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MEN'S SKIN IS THICKER THAN WOMEN's. Thousands of products exist to help women maintain a healthy, youthful appearance and protect skin against damage from the sun and environmental pollutants. The options for men have been far more limited.

Men are increasingly aware of the need to protect their skin for the long term. They want to look younger and avoid future problems. Skincare product lines you buy into-they have ingredients that can harm you. Most people don't think to check the label, and when you do, they can barely comprehend what any of that means, all by design.


Do you know what parabens do to the human body? How about sodium benzoate, ethanolamines or petroleum? What about the countless chemicals that are introduced and put into our products every single year?

Some skin care products -- including soap -- even contain formaldehyde-releasing chemicals.

Clearly it's a scary world out there... for anyone that has ever used a skincare product. Whether shaving or washing, our daily products are filled with things that, if people were actually paying attention, it would blow there mind. 

Google what's in shaving creams and what makes soaps lather and you too will feel all of those things. Look at the chemicals they use to make soaps's simply horrifying!

At True for Men, we knew it was time for something better.


The playbook is simple. True for Men solves these problems with products specially formulated for men, to help men look their best and maintain healthy, vibrant skin at any age.

Designed for washing and shaving, our non-foaming cleanser is one-of-a-kind. Our proprietary anti-aging formulations that protect and rejuvenate the skin will replace common shaving creams, which contain carcinogenic surfactants linked to nerve damage..

And our facial moisturizer provides the highest grade of Retinol Non-RX available, providing the perfect combo -- without any greasy results.


The 21st century has ushered in increased demand and spending for products to halt premature aging, bolster confidence and create youthfulness. Our analysis indicates more sophisticated, pure, and cruelty-free products have not to keep up with the male consumer's demand.

Convenience plays a significant role in increased online purchases. A key to our model is a strong and impactful rollout for all major social media platforms, TV, streaming devices, and savvy online influencers which will be instrumental in establishing a strong brand presence in the marketplace. No warehouse costs. Manufacturing and Fulfilment are completed right here in Dallas, TX.
Some of the compounds in our products not long ago were once prescription-based only.

We aren't looking for the cheapest way to succeed. We're looking for a way to create a more youthful, healthy appearance, replace common shaving creams while providing men with products that are genuinely good for their skin. (Skin THE LARGEST ORHAN ON YOUR BODY).


I am a seasoned entrepreneur and business strategist who has successfully developed, operated, and sold numerous multi-million-dollar businesses across various industry sectors.

Most notably, I was one of the founders of The Hair Club For Men Inc. I worked closely with the management team to expanding our brand and locations across the U.S., and I personally owned and operated several locations and three (3) medical clinics in Texas and Oklahoma. The company became a brand and was acquired by Regis Corporation (NYSE: RGS) in 2004 for $163,000,000.

I later joined Enviroclean Management Services Inc., a subsidiary of MedSolutions, as VP. I was responsible for capital development, investor relations, sales, and marketing and was especially instrumental in raising more than $21,000,000 for the company. Utilizing a portion of the funding, I significantly contributed to MSI's growth, empowering them to become the fourth largest medical waste and treatment company in the U.S. Much like The Hair Club For Men, MSI was acquired for a hefty sum ($59,000,000).

These are just some of my success stories. I look forward to adding True for Men to my list and legacy.

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