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Travelmate Robotics has created a robotic nurse assistant for indoor and outdoor situations.

This new autonomous robot line is a versatile multi-use diagnostic, treatment and monitoring medical robot. It’s artificial intelligence enables an even wider variety of better patient outcomes and we believe it will become a staple in patient care.

Our robotic nurse assistant can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, at home and in other settings where medical assistance is required.

Indoor Use
Our first configuration can be used in hospitals and other medical settings. This robot is highly customizable and can be configured for use as an intensive care unit, or even a ventilator with other diagnostic data that will help doctors to improve patient care 24/7.

Medical personnel will be able to remotely control the robot and receive information to their computer or mobile device. They don’t need to be in the same room as the robot.

Outdoor Use
Our second configuration is more portable and can be used outside. Its outer shell protects the equipment from the elements. It can be used for patients at home, or as a day-to-day monitoring device. It can inform medical professionals of any abnormal data that it finds and give recommendations to help. 

Our robotic line will be incredible useful for diagnosing at risk patients or providing care without exposing other patients to COVID-19.

Currently, nurses and other medical professionals are overworked due to the current pandemic. Our robotic medical assistants will ease the burden on overworked nurses, as it has a myriad of different uses for diagnostics and treatment. Our robot is also modular and can be used in different environments – indoors and outdoors.

This robot will become a staple in inpatient and outpatient care and is not just for COVID care. It can be tailored to each individual patient’s needs. Travelmate RNA, as an all-purpose medical robot, has various diagnostic data that it takes from its patients and then uploads to a database. When a patient has similar data, our program can then use artificial intelligence via our proprietary algorithm, to find similar case studies. This can improve treatment outcomes. This program is Hipaa compliant in the U.S.

Our robot nurse assistant has a modular design. This means that we can put different medical equipment on our robot. Each Travelmate RNA can be customized to fit the needs of a specific patient or hospital department. It can be used to monitor a patient remotely and send that data to a nurse in another room, so that said nurse is not in direct contact with a potentially infectious patient.

There are many medical devices that we can use with our robots and that will give Travelmate RNA incredible versatility in medical settings.

Imagine or remember a time when you were a patient in a hospital. Now, imagine that a Travelmate robot follows you and carries the medical equipment that you need around for you. This robot monitors your health and vital signs and gives these diagnostics to your doctor. It is a robot assistant which uses some of the technology of our previous Travelmate Robots.

Hospitals and doctors around the world are interested in this type of product, because it improves patient care quality and provides doctors more constant stream of information about the patient. Since the robot utilizes existing medical equipment that attaches to the robot, we do not need to go through regulatory hurdles with insurance, as this equipment is already covered. It provides an important new service in the form of a 24 hour robot nurse and diagnostic monitoring assistant.

Travelmate Robotics has created the world's first multi purpose robot. It is an autonomous robot assistant and self moving suitcase that follows you wherever you go. It does this without the use of camera vision, expensive tracking technology, or WiFi.

Our robots are fully compliant with TSA and IATA regulations (which governs the rules and regulations for roughly 300 airlines), Travelmate is also the only robot suitcase on the market that has been approved for use by all airlines.

Not limited to travel, our patent covers all robots that connect to your phone and follow you.

Almost everyone has daydreamed about having their own personal artificially-intelligent robot. Now, thanks to advances in autonomous robotics technology, what was once merely the product of science fiction writers’ imaginations is fast becoming reality.

However, consumer robotics is still very much in its infancy — with robotics applications limited and confined mostly to industrial and academic purposes, the sheer cost keeping robotic prohibitive and impractical for everyday situations.

In terms of mass-produced robotics, the industry is even more limited. While several robotic toys, personal assistants and other products have been introduced, nothing has truly disrupted the market or changed the way people go about their daily lives.

That’s where Travelmate comes in.

Travelmate is the first  robotic assistant and autonomous suitcase on the market and the first ever multi-purpose robot platform that is mass produced.

Travelmate allows for thousands of features thanks to an integrated ecosystem between your smartphone and Travelmate robot. It’s powered by a proprietary patented movement system, harnessing AI and machine learning to follow you wherever you go.

Travelmate is fully TSA compliant and IATA approved. It is the only robot suitcase allowed on all airlines. Travelmate can help you carry luggage in a wide range of situations. For example. you can use it when you’re at the airport, going to work, or walking to school.

Thanks to smart features and our patented Follow Me system with built-in sensors, Travelmate can navigate large crowds as well as avoid common obstacles. It also moves vertically and horizontally with ease. You can carry another suitcase or other items on top when traveling autonomously in horizontal mode.

Travelmate is not limited to just travel focused robots, as our patent covers any robot that connects to your phone and follows you.  As such, we will continue to develop and branch out our product line as we grow.

We’ve built a prototype for a robot platform that carries your golf equipment and follows you throughout your round.  We expect to include features that echo the contributions of a caddy – course conditions, distance to the pin, as well as club and strategy recommendations.

We’re also working on autonomous trolleys for airports and autonomous shopping carts; both of which fit neatly within our space of following robots.  Due to high capital costs, we expect to develop the technology, but then license it out to another company to manufacture.

Finally, we have a long-term plan to build out a home assistant robot.  We expect it to be able to navigate more complex terrain, including stairs, and be exceptionally versatile.  It is likely to have a higher price point.

There is a lot of potential for Travelmate in the medical field as well.

We see a potential application as an assistant tool for nurses – able to carry medical equipment around, monitor patients, and provide 24/7 support to nurses.

Current medical monitoring equipment being used in hospitals across the country are not designed with portability in mind.  Patients must stay in one place or are severely limited in freedom of movement due to the machines needed to monitor them.

With a medical version of the Travelmate technology, the patient has a robot following them around, keeping tabs on vitals, providing valuable reporting to nurses and doctors, and increasing mobility for the patient.

We believe this is a multi-billion-dollar market, with tremendous potential for the company moving forward.

Travelmate Robotics was founded in early 2016 with the goal of creating an affordable, multi-purpose robot for consumers.

With a shared love of travel, we quickly realized that developing a multi-purpose, robotic suitcase would be the perfect way to introduce consumers to robotics.

Our core team consists of veterans in robotic engineering, mechanical engineering, software development and hardware development.

Travelmate’s executive team has extensive experience in robotics with over 7 years developing commercial robots, many of which are priced at $15-20K and currently available on the market today.

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