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Whoever Saves One Life, Saves the Entire World
veralize: fast facts

Whether testing for COVID-19 today or wanting a solution that can better handle the pandemics of tomorrow, Veralize is there. We eliminate the overly expensive costs of the RT-PCR tests and the inaccuracies of the antigen tests by providing the ultimate quick and highly cost-effective test that requires nothing more than saliva. With Veralize, we can revolutionize the way COVID-19 is tested and get people back to living in no time flat.

Whoever Saves One Life, Saves the Entire World
global pandemic,
global problem

COVID-19 has been a persistent, nightmarish pandemic that won't go away quietly. And as long as there is a pandemic, people will need to be tested quickly and effectively for the virus.

Current COVID testing is neither quick nor terribly effective. False positives are all too common. Even Elon Musk -- the famous entrepreneur behind Tesla, SpaceX and numerous other ventures -- has shared his experiences with the lackluster testing system.

Why is testing so bad? First and foremost, those less-than-stellar antigen tests are used way too frequently. They're quick and cheap, but only 40% accurate*. Which begs an important question that no one seems to be asking: why in the world is ANYONE testing for the virus that led to a PANDEMIC using a test that is only 40% effective!?!?!?!?

RT-PCR is more accurate but it's expensive and takes several days to deliver results.

In our world, we don't have days. We need accurate, reliable results right now.

 * As it cannot detect pre-symptomatic cases.

Whoever Saves One Life, Saves the Entire World
the one and only solution

Veralize solves these problems by using proprietary Graphene Carbon-Nanotube technology within its sensors.

We embed single stranded DNA probes in the Nanotube matrix that attracts single stranded COVID-19 RNA.

If the saliva sample contains COVID-19, then the single-stranded COVID-19 RNA binds to the single stranded DNA probes in the Nanotube matrix.

This binding causes a measurable change in the electric current of the Nanotube matrix, which we detect.  

It's that brilliant. It's that simple. And it will forever revolutionize the way COVID-19 testing is conducted.

Whoever Saves One Life, Saves the Entire World
why we’ll lead

Veralize will lead this market with a very easy-to-use test that eliminates the horrendous need to stick a cotton swab far up a nostril, which some have not-so-affectionately referred to as a "brain poke." It's painful, has potential risks, and who knows if it will lead to long-term problems.

Our test is different. To be tested, a consumer simply spits in our disposable collection container and adds pre-measured DNA-free water supplied with the test kit. The consumer then caps the collection container with a disposable lid that contains our bio sensors. The capped collection container is then inverted (thus bathing the biosensors with saliva and water) and is inserted into our reusable test unit, which powers the bio sensors and completes the test within seven minutes.

Whoever Saves One Life, Saves the Entire World
traction & accomplishments

Whoever Saves One Life, Saves the Entire World

U.S.  Patent #9,919,922 , European Patent # 09818504.4-1403  & Australian Patent # 64/ 194-986. Awarded US - Jan 2018, Europe - Mar-16, Australia - Dec 15 “Bionanosensor Detection Device” Claims are based on the electrical measurement device that determines quick DNA/RNA hybridization without biological-sample amplification.

U.S.  Patent #8623509 - Awarded Jan-2014. “Thermometric Carbon Composites” Method for synthesizing the CNT-Graphene paste that shows anomalous thermal properties. USPTO Serial Number 62/500,444

Provisional Patent Application - Filed 2018. Method for improving Sensitivity in the Detection and Quantification of DNA/RNA Hybridization by doping the substrate with excess electrons and holes

Provisional Patent Application - Filed Dec  2019. Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning ( ML) based algorithm for in-situ data analysis in the read-out module. 

Provisional Patent Application - Filed Jan 2021. Self-Decontaminating Arrangement During Detection of Life Forms or Microbial Species

Whoever Saves One Life, Saves the Entire World
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