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TreaTech: Fast facts

TreaTech disrupts the traditional liquid waste disposal process. Our revolutionary solution has the power to transform a wastewater treatment plant into a truly circular economy factory. The innovative two-step process extracts mineral compounds and converts organics into renewable gas for a minimal-waste alternative.

Global waste challenge

As our world expands, so do our opportunities — and challenges.

The increase in global economic development, urbanization and population results in ever-growing levels of municipal and industrial wastewater.

While wastewater can be recycled into other usable, valuable sources of water, treatment residue or sewage sludge presents a significant concern.

The sewage sludge can be incinerated, transported to landfills or used as a biosolid on soil. No matter its final destination, the disposal comes at significant cost in terms of energy consumption, greenhouse gasses and money.

As taking better care of our planet becomes an ever-more-pressing issue, wastewater treatment plants face the burden of eliminating waste and expanding capacity to meet growing sanitation needs while maintaining compliance with evolving regulations.

What’s the opportunity in the worldwide wastewater challenge?

Waste not, want not

TreaTech’s innovative solution turns the wastewater challenge into a groundbreaking opportunity to create a cleaner, clearer world.

The industry-disrupting process transforms sewage sludge into water, renewable gas and fertilizers and converts a traditional wastewater treatment plant into a revolutionary circular economy factory.

TreaTech developed a modular system that we install at the wastewater treatment facility. Using our patented salt separator, sewage sludge is being processed, retaining and extracting mineral compounds to upgrade to fertilizer.

Next, the main feed passes through a reactor containing our tailor-made catalyst. This step converts organic compounds to renewable gas which can be sold on as energy. The gas can also be transformed into renewable electricity.

The TreaTech solution generates 94% less CO2 than the current incineration alternative and recovers more than 90% of valuable minerals, like phosphorus.

With full conversion of waste into renewable gas, fertilizer, water and ashes, TreaTech provides a minimal-waste technology. The process requires no storage or transportation, powering a solution that is clean, odorless, sustainable and cost-effective.

The TreaTech solution

TreaTech’s disruptive technology treats municipal and industrial sewage sludge, creating an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional disposal solutions.

The process is based on catalytic Hydrothermal Gasification that turns sewage sludge into valuable by-products including:

More than 90% of the phosphorus is extracted and nitrogen is converted to NH4+. Both can then be further upgraded to usable products like fertilizers.

The salt separator unit is the first to continuously extract more than 90% of the mineral salts from sewage sludge, resulting in a carbon-rich effluent that can be converted into renewable gas.

Our process can efficiently and effectively convert 90% of the organic content to renewable gas while alternatives like anaerobic digestion perform at no higher than a 50% conversion rate.

Growing TreaTech accomplishments

Product development | Created the first lab-scale prototype (1 kg/h) and performed continuous sewage sludge campaign for 72 hours in 2018. Built the first pilot unit (100 kg/h) at the Paul Scherrer Institute.

Customer acceptance | Clients in Switzerland, France and Germany expressed significant interest. We performed feedstock testing campaigns for eight customers in the municipal and industrial spaces. Two Swiss-based clients requested implementation of the next demo unit at their sites.

Product licensing | TreaTech holds exclusive licensing on both the salt separation reactor and semi-continuous extraction system patented by EPFL. We also hold a non-exclusive license on the full process patented by PSI.

Strong partnerships | TreaTech has solid relationships with entities across academic, industrial and corporate spaces including EPFL, PSI, FHNW, GRTgaz, Holdigaz, Nevezus, Kasag, Top Industrie, BG and Afry.


Meet the team

Frederic Juillard | Founder and CEO
With a background in engineering, Frederic Juillard has spent most of his career devoting his talent and support to entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem. 

Dr. Gael Peng | Co-Founder and CTO
Dr. Gael Peng has expertise in chemical engineering and has spent the last 10 years developing catalytic hydrothermal gasification. 

Raquël Zambrano | Co-Founder and COO
Raquel Zambrano has a background in chemical engineering. Since joining TreaTech in 2017, she has focused on phosphorus extraction, refining her expertise in nutrient recovery from liquid effluents. 

Pierre-Cédric Vigna | CPO
Pierre-Cédric has a background in process and chemical engineering. He joined TreaTech earlier in 2021 as a project engineer and handles the design and supervision of the next transportable unit planned to be installed in a Swiss WWTP in 2022.

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