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Veterans are those men and women that have served and protected us in the US Military or National Guard, including Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Army National Guard, Air Force National Guard, Reserves, and the Ready Reserve Components of the USPHS Commissioned Corps. Do you know an unemployed veteran? Chances are that you do. We want to hire them. We need your help today.Union 3Sixty5 is a Game Changing hospitality company based in Loudoun County, Virginia, which operates specialized BBQ Mobile Cafes, under a licensing agreement with Tailgater Toby.  The company’s mission is to Be More, Do More…in the food we serve, the service we provide, the smiles we create and the social good we set in motion. As part of its mission, Union 3Sixty5 is committed to supporting sustainable job creation for veterans. We have an immediate goal to raise funds to create full-time jobs for veterans who will manage our mobile cafés, serve our all-American BBQ at tailgating parties for sporting events, concerts, festivals, fairs, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and fundraising functions, and most of all, create an unforgettable, game-changing experience for our customers!    

Union 3Sixty5, in cooperation with Tailgater Toby, has developed a unique mobile unit called the Special Ops. We have designed this unit specifically to honor our veterans.  At 7x18 ft, our all-black mobile café, featuring the Tailgater Toby Special Ops Eagle and equipped with flat screen TV’s streaming concerts and sporting events, will be prepared to create the game changing experience that exceeds our customers’ every expectation! 

Yes we just said unlimited BBQ for LIFE!  We know its hard core.        

It’s not a typo.  For any pledge of $250 or higher, we pledge in return to reward you with a Tailgater Toby Nova BBQ for LIFE card!  That’s right, we are pulling out all the stops, and offering a BBQ sandwich per day, for life to you in return for helping us hire our vets!  That is how much we are dedicated to our mission to Be More, Do More….

And this is only part of the great line up of rewards we have in stock for you, so please check out the full offering below or on the bar to your right.

The Quick Run Down on How this Works!

How You Help:  by donating…

How Much: as little as $25

Total Goal: $60,000                                  

Purpose: Hire our first full-time Veterans employees!

What’s next? Book our first Mobile Café 24/7, 365 for the foreseeable future!

And then? Custom-build more mobile cafes, hire more vets and start the cycle over, serving more delicious BBQ and creating more unforgettable experiences…we take it seriously..really!

And You..What do you get in return? 

Glad you asked!

We have 4 levels of satisfaction lined up for you as a reward for your donation:

  1.Create Veteran Jobs: Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that YOU and your friends helped a veteran find a great job and helped him/her reintegrate into civilian life?

  2. Name Your Veteran Hero: By contributing to this fundraise, you could also       recognize and honor your personal veteran hero!

  • Pick a Name: For every $20,000 level we reach, we will randomly select an honorable veteran’s name from the names that you as a backer submit with each donation you make.
  • Name a sandwich: We will name a Tailgater Toby hot dog or sandwich after that hero.
  • Share a hero’s tale: Tell us who your veteran hero is. Share their story with us on Facebook! The more friends you invite to donate, the more veterans that you know can be entered and honored.

  3. BBQ for LIFE:  Of course with the right pledge you receive a card giving you a BBQ sandwich every day for the rest of your life!

End result: Three veterans will be called by name by thousands of people at events all across the country when they order a Tailgater Toby hot dog or sandwich.

  •   Share our Passion: Invite your friends to fund the launch too, and share their favorite veteran’s name, and story with us. Here is how:                                

Follow us on Instagram and tag us in a picture of your favorite veteran hero.


Join us on Facebook to find out how our campaign to hire veterans is going and post or tag us on a picture of your veteran hero.                


Follow us on Twitter to get quick updates too!  



Tailgater Toby has been serving up delicious, high-quality BBQ since 2007. Today, there are over 30 Tailgater Toby mobile food cafés in operation, selling hundreds of thousands of pounds of their slow-cooked BBQ meats across the country.

The Tailgater Toby menu includes over 20 delicious BBQ meat products, including chicken, pork and beef BBQ options and, of course, the latest and greatest addition to the Tailgater Toby family: the Bar-B-Gater, a mouth-watering barbecue and cheese wrap.

The signature Tailgater Toby products are so easy to serve that it can be done in a safe, clean, simple one-step heating process. The mobile café concept makes Tailgater Toby perfect for:

We want to provide work opportunities that will not let Veterans down in a growth industry that ultimately can support a career path. The mobile food industry is one of the fastest growing industries within the food service sector. As a growing company with a significant, social mission of employing veterans within the communities we serve, there are few, more exciting spaces to be a part of than the mobile food industry.

*According to independent third party, the mobile food industry will grow from $650M to $2.7B over the next 5 years.

Let’s make sure this growth positively impacts the number of veterans we employ!

Fund Union 3Sixty5 now!

Our focus is in Loudoun County, Virginia and its vibrant communities.  These areas are all within a reasonable distance from our central facilities and have an abundance of corporate parks, schools, universities, fundraising venues and special events, creating an ideal location for a Tailgater Toby mobile café. The establishment of Union 3Sixty5's fleet of Tailgater Toby Mobile Café’s in Northern Virginia supplies hungry crowds of sports fans, concert- and festival-goers, special event guests and office employees with a convenient, affordable and delicious meal and an unforgettable experience!    

Where next?

Fan out across the DC Metro area…AND YES, you guessed it…beyond!

Bella Karakis, CEO & Founding Member
Bella is an experienced trademark attorney and has worked with numerous clients in the food industry, assisting and advising them on their brand development strategy from startup stage to running multi-million dollar successful operations wth global brand recognition. She is a global business development consultant and entrepreneur with a keen interest in the food industry, and an especially soft spot for the food truck segment, having been exposed to it for the first time five years ago when researching several opportunities for one of her clients. The Tailgater Toby quality line of BBQ meat, its branding and smart marketing concept won Bella over. And as for her passion for food, yes it carries over to owning many cookbooks.... (Shh! Somewhere north of 700!)

Rob Batchelder, President & Founding Member
Rob has taken a truly entrepreneurial journey to arrive at this point. Starting his own business at 19 years old while obtaining his undergraduate and Master’s degrees at the same time, he has always worked tirelessly to achieve great things within the community. This venture is the accumulation of seven years of hard work and business development. Creating a company that positively affects his childhood community has always been one of his lifelong goals.

Dorian Bramarov, Director of Sales and Marketing
Dorian has been involved in the catering and hospitality space, starting with part time jobs in high school.  He has worked every level of the food service industry including restaurant management in the Connecticut and Washington DC Metro markets. His passion for the industry grew into his own successful DJ/Live performance and event planning company while attending University of Connecticut. He is now excited to bring his experience and skills in employee management, customer service, social brand development, event planning and restaurant operations to the Toby Tailgater mobile food cafes operated by Union 3Sixty5.  

We need to reach our goal of $60,000 to make an impact!  Give now and be part of our mission to positively affect the veterans that we employ. 

To further recognize your contribution, we have great Tailgater Toby rewards lined up to thank you for your support:

Receive: a limited edition Special Ops Tailgater Toby dogtag customized with either your name or the name of your favorite veteran or loved one; a thank you card including the story of one of the veteran hero’s shared by our supporters as part of this campaign; and one of our famous Bar-B-Gaters edible business cards delivered to your door          anywhere in the country!

Receive a limited edition Special Ops Tailgater Toby t-shirt and a Bronze Tailgater Pass redeemable for a 10% discount off any online or in-person purchase up to $100. We'll also send you all rewards from $25 level.

Receive a Silver Tailgater Pass redeemable for a 20% discount off any online or in-person purchase up to $150. We'll also send you all rewards from the $25 level.

Receive the Ultimate Tailgater Card, redeemable for 1 free pulled pork or pulled chicken BBQ sandwish at our mobile locations any time you visit! FOR LIFE! (Limited to 1 sandwich per person per day.) Plus you'll receive 20% off all online orders for 1 full year or $1,000 in orders, whichever comes first, and your name will appear in the Wall of Fame on our Tailgater Toby trailer, in addition to all rewards from the $100 pledge level.

Receive the Ultimate Tailgater Family Card, redeemable for a free pulled pork or pulled chicken BBQ sandwich at our mobile locations for you and up to 3 of your friends any time you visit!  FOR LIFE! (limited to 1 sandwich per person per day) Plus we'll throw a Tailgate Party at a sporting or other event for your adult or youth athletic team of up to 25 people, or send you enough ready-to-heat BBQ meat for 25 people shipped anywhere in the US to host your own Tailgate Party. We'll also throw in all rewards from the $250 level.

A fun and creative sandwich will be named after you, your business, or a loved one, free for life for its creator, and you'll receive the Diamond Tailgater Pass redeemable for 20% off all online orders, in addition to all rewards from the $750 level.

We'll cater a tailgate party or other event for your adult or youth athletic team of up to 100 people, or ship enough ready-to-heat BBQ meat anywhere in the US so you can host an event for up to 100 people! You'll also receive an Ultimate Tailgating Team card redeemable for a free pulled pork or chicken BBQ sandwich at our mobile locations for you and up to 6 of your friends any time you visit (limited to 1 sandwich per person per day). Plus you'll get all the rewards from the $1,500 level.


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