timely decision making.

Yet every business should have the tools they need to make the most of their data.

Meet Transerve.

Democratizing Data

Transerve is an affordable, intuitive location intelligence platform that unlocks key insights into 80% of global data for SMBs to improve operational efficiency, revenue generation and profitability.

Businesses can quickly and easily derive insights on the Transerve platform by combining their datasets with our proprietary, geo-enriched data library and powerful automated analysis tools.

Transerve drives better, more strategic decisions and outcomes for Enterprises while giving them complete control over their data, meaning no more limited insights, reactive decision making or data loss. 

Key Features

Transerve contains a wealth of data and analytics tools to offer fast and affordable automated analysis. With Transerve, businesses can gain insight into:

  • Unexplored markets and competitors.
  • Suitable site locations and their impact on business.
  • Effectiveness of sales crews in the field.
  • Geomarketing to grow partners and customer base.
  • Store performance forecasting using Human Mobility Data. 

Transerve leverages businesses’ existing data in tandem with our data library that covers a broad range of categories/industries including:

  • Demographic
  • Administrative Boundaries
  • Addresses
  • Environment
  • Agriculture
  • Infrastructure
  • Health
  • Industries
  • Human Mobility Data

Early Success

The Transerve system is fully developed and was released in Q1, 2021. The platform currently offers curated data for markets in India.

Transerve has two planned patents:

  • Microservices-based spatial architecture (granted in India and published in the US).
  • Another patent to be filed by March 2022 for geoAI technology. 

We have several satisfied customers using our platform. These clients have provided feedback and requests for additional module development which we are incorporating with quarterly updates.  

We additionally have a signed partnership agreement with HERE Maps for use of their map data and traffic related APIs.

  • In discussion with US-based Human Mobility data providers.
  • In discussion with US-based Weather data providers.

The Transerve Exec Team

Ashwanii Rawat is a pioneer in satellite navigation technology in India, specializing in precision mapping and its applications. He has over a decade of experience in location intelligence. 

Amarsh Chaturvedi heads Transerve's technology team. His expertise lies in the development of spatially enabled solutions for cities, geospatial analytics and machine learning. 

Ashish Raj serves as Transerve’s COO and brings 28 years of global experience in a variety of functions including sales, strategy planning and operations. 

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