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VendRx: Fast Facts

VendRx is a prescription fulfillment and medication dispensing services company that harnesses automation and convergent data routing technology to enable convenient, simple, on-demand prescription fulfillment with options for medication dispensing 24/7. Think RedBox of pharmacy in a medical office, the local pharmacy, the hospital or even at a convenience store. Patients can self-checkout immediately after seeing the doctor or have medication sent to the most convenient, cost-effective alternative.

~33-50% of New
Prescriptions are Abandoned

This prescription abandonment is due to inherent shortcomings in the existing medication delivery model:

VendRx Simplifies & Expediates
Medication Fulfillment

Our service enables patients to choose quickly and easily get their prescriptions.

VendRx gives healthcare providers visibility into a patient’s prescription pick-up and adherence; it helps them do their jobs better.  There are no changes to clinical workflow.

Depending on prescription volume, a clinic may realize $10,000+ additional monthly revenue with minimal to no additional labor or liability.

How VendRx Works

With no change to provider workflow, the e-prescription is transferred to the VendRx cloud (HIPAA-compliant Microsoft Azure) through the SureScripts network. The prescription fulfillment options are then presented and ‘routed’ according to the patient’s choice, either to an automated dispensing machine in the office (or kiosk or software), a mail order, or local pharmacy. VendRx manages the prescription medication inventory with extreme precision, tracks patient adherence, and gives actionable information to improve adherence.


VendRx ‘Fully Automated System’ for high-volume settings: Self-serve checkout: the patient validates identity, verifies prescription, and makes payment on the digital interface. The internal robotics then pluck the right medication, print on the item, and drop it in a receiving tray along with printed or emailed receipt and the medication’s instructions for use. 

VendRx ‘Kiosk’ for moderate volume clinics: The patient self-serves in the exact same manner as with the Fully Automated System. However, the medications are kept in a secure cabinet behind the counter with the clinic’s staff. Upon payment, a label with the prescription information is automatically printed for the staff, who matches the label with the medicine container and then manually hands the medication to the patient.

VendRx POS ‘Software’ for low-volume or telemed enabled clinics: The patient is sent a text link to access a web portal on their phone to self checkout, or the staff conducts the process on the patient’s behalf from their computer terminal via the VendRx portal.

Traction & Accomplishments

Meet The Team

Trent Jefferies, CEO
Vision and leadership; oversees product architecture and product development to optimize product-market fit.

Entrepreneur. Inventor. Credentialed mechanical and process engineer and supply chain expert. Background with a record of success designing and executing solutions for complex technological problems: GE, Black & Decker, KPMG, AlliedSignal

Russell McKee, COO
Vision; go-to-market strategy; pricing; sales & distribution.

Entrepreneur. Career launching innovations into the healthcare industry: new class of pharmaceuticals, best-in-class pharmaceuticals, pioneering e-prescribing data systems; technology; capital equipment; medical device. BS in biochemistry; MBA UCLA Anderson School of Business. 

Product architecture; product building.

Entrepreneur; inventor; master hardware and software builder. Career building technology for robotics, medical device; vending systems. Mechanical and electrical engineer.

Advisory and Board Members

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