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Gorgeous, high-performance, feature-rich smartphones – we all want the same thing. However, there is a quality missing from this list that keeps many of us from owning our ideal smartphone: price.

Introducing VeeZ Phone. We make high-quality smartphones and other electronic devices that are very affordable.

What makes us different than Apple or Samsung? Honestly, not much. Our products arrive on the scene just a few months behind the giant brands, complete with the same tech, same capabilities, similar fantastic designs, but more reasonably priced.

We're developing a family of products, including smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, TVs, smartwatches and tablets that everyone can afford.

One device at a time, VeeZ Phone is ready to become the new industry leader powering our families’ and businesses’ connected lives, while saving them money on essential electronics.

In today’s world, we’re becoming increasingly dependant on a top of the line smartphone. We rely on our phone to communicate, shop, bank, get the news, run our business, and to do just about everything. We pay what they cost, because we can’t live without them, which is turning a marvelous tool into a terrible burden.

At VeeZ Phone, we’re on a mission to design and manufacture the very best, high-end smartphones that everyone can afford. We make beautifully designed, high-quality smartphones with all the best features – big, beautiful displays; fast internet speeds; excellent front and rear cameras; and enough memory to hold all your pictures and important data.

Not only do our smartphones cost less and have all the features that other brands offer, they look and feel amazing, perform better, and last longer. We’re going to help people all over the world connect and enjoy happier lives.

How do we manage to be cheaper than our competitors without sacrificing quality or features?

Well, being first to market carries a steep price tag. Big brands need to employ more engineers, pay more in R&D, manufacturing and advertising. All of these costs and more get passed along to the consumer. Our founder’s experience working in the telecom business and living in China, where a near identical smartphone has traditionally cost two to three times less than in Western countries, taught us that it was possible to produce high-quality products at lower cost.

Using a nimble team of top engineers, by marketing strategically, and by working with both our outstanding contract manufacturers in China and distribution partners, we’re able to offer products that cost 30% less than our competitors and yield 45% profit margins.

Take a look for yourselves at the stunning results.

Our affordable, high-end Android smartphones and tablets have the same or even better features than the most expensive smartphones in the market. We don’t use carriers. Instead, we sell directly to consumers so they can use the carrier of their choice. Let’s begin by first exploring our latest tech: the VeeZ Pride 9.

The Pride 9 is engineered from a single metal piece using the latest CNC technology, each individually hand-crafted, resulting in beautifully designed hardware that feels great in your hand at just 7.9mm thin – combined with a massive 3,500mAh battery for industry leading battery performance, lasting an average user over 30 hours on a single charge.

5.5" FHD display
Maintaining a focus on good looks, The Pride 9 uses a 5.5-inch FHD display from JDI (Japan Display, Inc.), Sharp (variant) resulting in remarkable color reproduction, brightness, contrast, and viewing angles, which are among the best available today on any smartphone device in the world, paired with an extremely thin bezel, which is the perfect size to handle, in addition to in-cell technology on the display panel.

13MPx rear camera plus 5MPx front camera
The Pride 9 features an advanced 13MP camera from OmniVision, with F/2.2, resulting in amazing photos at any time, HD 1080p @ 60fps video recording, as well as a front facing 5 megapixel camera capable of Full HD imaging, coupled with software such as Flash, Auto Focus, Touch Focus support.

MT6797M SoC, Deca core, Cortex-A72 @2.1GHz, ARM Mali T880 700MHz!
Powered by a Deca-Core Processor with 4G HSPA+ modem, the Pride 9 is designed to enhance the lifestyle of mobile phone users with fast performance for multitasking and graphic intense gaming, coupled with intelligent power control system for astonishing battery life, in addition to 64GB storage capacity and 4GB of RAM.

In addition to the Veez Pride 9, we have developed the following mid to high-range 4G LTE smartphones that offer competitive features, sturdy build and low price.

VeeZ Pride C1

The new Pride C1 has a beautiful 5.5” crystal clear FHD display that will be a sight for happy eyes with its 1920x1080 pixels of resolution. With data speeds up to 10X faster than 3G, the Pride C1 will be at your beck and call to help you with whatever your digital life brings you.

At launch, the C1 will have Android 6.0 and soon after will have a wireless upgrade. This will give the user an ecosystem in the palm of their hand that integrates multiple mediums from their office or home.

VeeZ Pride S1

The S1 is an engineering wonder with technology and design. A beautiful, color-matched touch panel offers a smooth surface while the middle housing is finished in a super glossy metallic (zinc alloy, to be specific) paint technology. Available in black, white and gold, users will be sporting the smartphone in style like no other.

Smartphones may be our Pride and joy, but they’re not the only market-changing devices we plan to sell throughout the world. We’ve already completed testing and are ready to assemble our AC1900 Wi-Fi router. The JHR-AC860M AC1900 reaches the fastest max speeds available over its 2.4GHz (600Mbps) and 5GHz (1300Mbps) bands.

AC 1900M High Power Long Range Router


  • Wireless abide by IEEE802.11b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz/5GHz
  • Supports 3T3R MIMO Technology,
  • AC1900 Wi-Fi over 5GHz (1300Mbps) and 2.4GHz (600Mbps)
  • 1 USB 2.0 Port
  • 4 * 5dBi detachable antenna
  • CPU: Dual-core 1.4 GHz
  • Supports Printer server
  • WDS Wireless Bridge

We have another two additional routers, the AC2600 and AC4200, that will be ready to launch in January 2017.

Okay, we admit it. We’re innovation and design junkies through and through.

We’ve also designed and completed testing on our VeeZ Smart Watch, a dazzling and charming Bluetooth-enabled watch with a varied dial plate for stunning displays and great, useful apps such as a heart rate monitor, sleep monitor and pedometer.

We also plan to apply our superb craftsmanship and low-cost philosophy to the production of  50, 55, 58, and 65in LED TVs.

From a hugely successful flash sale to lining up exciting partnerships, we’re well on our way to building VeeZ Phone into a word-class name in the smartphone and electronics industries, on a global scale.

Here’s a quick play-by-play of where we’ve been, where we’re going, and some of our biggest milestones to date.

We have applied for patents on all our designs. As of now we currently have design tested and readied for market five smartphone models (VeeZ Pride 9, VeeZ Note 1, VeeZ C1, VeeZ S1 and M1), three AC routers (AC1900, AC2600 and AC4200), and two tablets. And we’re also gearing up to launch our Smart Watch and LED TVs.

We currently have an agreement with three contract manufacturers in China, which are capable of assembling our product quickly. Ingram Micro Mobility and Amazon will handle our distribution. Ingram Micro Mobility will allow our devices to be sold in over 271,000 retail & online stores in over 120 countries.

Jumia, the largest e-commerce B2B store in Africa, will sell our products across the continent without us ever having to open a physical office there.

We are also in active negotiations with major online e-teller that is interested in offering our products globally.

Want to learn more about Veez Phone brand and our goals for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to see how you can get involved!

Mr. Jean is the Founder and CEO of VeeZ Phone LTD. Since the company’s inception in 2014, he has personally invested over 4 million. He has also co-founded VeeZ Communication BV, which was sold in 2008.

Mr. Jean founded VeeZ after living in Shenzhen, China, for three years, where he was shocked to learn that the prices of smartphones in Western countries were twice as high, if not greater, than those of similar phones in China.

Mr. Foster is the company chief operation officer and is responsible for day-to-day activities and operation. He has 14 years of senior management experience with two global Fortune 500 companies, including seven years as logistic manager for DHL and five years as production manager for Unilever.

Mr. George is the company chief design engineer and is responsible for all of our model designs & implementation. He co-founded VeeZ Communication BV 2004 (sold in 2008), and is currently working on VeeZ Phone LTD 4G Lte design models. George was an engineer at Philips electronics for 17 years, where he specialized in device telecom engineering.

Mr. Frank is responsible for the hardware design and modelling of all our devices. Mr. Frank has 22 years of experience in hardware industrial design, 17 years as hardware manager at Alstom SA.

Mr. Van Burren is responsible for all our Android ROM development and for the UI of our devices. Mr. Van Burren is open stack software engineer who has seven years of experience in industrial design (Android, Windows, iOS and UI software design).

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