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Anyone who has ever looked into a telescope cannot remember seeing anything significant, as there is very little to see. Optical telescopes are not powerful enough to observe the many objects of the sky, such as galaxies, nebulae, and comets.

They are also very complicated to set up, install and use; even motorized telescopes require a complex calibration procedure. Thus, most telescopes end up in the attic after a couple of uses.

The few telescope owners who keep on observing have to become experts in handling their telescope and often add external hardware such as cameras to enhance the capabilities of their telescope. Most space-enthusiasts never become experts enough to do so.

Our community of users can share their data, which allows for new experiences like crowd-sourced pictures of the sky and data contribution to scientists. Significant discoveries have already been made by eVscope users:

eVscope provides the meaningful and enjoyable journey-like astronomy experience that people expect from a telescope while engaging communities and encouraging data sharing.

eVscope’s features allow it to offer an experience that other telescopes can’t.​

Product Development
We have successfully developed our first product, 
the eVscope, in partnership with our supplier, a French company with factories in France and Shanghai. Development ended in October 2019 with the production of pre-series.

Customer Acceptance
After the successful 2020 sales, we are almost out of stock. We recorded more than 5,500 different users in 2020 among the 4,000 delivered telescopes. The Net Promoter Score is outstanding (54.5).

Patents and IP
Patent granted in FR, pending in US: US2019196173 (A1), Method for producing a digital image, associated computer program product and optical system.
We filed 6 other patents in 2019 and 2020.

Social Proof
Our growing community already has spontaneous ambassadors of the brand and mentors for new users. Among them, there are renowned scientists (Prof Alex Filippenko UC Berkeley, Prof Mike Merrifield U of Nottingham, Prof Claire Max UCSC), an astronaut (Ed Lu), an actor (Tim Russ) and a baseball player (Nick Goody).

We’ve partnered with a major player in the optical industry as well as the SETI Institute in the US for science programs and research in astronomy.

Manufacturing and Distribution
With our main supplier we have produced 4,000 telescopes. Our return rate is currently at 3% and continues to decline, which indicates that the manufacturing process is mature.
We mainly sell online through our website (75% in 2020) and we have already partnered with key distributors

Press Mentions in the US

Arnaud Malvache, President, CTO & Co-founder

  • PhD, Polytechnique Alumni (French Engineering school)
  • 10-year prior experience in Research in Optics & Image Processing

Laurent Marfisi, CEO & Co-founder

  • Arts et Métiers Alumni (French Engineering school)
  • 5-year prior experience in Industrial & Technical Project Management in Aeronautics and General Mechanics.

Antonin Borot, Deputy CTO Hardware & Co-founder

  • PhD, Polytechnique Alumni (French Engineering school)
  • 10-year prior experience in Exp. Optics
  • Co-founder of SourceLAB

Franck Marchis, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder

  • PhD, 20-year experience.
  • Senior Astronomer at SETI Institute

Laurène Maerten, CFO

  • 5-year COO of a start-up
  • 8-year experience at PwC
  • 4-year in investment banking at Société Générale

+ 35 employees (FTE), including 5 PhDs

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