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It turns out that landscape maintenance, tree trimming, and land clearing companies dispose of their vegetative biomass the same way we dispose of all garbage: it goes to a landfill.

These companies pay high tipping fees to throw out their biomass and then this biomass is destroyed. Carbon-rich vegetation can actually be turned into several biocarbon-based products, such as biocarbon fertilizers, organic compost, mulch, or even be refined as biofuel. All this results, for SSBC’s members (who are so responsibly disposing of their green waste), in a reduction of tipping fees and in a share in the profits generated by the conversion of this green waste into biocarbon-based products.


Universal BioCarbon, Inc. converts vegetative biomass into valuable biocarbon-rich products that are beneficial to the environment.

Instead of sending biomass to landfills, our partner SSBC hands its green waste to us. The vegetation can be converted immediately into organic compost and mulch or it can be enhanced through a refining process called torrefaction for use as fuel or activated carbon.

The process is sustainable for both the environment and the suppliers. In addition to being a carbon negative process, the biomass byproducts turn disposal fees into a profit.

This business is unique in so far as we don’t pay for our raw material but this raw material is paid for by our suppliers (who are also our partners).



To make the most of the carbon present in waste biomass we conduct a process called torrefaction. The biomass is fed into the torrefaction reactor where it is heated to high temperature without oxygen.

The final product is brittle and much higher in energy density than the original green vegetation. This means accessing the carbon requires less energy for more output.


Universal BioCarbon, Inc. and Sunshine State Biomass Cooperative, Inc. (SSBC) were formed with the mission of reducing vegetative biomass disposal costs and turning the waste into valuable biocarbon-based products. Our long-term partnership will ensure mutual success.

SSBC and Universal BioCarbon, Inc. operate as an agribusiness under the U.S. Farm Act. SSBC is the first cooperative of this kind, and the only one as per today, to have been approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Persons or companies who produce, provide services to persons or companies who produce, harvest, haul, ship or market Vegetative Biomass Material (as defined below), including but not limited to, persons or companies engaged in the industry and science of horticulture, forestry, silviculture or any other farm product, or who manufacture, sever, transport or prepare any by-product therefrom, and who agree to be a patron of the cooperative, sign a membership marketing agreement with the cooperative, purchase one certificate of membership, and meet such other conditions as may be prescribed by SSBC’s Board of Directors, may become a member of SSBC.

Vegetative Biomass Material is defined as "product that is derived 100% from organic plant vegetation, including but not limited to, products derived from plant crops, timber, trees, fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, flowers, shrubs or turf, excluding material derived from construction waste."


Landscape maintenance, tree trimming, golf course care, and land clearing companies make up our suppliers, totaling 105 members.

The vegetative biomass gathered from those members is currently being processed into compost. SSBC’s compost has been certified by a leading compost and potting soil producer for use as an organic bio-fertilizer.


Michael “Mike’” Milicevic
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Mike was the US Feed Stocks Operations Manager of BP Biofuels from June 2011 until September 2016. In this context, he was responsible for managing operations and research facilitation from Florida to Texas at numerous farms covering approx. 23,000 acres across the South East USA.  In his past professional life, he was also the General Manager of the Lykes Ranch Division of Lykes Bros. Inc., from December 1986 to June 2011; he was responsible for the overall management of the operations covering approx. 235,000
                                  acres, for cattle, feedlot, sugarcane, forestry, turf, landscape
                                  and maintenance divisions.

David Disbrow
Founder and Chairman
Throughout his 40-year career in multiple businesses (manufacturing and distribution), David has been involved in agronomics of plant sciences and soil biology. David’s research and studies of carbon over the past ten years have revealed to him an interconnectedness of carbon in the fields of energy, agriculture, and medical sciences. He is also the founder and past President of Sunshine State Biomass Cooperative, Inc.

David Poparad
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
David joined Grennan Fender Hess & Poparad, LLP (Orlando) in 2013 and has over 15 years of experience in public accounting. As a tax partner, David provides compliance and value-added consulting services to family and closely held small and mid-size businesses. David primarily services corporations and partnerships and has experience in the agribusiness, real estate, construction, manufacturing, technology and professional services industries. Prior to joining the firm, David was a tax director/senior manager at a national CPA firm. At Universal BioCarbon, Inc., he is responsible for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company, to include the development of a financial strategy, metrics tied to that strategy and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and to report accurate financial results.

Brian Lapointe
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Brian is a marine biologist and a research professor at the Marine Ecosystem Health Program of Florida Atlantic University-Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. He is a nation-wide recognized specialist of sargassum biomass and Florida’ toxic algae problem (caused to a large extent by nitrogen leaked by septic tanks (2.6 million septic systems in operation in Florida, Florida representing 12% of the United States' septic system). Brian is convinced that the biochar to be produced by our facility (one ton of biochar by septic tank) can solve the problem of septic tanks and, thus, Florida’ toxic algae problem.

Harold Wouters
Since 1996, Harold has been a director of the European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA). Given his  past international legal, tax and corporate finance  practice and his intense activities within EUBIA, he has acquired significant experience with respect to financial, legal and tax aspects of biomass and has developed an intimate understanding of the underlying technologies and a broad strategic vision of the 

Keith J. Kanouse
Director and Corporate Secretary
Since 1991, Keith has been President of Kanouse & Walker, P.A., a law firm concentrating in business law including franchise law, located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Dick Squires
Dick represents SSBC on Universal BioCarbon, Inc.’s board. Over 40 years he was owner and CEO of Turf Management of South Florida, Inc., one of the largest commercial lawn and landscape companies in South Florida.

Eric Disbrow
Director and Chief Officer for Cooperative Relations (COCR)
Eric is responsible for managing all relationships with SSBC. He was involved, for 5 years, in the securing of the membership and was directly dealing with SSBC’s members.

Giuliano Grassi
Special Consultant
Giuliano is acting as Special Consultant to assist the CEO with respect to all strategic and technological issues. He is, among others, the past Head of the Biomass R&D Program (CEC/DG XII) at the European Commission, as well as the founder of the European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA) and its past Secretary General and Vice President.

Tech & BioEconomy International LLC (“TBEI”)
Special Consultant
TBEI is acting as Special Consultant to assist the CEO with respect to structuring of financings, strategic planning, identification of growth opportunities, resource allocation, strategy execution, M&A and divestments, monitoring long-term trends and outlook, and sustaining business model innovation.

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