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VALO Smart City Corporation is a smart city integrator that delivers a broad range of products designed to assist governments, environmental initiatives, city planners, and digital service providers in their quest to deploy connected solutions and create cities that are truly smart. 

By harnessing the power of “Big Data” collection, smart cities are able to dramatically boost operational efficiency, improve sustainability, increase citizen satisfaction and safety, decrease costs, and open up all new revenue opportunities.

The problem? Retrofitting outdated city infrastructures to meet the needs of the Information Age still remains a challenge even for the savviest and most forward-thinking of municipalities.

That’s where VALO comes in. 

As a smart city integrator, VALO prepares municipalities for the future and allows cities to save money and resources while offering convenient amenities to city inhabitants. Real-time information can be gathered for a variety of city assets and services, including, among other community services: 

To get there, VALO is entering the market with a unique network-based platform that represents an ideal entry point for additional smart city services and smart grid applications: smart lighting. 

VALO offers municipalities, utilities and broadband service providers a cost effective and expandable platform for smart city deployment including our customized street light with advanced lighting control, environmental monitoring, public wifi and small cell services

VALO’s Smart City sensor platform makes it easy to deploy and maintain smart street lighting. It’s low cost, modular, and integrated into a single form factor.

As a tech agnostic platform, VALO is plug-and-play compatible on more than 500 million streetlights worldwide, and offers light controls, surveillance, environment monitoring, and public WiFi.

Once infrastructures are established, VALO can upsell beyond the initial tower builds and lighting components with wide-spanning applications that include: 

Smart Transportation | Sensors can provide key data for use in managing city services such as determining optimal bus routes, ideal times for road work, or identifying collisions. 

Smart Parking | Sensors or cameras can identify if parking spots are vacant or filled. Data can be used to bill drivers, identify parking infractions and abandoned vehicles, or direct drivers to available parking. 

Smart Security | Cameras and motion sensors can automatically turn lights on or off depending on if people are in the vicinity. Video monitoring and facial recognition supports security and law enforcement by identifying potential threats or infractions.

Smart Waste Management | Sensors can monitor trash bins to measure fill levels. Cities can use this data to plan waste collection schedules and routes, saving time and money.  

Smart Utility-Grade Metering | Smart meters record utility consumption and communicate the information for monitoring or billing. Cities can improve efficiency and reliability of utility networks using utility-grade metering. 

Smart Air Quality Measurement | Air quality sensors draw power from light poles and relay information using communication technology in VALO’s Smart Street Lights, capturing more data points, at a lower cost compared to traditional large industrial air sensor units. 

Smart Weather Monitoring | By monitoring weather patterns, cities are better prepared for extreme weather and natural disasters such as snow, rain storms, and hurricanes. 

VALO Smart City’s products meet a modern city’s requirements for safety and connectivity, providing a one-stop shop for Smart City technologies. Our efforts are being concentrated in three distinct, yet interrelated areas: 

With senior management experience across established companies, major financial firms, and startups, the VALO executive team is uniquely qualified to grow the company to the leading name in the smart city space in the days ahead. 

Isaac H. Sutton | CEO & Chairman | Isaac has more than 40 years of successful entrepreneurial experience, especially in emerging markets where he has founded and ran several companies. He has held multiple roles as either President, CEO, or Chairman of the Board for numerous companies, including GoIP Global Inc. and Tarsier Ltd. 

Alan Fogelman | CFO | Alan is a CPA and has been practicing for more than 30 years. He is also a CFP and holds a Series 7 securities license and a member of various organizations where he donates his time and expertise.

Steve Altman | VP Business Development | Steve is a performance-driven business strategist and problem solver. A supreme negotiator, he is armed with extraordinary business development skills and possesses deep knowledge of finance and business management across a wide array of goods and services platforms. As the principal of LSA Development Corp. and subsequently commercial litigator for large and small firms, Steve has a proven track record of presenting concepts and closing Transactions. 

Wanda Halpert | Advisor | Wanda brings a 21-year history in corporate strategic planning with over 750 projects and a background in M&As to her role as an advisor to VALO. Having traveled extensively as an international consultant, Wanda has worked to develop corporate guidelines for governments including the Business Development Bank of Canada. She has produced award-winning market research and has experience in over 100 industry sectors. 

Julio Ferreira | Advisor | Julio is the former CEO of Global 8 Environment Technologies and the driving force behind Green Kids Austin and its sister project Green Kids Brazil, an innovative “sustainable mall” and ecological education resource for young people. Julio uses investment, education, and collaboration to help reduce humankind's impact on the environment. His global perspective and talent for cutting-edge commercial strategies, combined with his passion for protecting the environment through sustainable development solutions has earned him an international reputation as an enthusiastic visionary and business pioneer. 

David Harper | Advisor | Founder and CEO of Delivr, David has over 20 years’ experience as a designer, ad man, technologist, patent holding inventor, and entrepreneur. Delivr adds connectivity to printed media, labels, and packaging -- turning passive, everyday things into smart, connected objects. 

Douglas C. Diana | Capital Advisor | Douglas C. Diana is a Capital Advisor with over 35 years in the finance industry in the Greater New York Tri-State Area. Doug brings extensive experience in both the public and private sectors with respect to structured financing, capital investments, economic development and project/ acquisition financing. His experience is both in the field and executive management.

Doug's professional experience consists currently as the Managing Member of a Capital Advisory firm, Past Owner and President of a finance company, Executive Director for Industrial Development Agency and Zoning Board Member. His knowledge and experience have always focused on structured financing and commercial and residential property development.

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