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Join the uFlavor revolution

Our initial product will be delivered in a concentrate form factor similar to MiO or SodaStream and shipped directly to your door. This will allow anyone in the country to experience uFlavor as we roll out vending and mobile units throughout the country. If you would like to be one of the first flavor creators please make a pledge over on the right.

Making Flavor Personal

What if everyone could create their own soft drink, sparkling water, functional beverage or energy drink and instantly stock it in vending machines and retail locations across the country? 
That’s the disruptive premise behind uFlavor, an innovative, software/hardware platform that enables an online community of users to create and sell custom-mixed, custom-labeled beverages in real time through a network of smart vending machines capable of dynamically producing almost any drink on demand.

The Promise of 10^600 possibilities

Just as Amazon changed the publishing industry with the insight “there are more books that people want than anyone could ever fit into a typical bookstore,” uFlavor will change the beverage industry with the insight “there are more beverages that people want than anyone could ever stock in a typical vending machine” – so many options, in fact, that everyone on the planet could create a new, custom beverage every day
for the rest of their life without anyone ever having to drink the same thing twice.
One day it might be a Sparkling Lime Water... another day it might be an Acai Root Beer... or every day it might be a Triple-Ginger Hint-of-Mint Green Tea.

uFlavor's Point-of-Difference

uFlavor is an opportunity to personalize refreshment in a manner that has never been possible. uFlavor has designed technology that transforms flavor-choice into a platform. The platform can be used by an individual to explore and discover their personal flavors, or by a band to help promote that brand's unique offering.
uFlavor offers the ability to customize taste to a very personal level and to engage a community around discovering these unique and personalized tastes.
Athletes can create custom drinks for their community to routinely follow in a work-out regiment, just as musicians can create unique blends to commemorate each album.

The Team

uFlavor was founded by five guys from Indianapolis, Indiana (well, except Bob, but we'll leave the Muncie jokes to Parks and Recreation). Although the guys may have varied backgrounds, they're all excited about the future of flavor.

 We partnered with flavor technologists and food experts to make the process as simple as possible. Now we are ready to bring it to you! We’re not some large company with mile-long production lines.  We want to create a company that is fun, tasty and driven by You.

Help us rebuild an industry from the bottom-up!

The uFlavor Bill of Rights

  • Focus groups shouldn't dictate your choices
  • Imagination doesn't end at the grocery aisle
  • Profit from your creative endeavors 
  • Make adjustments to the products you buy
  • Know the ingredients contained in things you consume
  • Allow 'do-overs' when creating something delicious
  • Collaboration and feedback is the way to make the world a tastier place
  • Flavors should be easily shared
  • Explore flavor with reckless abandonment, in the words of Julia Child, "Don't Be Afraid"
  • Be a member of a community, not merely a customer of a product


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