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Electric Vehicles – a new opportunity

We are at the beginning of an EV revolution happening in developing markets, that looks nothing like the US. This is a vast city commuter market - exceeding 3 billion people across India, South East Asia, Africa & Latin America.

India has already embraced electrification of 2- and 3-wheeled personal mobility, with strong cross-sector decarbonizing support from state & central governments.

These new electric vehicles are cheaper than the internal combustion engine vehicle they replace, on total lifetime cost of ownership. This simple kitchen table logic across millions of consumer homes is driving a massive shift to EVs.

City commuters have very specific needs and rapidly growing buying power for the right vehicle to solve them. Two-wheelers lack weather protection and safety, while typical cars are oversized for solo commuting through congested city roads.

India is one of the largest automotive markets globally. Family incomes have tripled over the last decade, with 1.3 million hatchback passenger cars sold in 2022. These volumes are projected to increase at 9% CAGR. Yet, commuters are still looking for that just-right sized electric car for their city commuting needs.

Mini Mobility

A new category of compact electric city vehicles is emerging globally. Mini-mobility perfectly fits the gap between 2-wheelers and existing compact cars.

Consulting firm McKinsey describes Mini-mobility as “three- and four-wheeled EVs that can fit one or two people, and sit in the space between cars and bicycles. These vehicles have an average weight from 100 to 500 kilograms (about 220 to 1,100 pounds) when unoccupied. Depending on the vehicle type and local regulations, their maximum speed varies from 25 to 90 kilometres (about 15.5 to 56 miles) an hour”.

Vayve Mobility was started in 2021, with a clear vision on smart electric personal mobility in cities across the world. We are positioned where the puck is going – mass adoption of a smart new generation of electric vehicles.

We are intently focused on our consumers' day in the city and their "jobs to be done”. City people have lives built around going across town - usually alone, occasionally with a companion or two. To work, to spend time with grandma, to help a friend in need, taking a kid to school or play, going to college, to meet friends at the coffee shop - all without ever needing a huge 7-seater SUV or even a 5-seater sedan.

Introducing Eva

Eva is purposefully crafted for urban commuters, with a narrow-body design for agile city navigation, comfortably accommodating two adults and a child. A spacious cabin with premium interior provides refined comfort and protection to bust the stress of a bumper-to-bumper commute. Steel monocoque chassis, plenty of manoeuvring power, seat belts and air bag build peace of mind in city driving.

Eva is the first practical solar – electric car which can provide 30% of typical city commuters’ driving range, free from the sun.

Strong Traction

Eva attracted customers as soon as we unveiled the show car at the Delhi Auto Expo in January 2023.

India’s First Solar Car wowed thousands of booth visitors and millions of online viewers arund the globe, where we secured:

  • 8,000 priority list signups from visionary early adopters
  • 120+ car dealership enquiries from India, Indian sub-continent and Africa
  • Organic coverage from social & traditional media, with 35+ million views
  • Collaboration from top Tier-1 auto suppliers for all vehicle components

Progress & Detailed Plans

We have been refining Eva’s mechanical and electrical design over three engineering prototypes in the last 2 years. A fourth prototype is being built to incorporate all the voice-of-customer feedback gathered since public unveiling in January 2023. The exterior aesthetics and interior trim are 90% finalised.

Our next phase is detailed engineering, progressively from individual sub-component and sub-assembly to full vehicle integration. These final detailed designs will lead to production of 5 cars for homologation (regulatory road-use approval) in India, our beachhead market. We are planning 18 months for submission of sample vehicles to the certification authority. Pre-orders will be opened in 2024 and vehicle deliveries to early customers will start in 2025.

Team Strength

Our team has a seasoned mix of engineering and technology skills, with breadth of experiences from start-up to Fortune 50. Together, we have decades of manufacturing experience and proven business acumen in India and international markets.

External Recognition

Vayve Mobility is recognized by the Government of India’s STPI Motion CoE and StartUp India programs. We are currently in the 2023 accelerator cohorts of Accelicity Top 50 Resilience Solutions and CleanTech Open.

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