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Vibrand makes discovery happen on Glass

Search, discover and learn about the things you love.

We live in an environment full of visual stimuli, Vibrand makes accessing information and searching about the things you love almost effortless; faster and easier. Vibrand is also developer friendly and will feature an API as well as Android and iOS apps.

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Vibrand detects logos

Vibrand detects logos and provides real time consumer product information when you need it, where you need it with the convenience of Google Glass.  It uses computer vision technology to collect images of brand logos and products and then serves up relevant information, including the best place to shop for any product of interest.  Vibrand also supports a number of social media functions so users can customize their experiences while sharing what they think is important about a product or service.

Uses for Vibrand are unlimited!  From finding the best deals on the products you use most often, comparing features with competing brands or even supporting user posts about brands. Imagine taking a picture of a movie poster to watch the trailer or receive local showtime information.  While out shopping for groceries you can also compare nutritional benefits between various food items, access meal recipes, find what foods and beverages pair well together, and receive dietary recommendations. The shopper can do all of this without having to pick up any items at the store while using voice commands on Glass.

Vibrand learns and adapts according to each user’s search history.

Vibrand is available in a basic free version as well as a premium (monthly subscription) option.   

Premium options could include:

  • Custom search options
  • Advanced privacy settings
  • Integrate with the user's social media apps
  • Post and receive product recommendations and service rankings based on areas of expertise
  • Add friends to your own personal network


Over the past six months, we've developed our own open-source API known as Rubix. Rubix offers many relevant features including image detection, image comparison, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition).  Rubix's technology enables conversion of different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, or any files or images captured by a digital camera into editable and searchable data. It also has the ability to detect facial recognition as well as image similarities.

Vibrand uses Rubix technology to objects and provide real time consumer product information when you need it and where you need it.

Burning rubber!

In less then 24hrs of launching our Launch Rock page we already have over 100+ signups.

Our Facebook press release had over 28k viewers and over 210 likes, showing that people are really wanting this type of technology in their lives.

Google Glass sells out in one-day sale.

Google offered its $1,500 high-tech specs to anyone in the US on Tuesday 4/15/2014 without requiring the usual invitation. The sale lasted just 24 hours. The white "Cotton" version sold out with a few hours, and as of Wednesday morning, the entire stock is gone.

We're idea driven and design focused

Vibrand is about connecting people with the products and things they love in the context of where and what they are experiencing in the present moment.

In the coming year Vibrand will also launch on LG's smart TV's allowing a second screen for guest's and brands to interact with as well as releasing iOS and Android apps. 

At Yeti Media we have some of the strongest programmers in the country, we have previously secured $2.5M in VC funding, and we are completely focused on bringing high qualtiy software solutions.

Spartans with a computer

Nick Treadway - CEO/ Developer

Projects I like to produce are interactive, high performance web and mobile apps that live in the cloud and are able to run on the web, iOS, Android, Google Glass and smart devices. 

As CEO and lead UX/ UI developer I collaborate directly with my clients and team, using agile tools that give clients transparency and assurance that their code is being written fresh with a solid, test-first "TDD" foundation that is deployed daily to the cloud. I practice agile software development with a "design first" process that emphasizes empathy with your user experience needs.

Nico Santa - CTO / Developer

I lead the entire Yeti Media Legion to the success of build applications with commitment and quality 

I'm committed to leading our Yeti Media team and enjoy taking things to the next level. We build successful web and mobile applications and we take pride in delivering quality and value through our work. The only way to progress is through hard work, dedication and long term commitment. Some of my personal goals I strive for are to learn, teach and mentor others while finding ways to gain inspiration and knowledge about things that really matter that will help us in the future.


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