Luxury cookies doctor-approved to promote healthy and beautiful skin.


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UltraVain is a self-financed ($197,540.34 bootstrapped) boutique bakery producing a wildly-popular type of specialty beauty cookie designed by health enthusiasts and a medical doctor to promote general wellness, and beauty-supporting health in particular.

Although we are currently selling through a single coffee shop retail outlet, demand continually outstrips supply. We built our core processes with scalability front-and-center, and we are raising this round to finance the first phase of planned upscale.

The “Suffering for Beauty” Problem

Physical beauty is highly rewarded in our society, and so it’s understandable that many people will put themselves through hell, and back, to reach its lofty goals. Vanity remains a primary human driver, despite over a century of modern psychoanalysis.

One unsafe precipice of beauty an old maxim which asserts that, for most folk, beauty can only be wrought from the terrible arms of suffering. While some lucky few are born with inherent beauty, most of us suffer all manner of ignominy and abuse to find it.

From corsets to cosmetic surgery, this body-shaming modality has toxified our entire discussion about beauty. The input costs became so bad that, by its third wave, feminism had come to reject the notion of artificial beauty standards completely.

Thankfully, modern generations are no longer hamstrung by antiquated and unattainable standards of what constitutes true aesthetic perfection.


UltraVain reminds people that not every road to beauty is treacherous and harrowing. We can support you and put you on the path to healthier, more vivacious skin and health right away, and the best part is that all you have to do is upgrade your snacks to something truly tasty.

Because most of the foods that are good for your skin and body are also complementary, luxurious and delicious, the cookies that we make don’t seem medicinal at all. In fact, they’re likely a whole lot tastier than any snacking cookie you currently consume.

We think this is the way it should be. Loving yourself shouldn’t be difficult, and eating a daily serving of face-rejuvenating food compounds should be delicious celebration of taste, texture and tempting aroma. Popping pills is passe, and has proven less effective.


We provide a snack solution that is tailored to the needs of our demanding target group.

Our product provides everything that you want from a snack:

A convenient packaging and size that actually fills you up

Body and skin loving ingredients

Easy to use anywhere and anytime

Luxury, indulgent taste and texture

Five different flavors

Three different package sizes and price points

All wrapped up in a modern, resealable package


Flavor Variety

5 different flavor lines already in production, with individualized packaging for various different silos and verticals.


Production process optimized to scale production fast as consumer awareness (and demand) builds.


Trademark registered for UltraVain Baked Goods.

Positive Feedback

Great customer feedback of everyone who received or purchased the product, with the intent to purchase again upon availability.

Social Media

We maintain popular pages on all major social media channels, which can be activated to move product and push customers once supply is upscaled.

Sales and Manufacturing

Currently selling B2C in a local coffee shop in Newport Beach and manufacturing in a commercial kitchen in Huntington Beach with excess production capacity ready to fill our growing needs.

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