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Powered by artificial intelligence,’s diagnostic and other clinical products assist healthcare professionals to make their clinical decisions quickly, accurately, and effectively, which decreases expenses for doctors and hospitals and increases positive outcomes for patients.

A smarter, safer way to make clinical decisions, is the future of healthcare.

Every day, patients put their health, and their lives, in the hands of healthcare professionals who are responsible for accurately diagnosing and treating any and all medical issues. The problem is one where primary care doctors are struggling more and more to make accurate diagnoses. This leads to wasted time, wasted money, and the potential for serious harm.

A primary care doctor has only 10-15 minutes to consider over 5,000 potential diagnoses and choose the right one based on an overwhelming volume of patient data. This process leads to misdiagnosis rates as high as 10-20% in some clinical situations, generating about $750B in unnecessary expenses annually.

The right information for an accurate diagnosis is available. Every day, more and more patient data is collected. But there is still no manageable way to process it, quantify it, and put it to practical use. Patients feel lost. Doctors  feel overwhelmed.  Every part of the health system feels the strain of a process that is just not working. The process leaves doctors and their patients vulnerable to a misdiagnosis, an expensive, time-consuming, and potentially harmful result.

Doctors need a more accurate way to diagnose their patients. Their patients deserve a more accurate means of being treated.

At, we have  discovered a way to improve differential diagnosis and assist doctors in making their clinical decisions faster, smarter, and more effectively.

Using breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) technology and methods, provides doctors with a realtime ranked list of potential diagnoses based on their patient’s current symptoms, past health records, and other data from health partners such as wearable tech and pacemakers. Merlin, our AI engine, generates a possible diagnostic list that is created using automated reasoning built from the experience and knowledge of millions of patient encounters, medical research, and data streams from clinical partners, or ‘CareNodes’. From that list, a primary care doctor is able to offer his or her patient an accurate, comprehensive diagnosis in record time, and with record efficiency.

With the help of, doctors can provide their patients with the very best kind of healthcare. Patients are protected against the threat of misdiagnoses. Everyone, from the hospital to the healthcare provider, can save on time, stress, and money.

The medical field has been waiting for such a data-driven clinical support solution. The wait is over.

Merlin,’s core technology, is unlike anything on the market. It implements  advanced AI-based diagnostic methods using a continuous and active learning design that allows Merlin to grow and improve with each new patient interaction. It is a smart technology that helps make good doctors great. Merlin raises the safety and accuracy bar for diagnostic support systems. Decision support is delivered in real time at the point of care.’s platform is both innovative and extensible. Perfect for working alongside other diagnostic engines, our streamlined dashboard allows other organizations to develop and connect their own systems and specialized software tools directly to The platform creates a fuller, more complete picture for diagnoses and patient treatment.

From pacemakers to smartwatches, there are already hundreds of companies that collect medical and healthcare data for patients. It  is very difficult for these companies to share their information with doctors. CareNodes™ enable sharing. CareNodes™ are partnerships that allow existing healthcare and medical data companies to integrate their programs, technology, and processes seamlessly into the platform, providing them with a direct avenue to doctors without the headache and expenses of developing their own secure backend and user interface. .

Our groundbreaking Treatment API is a cloud-based infrastructure that connects CareNodes™, AI technology, and other partner data streams, into a system that 95% of doctors are already using: electronic medical records (EMR.) Individual doctors, whole hospitals, and even entire healthcare systems can adopt’s diagnostic solution without the effort or expense of getting a new system. is ready to complete and refine our first product, Merlin, and integrate it into two existing and popular open-source electronic medical record (EMR) systems, OPEN EMR, OSCAR EMR.

Our future goals include integrating Merlin with one proprietary EMR, such as EPIC. This step will allow us to greatly expand our potential customer market.

The entire team at has extensive experience founding, growing, and improving healthcare IT companies.’s CEO, John Fraser, knows firsthand the need for improved diagnostic systems, and has direct experience building successful companies to better serve the healthcare sector. The founder of other high-value healthcare IT companies, John has numerous connections to key opinion leaders who will help him champion his newest company project in conjunction with one of the smartest, most innovative teams in the business.

John Fraser | Co-Founder & CEO | John is a software and technology expert who has built and sold several healthcare software companies. His first company, Ability Networks, was recently recapitalized for $500+ million.

Dr. Kevin Peterson | Chief Medical Officer | Dr. Kevin Peterson MD, MPH, FRCS(Ed), FAAFP, focuses on chronic disease management, health services, diabetes, bioinformatics, and clinical trials in primary care. He has been the Principal Investigator (PI) or site-PI on many National Institutes of Health-funded studies, and the creation of a national electronic primary care research infrastructure.

Dr. Rob Scott | Chief Innovation Officer | Dr. Rob Scott is the Founder of Remedy, an allied healthcare professional online consulting company. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia. He has been doing informatics research for 20 years. He has practiced family medicine for 40+ years.

Dr. David Poole | Director, AI Research | Dr. Poole is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. A renowned researcher and scientist, Dr. Poole is a co-author of two AI textbooks, and was co-chair of AAAI-10 and UAI-94. He is the chair of the Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, is a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and the winner of the Canadian AI Association (CAIAC) 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Ray Artz | Data Scientist | Dr. Artz has advanced degrees in Mathematics and Statistics and 30 years experience in the Defense Industry.  He has served as a System Analyst, Computer System Architect, and Software Developer for numerous development projects including the NEXRAD Doppler Weather Radar System and the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.  He has also been a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the DoD-sponsored High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) conferences held annually at MIT Lincoln Laboratories.

Dr. Martin Michalowski | Director of Machine Learning Research | Dr. Michalowski received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Southern California and is a leading expert in automated reasoning. His work improves patient outcomes by applying logic-based approaches to reconcile clinical practice guidelines for multi-morbid patients. He has been the principal investigator on several NIH- and DoD-funded grants applying various automated reasoning techniques to problems of public significance. His research resulted in numerous journal articles, conference publications, invited speaking engagements, issued patents, and spun off startup companies. Dr. Michalowski is the co-founder of two technology-based companies and the technology lead of another. He is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) and he is the organizing chair of the Expanding the Boundaries of Health Informatics using AI (HIAI) workshop that, for the past 4 iterations, has been held at the AAAI conference. (More information:

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