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Tranzlogix (TLX) Solutions is a fully integrated logistics system that provides complete, end-to-end visibility for transportation management and supply chain operation solutions.

As a business or organization, your logistics strategy can make or break you. Bringing your products or services to your customers and delivering your brand promise is vital. At the same time, you need to ensure that your logistics operations stays consistent, efficient, and cost effective while staying true to your goals.

It’s a challenging juggling game and Tranzlogix is serious about it.

TLX provides a comprehensive and integrated solution to keep your supply chain and transport management and logistics operations running at its peak levels at all times while being flexible enough for all your business structure and needs.

Logistics has always been vital to organizations, especially in business. A sound logistics strategy is a harmonious symphony of many concepts, principles and methods of traditional marketing, economics production, purchasing and transportation. This is seamlessly combined and adapted with the changing trends and demands of the market using technology that will help you get your product or service from one place to another.

However, making logistics work is not nearly as easy as it sounds.

Take India. Here, our logistics industry is poised at a crossroads with our economic growth trajectory, as we anticipate an upsurge in trade and commerce. As with any country, movement of goods and services is a crucial factor in driving and sustaining economic growth, which trickles down to businesses and consumers alike. We need to automate our supply chain and transport management using software that will allow us to seamlessly operate on any situation, at a daily basis.

However, with so many similar software, finding the right match to your company’s needs and operations can be difficult. And, if you make a mistake, you might end up further complicating your processes, making it more inefficient. And nothing can hurt your business more with a mistake than ultimately spending more than necessary time, energy, manpower hours, and other resources on a software that you don’t need.

With Tranzlogix Solutions, you will not only get products and services tailored to your specific business needs. You will also get years of expertise and technology with our every offering, to help you with supply chain and transport management.

At TLX, we use the best and tried-and-tested supply chain designs with the most cutting-edge in modeling technology to help you do what needs to get done, wherever and whenever. We will help you make it so much easier to run your business, stay on top of it, and take it to the next level.

With our solutions, you can be where your business is—right from your desktop:

Utilize assets more efficiently

Make inventory management more effective

Monitor mobile and field resources in real time

RESULT: Integrated transport, inventory, and distribution solutions for increased profitability

We have a range of products and services that deliver innovation and operational excellence:

TLX Vehicle Tracking System uses an electronic device installed in your fleet of vehicles to transfer all relevant information from each vehicle to your fleet management center. This way, you will know pertinent data for each vehicle, which includes:

Real-time location


Distance traveled

Stops made


Fuel status

We also track the assets inside each vehicle using a synergy of GPS and GSM technologies.

Using our Vehicle Tracking System will allow you to ensure optimal performance of your fleets, monitor and control your resources, locate and engage vehicles, prevent losses in accidents and emergencies, promptly respond in crisis situations, as well as reduce work redundancy.

Manufacturing companies, big or small, need to keep track of their inventories. TLX helps companies with this by using real time asset management and tracking technology.

TLX Asset Management System uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags to locate assets in realy time. With our system, you can keep track and keep secure all assets ranging from small computer hard disks to big mining machineries.

With this, you can:

Quickly locate critical equipment

Reduce inventory time

Achieve real¬time physical inventory of assets.

Enhance productivity by remotely monitoring assets and infrastructure

Delivery more timely information for decision making

Improve security by preventing assets from leaving premises and keeping designated assets out of unauthorized areas

Nothing is as hard to manage and keep track than a workforce on the move. TLX makes this easy through our Mobile Workforce Management System.

With our solution, you can effectively utilize your field resources locate them in real time.

Your workforce on the field will also be connected with your back office system, seamlessly integrating end-to-end operations such as workforce management, forecasting, scheduling, dispatch, and reporting. From every field personnel to management, TLX complete and comprehensive solutions to make their work easier, more effective, and more reliable anytime, anywhere.

You will be able to successfully:

Redirect the workforce to attend emergency customer calls

Avoid workforce taking wrong routes

Improve the safety of your workforce

Improve time management which leads to efficient utilization of resources

We at Tranzlogix have developed a unique concept behind our solution, which has allowed us to provide groundbreaking services to our customers. We are in the process to file patents to protect these concepts, as well as continually develop more innovative solutions to address the unique needs of our customers and the growing trends in our industry.

We aim to create long-term and enduring partnerships with our clients. We have several customers using our platform, such as:

We have also increasingly generated interest from various other companies such as Pepsico, Tata Motors, and Indian Oil Corporation, to name a few.

In addition, we have over 10 channel partners interested in reselling our solution, therefore increasing our market reach.

  • Exhibited in industry trade shows (Delhi, Mumbai, Tuticorin, Chennai) 
  • Engaged in industry trade shows in Atlanta, Phoenix
  • 20 customers in Beta mode and providing feedback (India and US)
  • In the process of converting Beta customers into paying customers with limited features
  • Established channel partners and streamlining the onboarding and support process in India and US

Asir has more than 20 years worth of combined experience in IT, entrepreneurship, transportation, logistics, and supply chain. He has managed strategic logistics integration for large enterprises such Amgen, NetApp, CISCO, Norfollk Southern, and AT&T.

He also has experience in successful business process re-engineering engagements to enable cloud and telecom-based technology for the healthcare and utility marketplace.

He now drives the vision and mission of TLX with his management roadmap and marketing development strategies.

Sugadev has over 18 years’ experience in the lorry transportation industry working for Trusted Roadways in India. He also has extensive experience running IT and BPO operations for marketing, sales negotiation, and government protocols.

He has very strong expertise in putting together open-source plattorm, mobile development, machine to machine computing, telematics, and integration.

For TLX, Sugadev manages product development, research and development, as well as execution of channel-related operations and overall business operations.

In his 17+ years of career, Rajesh has worked with organizations such as Bharat Petroleum and Allianz Insurance. Rajesh’s experience includes setting up world class solutions around Production Planning, Product/Process Engineering, Inventory Control, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Rajesh brings core technical strength around enforcing continuous process improvement, production planning/optimization, process control, material management etc. for the success of Engineering/Chemical industries. Later he evolved in to leading and managing implementations of PLM tools like ANSYS, ASPEN, ERP implementations and SCADA/IoT/Mobility integration, Application Development/Transformation (IT), Process Reengineering, Business/Enterprise Process Management, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence – Cloud/Big data/Agile Analytics, PMO – Program/Project Management, IT Operations in big brand companies

Vino has more than 18 years of experience being part of key industry players such as Ford Motor Company and Hewlett Packard. He spent 17 years combined in these companies, setting up world-class solutions for their customer data management and global sales management.

He has leadership roles in application development and transformation, process re-engineering, business process management, data warehouse, business intelligence, program and project management, and IT operations.

Vino brings his expertise to TLX to advise on its business operations, setting up framework for marketing, sales, and delivery to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

Guru has more than 14 years of Market development, lead generation, prospecting, customer training and sales negotiation. 

Holding rich experience in Client coordination in Logistics/Supply Chain/Freight Forwarding sectors. 

Guru has worked as Consultant for Continental Europe, America recommending and providing cost effective Tools for freight forwarders, NVOCCs and trucking companies for generating Quotation and booking through smartphones/Tablets using mobile application. Also carry experience in Logistics operations for Containers especially to process design and work flow for container management and movement.

Guru possess subject matter expertise in the following key sectors:

Trucking – Haulage
Freight Forwarding

Mr. Col (Pune/NCR Region) has decades of logistics and transportation management experience. He held C-Level positions as Executive CEO, COO, CMO in esteemed MNC’s and organizations.

Mr. Rahul (Mumbai Region) is an entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in transportation and logistics. He ran booking portal, infreight, for the transportation industry.

Mr. M.V. Subramanian (Chennai) is an industry-recognized IT entrepreneur, angel investor, and member of the Indian Angels Network (IAN).

Mr. V. Shankar (Chennai) has around 30 years of experience in Finance, International operations, technical sales and marketing with Automotive OE/Component manufacturing firms in four countries. He has setup International Sales operations and Joint Ventures for major automobile manufacturers.

Mr. Samir (Atlanta) is having solid background in military logistics as a veteran. He serves as advisor for deal negation, market development, and strategies.

Dr. Ravi (Atlanta) is a principal contact for Transport Associations in South India, renewable energy, textiles, and handloom industry in India.

Mr. Vijay (Mumbai) is a protean being handling enterprise level business activities from marketing, finance, operations and strategy. His specialization is in establishment, scaling and optimization of any business activity. A techno-commercial personality with hands on experience with names like Microsoft, Lloyd TSB, Morgan Stanley, Religare Finvest Ltd, Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd, P&G, HLL, Cipla, Reliance Industries Ltd, Sesa Goa Ltd, Dlink Ltd etc.

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