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TwingTec is a clean energy innovator developing a breakthrough technology that’s improving upon the long-accepted standard in wind energy generation.

Our automated tethered drones produce more energy, do so at a lower cost, and are much easier to transport and install than traditional wind turbines.  They are also usable for a variety of applications - opening us up to brand new business opportunities.

As population and consumption continue to grow, global cumulative wind energy capacity needs are rapidly increasing.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that existing solutions cannot maintain this pace.  Exploiting the full potential of wind energy is simply not possible with conventional wind turbines - whether being used on-grid, off-grid, onshore, or offshore.

An improved wind energy solution is urgently needed in order to reach our ever-changing climate and consumption targets.  That solution has now arrived thanks to TwingTec.

Our team is developing the next generation of wind energy using autonomous tethered drones that can unlock the full power of the wind - at higher altitudes (for stronger winds) and with only a fraction of the material of a conventional wind turbine.

The magic of our solution, which is the first full proof-of-concept system of its type, lies in Airborne Wind Energy (AWE).  AWE works by redirecting forces from bending to tension - which is the key to the optimization of wind energy structures.

TwingTec energy drones are the intelligent way to unlock the full power of wind for the benefit of the multibillion-dollar wind power business.  Best of all, we own the core blocking patents related to this emerging AWE standard.

Our solutions can also be used for the full spectrum of energy needs - whether on-grid, off-grid, or even deep sea floating.  This will allow us to open up new high margin & high volume markets that have almost no wind power.

On and off-grid segments will be addressed with our TT100 (100 kW, 20ft container) and TT500 (500 kW, 40ft container) products.  The on and offshore segments on the utility scale, initially, will be addressed with the TT3000.

The base system for all models will consist of 3 main parts: a wing, a ground station (winch), and a tether.

The entire flight and energy generation process is fully automated and uses smart sensors & software to adapt to all weather conditions.  Here’s a top-level glimpse at how it works:

TwingTec has disruptive energy cost reduction potential over diesel, wind and PV. Our LCOE projections are based on a validated performance simulation and detailed cost models.

LCOE reductions are driven by scaling up, mass production using standard, off-the-shelf components and manufacturing techniques, and through efficiency improvements.

Just a few more of the many benefits the TwingTec brings to the wind energy world for off-grid customers:

Off-shore, TwingTec will open up vast deep-water areas, which are currently untapped energy sources:

The TwingTec concept came to life as the result of a spin-off from two leading Swiss research institutes with a shared goal to find the most efficient way to convert the power of the wind into electricity.

We’re now led by the following 5 individuals who possess interdisciplinary backgrounds in lightweight structures, aeronautics, drones, kites, and control systems:

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