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Revolutionary Developments

The United Abrahamic Family, Inc. (TUAFI) has proudly developed a revolutionary solution to one of the world's most challenging problems: fresh, clean water.

Our brand-new, patent-pending technology will facilitate regulation of an environment and an atmospheric water generator (AWG). This will allow TUAFI to be a pioneer in the AWG industry, distributing clean water to the world.

Learn more at https://tuafi.com/.

Major Problem

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) sound great on paper. It is an amazing technology with two key strengths:

  • Extracts moisture from the air
  • Produces an independent source of water

Unfortunately, AWG technology also comes with more than a dozen weaknesses:

  • Does not work in dry areas.
  • Does not work if the humidity in the air is
  • 30% and below.
  • Will produce less water if the humidity in the air is 60% and below (the humidity in the air should be 70% and above to produce water with full function).
  • Does not work if the temperature is above 95º F or below 40º F --even if the humidity in the air is high.
  • No matter what, the condensers will stop working in severe temperatures.


Innovative Solution

TUAFI will solve all of these problems by:

  • Building the world's first atmospheric water bottling factory.
  • Using methods and systems to facilitate regulation of an environment and working of Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG).

The summary of our brilliant invention is as follows:

  • The AWG bottling Factory will be built in an area where humidity in the air is high at all times, all year round.
  • The atmospheric bottling factory can be built horizontally and vertically (both are good options).
  • We assume we will build the AWG factory horizontally because we need good water production.
  • The factory will be built as a clear glass building using the third-generation solar transparent panels (photovoltaic cells). The transparent glass itself will be easy on the eye and safe for wildlife, especially birds.
  • The factory will be built with an advanced solar energy storage system and advanced electric room control system. The traditional solar inverter only works when the sun shines, but our advanced inverter nanotechnology system continues at night and all through the winter.

AWG water will go through the following process for human consumption:

  • 1. Pre-Carbon Filter
  • 2. Post-Carbon Filter
  • 3. RO-Purification (Reverse Osmosis Purifiers)
  • 4. Pure Drinking Water Tank
  • 5. Adding Minerals (according to the laws and the regulation of the water authority).
  • 6. TCR Carbon Filter
  • 7. UV Light Exposure (Ultraviolet Light Exposure)
  • 8. Biological & Chemical Testing (for the water's purity and quality).
  • 9. The water goes to the bottling machine and it will be filled up with biodegradable bottles of all sizes.
  • 10. The Atmospheric water bottles will be distributed and sent to the store to be sold for human consumption.

The entire building is an Atmospheric Water Generator Machine by itself. It's not a normal building, it's not an open building and it's not a closed building, rather, it's a lump-sum comprehensive AWG machine building.

Traction & Accomplishments

TUAFI is proud to be working with water quality specialist Joseph Danho. Joseph is a member of Bethlehem University’s Water and Soil Environmental Research Unit, where he is responsible for the biological and chemical analysis of water and wastewater. 

Unprecedented Growth

The global bottled water market has experienced an unprecedented level of growth over the past few years.

In the United States alone bottled water sales officially surpassed carbonated soft drink sales in 2016.

Globally the market has soared to more than $200 billion following 9% yearly growth between 2014 and 2017.

This has been fueled by a number of factors including:

  • Health concerns from contaminated water supplies.
  • Rising disposable income in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Superior taste and quality.

  • Unparalleled level of cleanliness and reliability.

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