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No time for downtime

Industry is always in motion, which means a lot of moving parts. Moving parts eventually come to a stop, and it’s never a good time for that unpleasant surprise.

No matter the business, there’s no time for unplanned downtime.

Unexpected interruptions can be catastrophic, resulting in facility losses of often more than $500,000 per hour and annual industrial losses totaling $185 billion.

Still, companies have not found an effective, cost-efficient way to avoid surprises.

Existing approaches include reacting after equipment fails or relying on expensive preventative maintenance.  Both are bad for business — and the bottom line.

What if companies could be more refined and optimized, keeping processes moving and preventing downtime without overspending?

$2B manufacturer of fittings for oil and gas industry has ten high-volume machining plants running 20 hours a day. A single motor failure shuts a line for 2-3 hours costing them $70K and a cooling compressor failure shuts a plant for at least a day costing $1.4M. Last year, they lost an average of $500K per plant. Our solution will catch the failures before they happen saving over $5M for the company.

A global REIT owns over 100 data centers. A single data center spends $1.8M on maintenance. $450K is spent on regular third-party inspections of their motors, pumps, generators, compressors, etc. Their own maintenance staff is well trained but is overstretched. Our solution will eliminate 75% of the need for third-party inspections saving them $337.5K per data center. Their total savings will be over $30M.

We keep industry moving

VIE Technologies keeps business running by predicting and preventing downtime.

With our OPA Runtime Management Suite™, a self-contained, predictive maintenance solution, industrial facilities can achieve unprecedented operational excellence and efficiency.

This end-to-end solution is a complete Industry 4.0 process-in-a-box designed to meet customer needs. The OPA Prediction-as-a-Service is a system with the power to predict and manage maintenance and repair needs in rotating industrial equipment like pumps, motors, compressors, generators, turbines, and fans.

By transmitting smart sensor data via our FCC licensed spectrum and harnessing the value of human-AI interaction, VIE Technologies enables industry to improve resource governance, reduce maintenance costs and increase availability.

VIE Technologies disrupts the downtime disruption.

VIE Technologies
revolutionizes maintenance

VIE Technologies is committed to revolutionizing maintenance by making unexpected downtime a thing of the past. Our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a complete process, closing the loop from prediction to dispatch, repair, and validation.

Each industry is unique, so we don’t feature a one-size-fits-all approach. We created our Open Platform for All (OPA) to be adaptable and easily modified for practically any location or need.

OPA ensures an innovative combination of time-tested science, Artificial Intelligence, advanced sensing and cloud computing in a single, easy-to-deploy, and easy to use solution with four modifiable parts:

Our solution at work

Things break down due to vibration, but our technology relies on the science of small vibrations to predict and prevent downtime. We have combined edge-learning and cloud AI, reducing the data by 1000 times, thereby increasing efficiency and the ability to scale.


VIE Technologies
has been on the move

At VIE Technologies, we don’t believe in downtime. Since our incorporation in November 2017, we’ve been moving forward with a focus on disrupting the disruption:


Meet the VIE Technologies team

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