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Ultimate Workout And Recovery:
Fast Facts

Ultimate Workout and Recovery adaptable portable gym system(UWAR) is the (patented) in-bed and in-chair workout/recovery at home or facility strength training Pilates styled system that allows people either too busy or unable to complete traditional workout regimes to get a full body strength training workout. It is made for use by people of all ages and all levels of health, including and adaptable for those bound to a wheelchair, bed, or recliner and those who want an easy portable and convenient strength training workout while standing as well or traveling or at school or work.

UWAR portable and adaptable gym allows users to avoid the germ-filled and often way too busy gyms that typically house workout machines. The low-impact yet fast paced strength training attractive Pilates styled rehab and workout device is designed to fit over a bed or chair, or even free standing while bolted into ground providing users with a safe and adjustable fitness and/or rehab experience they can complete at home but also at facility work or school in under 5 minutes a day or less!

Stuck in Bed or wheelchair
user or busy mom and child

Limited Access
Many Americans find themselves unexpectedly confined to beds or chairs due to injury or aging, and often they end up only feeling worse due to the lack of exercise they’re able to get. Getting to a physical therapist’s office can be difficult and expensive, but there are limited options for at-home full body workouts. Additionally, busy moms and kids can’t find the time to spend on joining gyms in general so this product solves the time commitment problems by providing safe and effective portable adaptable strength training rehab and workout solutions in 5 minutes or less for busy moms and kids at home and school to be utilized in a safe way incorporating strength training at home or on the go.

The Disability Gap
Disabled (or differently-abled) Americans, including senior citizen population of 65 and above, also face challenges when it comes to working out - traditional gyms do not always offer workout materials that will be usable with their specific needs. These Americans have the same health goals as those without disabilities/fall risk issues, yet they cannot easily access the same kind of workout facilities.

Unsafe Challenges
Once they make it to a workout, differently-abled Americans and Senior populations as well face the challenges of not being able to use the traditional unsafe machinery. They need something that will prevent additional injury and be low impact on their bodies.

The Workout and
Rehab Solution 

Ultimate Workout and Recovery is a fitness and rehab  system for everyone, whether or not they have physical limitations. The system allows for in-bed and in-chair workouts including non free weight bearing strength, resistance, and cardio, all on a low impact and easy-to-use system and can also be used while standing. Portable and convenient strength training for busy moms and kids and for anyone in the family able bodied or not, our product and service based business will cast a very wide net to bring everything workout and rehab to anyone wanting unique and cutting edge all in one rehab and fitness products and services.

No Experience Needed
Users of the USA designed and USA made UWAR do not need to have extensive training or experience in fitness or sports. The system is simple to use and adjustable to every person’s physical strength and fitness goals.


Fitness and Rehab for Everyone and Everywhere
There are few specialized workout machines available for people who are Seniors or with any short term or long term disabilities or conditions resulting in them being bedridden or seated due to injury surgery or long term disability . UWAR welcomes people of all abilities to use its fully adaptable workout system. 

Beyond those with unique fitness needs, UWAR can also be used by people looking for a portable seated or standing workout option, like busy moms and kids who don’t have the time or interest to make it to the gym. 

Key Features

Adjustable Gym
The UWAR device is easy to assemble and adjust. It can work over beds, wheelchairs, and chairs, or even bolted into the ground at a school or assisted living center to be used whole standing making it the ultimate in adaptive and inclusive workout systems for people of any age and of all abilities.

Easy to Use
Users don’t have need to be regular gym-goers in order to use the Ultimate Workout and Recovery solution. The gym uses Movement Therapy to build strength for anyone.

Industry Need
Rehab centers, nursing homes, Assisted living and other care facilities require tons of equipment to conduct workouts with their patients, but so much of that equipment can’t be moved to their patients. UWAR brings those tools directly to the patients as needed. Schools whether PE teachers or regular teachers need this product to design new curriculum for students interested in inventions, schools need this for athletic rehabilitation as well as fitness initiatives for k-8 kids to prevent them from obesity and bring in safe and effective strength training starting as early as 6 years old. Schools also need this product for special needs OT based learning and action based learning for all students additionally.

Alternative Workouts
UWAR isn’t just for the differently abled. The express workouts that can be done on the machine are perfect for those short on time and looking to workout at home, school or even traveling. It’s an all-in-one system that doesn’t require a whole room dedicated to a home gym!

UWAR System Included Components

  • 1 Steel-Forged Aluminum Frame
  • 2 Threshold to secure system
  • 8 Resistance Cords
  • 8 Handles/Triple Cord Grips
  • 1 Hand or Foot Cardio Pedaler
  • 3 Rejuvenating Stress Balls
  • 1 Massage Roller
  • 1 Pair of Workout Gloves
  • 8 Lock Pins
  • 4 Wing Nuts
  • Screws & Washers

Target Customers

Institution-Based Customers

  • Rehabilitation Centers and Home Care Companies
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Senior Centers
  • K12 schools
  • Kid Gym Centers
  • College Athletic Departments
  • Chiropractors

Individual Customers

  • Busy moms and busy women
  • Energetic kids
  • Elderly Americans
  • Athletes with recurring injuries
  • Wounded Warriors

Building Strength

Meet The Team

JT Salamon

  • Wellness Specialist & Invention Coach
  • Manages and promotes all aspects of UWAR
  • Founded the company to create the ultimate solutions via portable and convenient strength training products and services for those millions stuck in bed and chair short or long term due to injury surgery or long term disability

Samuel M. Salamon, MD FRCSC FACS

  • Serves as the CFO and COO for UWAR
  • Doctor-successful Eye surgeon for 34 years specializing in Glaucoma,Cataract and Cornea. Private practice clinic/facility owner since 1990

Vlad Feldman

  • Engineer –Mechanical Engineer consultant for first UWAR prototypes
  • Design Consultant ongoing

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