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Stop Parkinson's Disease Progression

Disease becomes a growing problem as we age and is an unsustainable problem for humanity.

A large body of genetic and pathological evidence shows that defective repair of damaged mitochondria (powerhouses of the cell) causes Parkinson’s disease.

Vincere Biosciences is striving to solve these problems by developing small molecules that can restore mitochondrial quality to stop Parkinson’s disease from progressing.

Major Milestones on the Horizon

Vincere has novel, potent compounds in development for Parkinson's disease that target mitochondrial health.

Data package typical of VC A-round funding on track for completion within 6 months

We intend to pursue three targets in parallel to increase the odds that one will reach first-in-human trials, around which point Pharma partnership and liquidity are possible. Our plan includes return of capital to investors upon successful sale of Vincere’s assets to a Pharma partner, potentially within 4 years..

Management Team

Unique Advantages

Patented biology simulation and AI chemistry tools enable our team to generate and validate hypotheses much faster than traditional pharma or biotech companies

This gives us an incredible edge in testing compounds more likely to be efficacious


  • The biology around this pathway is incredibly complex, and our leadership team and Science Advisory Board are the best in the world with proven, respected experience.
  • Vincere has characterized several of the competitive compounds and believe they are not viable for a variety of reasons, presenting a strong market opportunity for superior compounds to enter the market.

Traction & Accomplishments

Vincere is optimizing novel chemical hits in low nanomolar range for its top target, with hit validation efforts underway for a second target, and multiple additional targets in the pipeline.

Vincere is ~2-4 months from a typical data package to file IP protecting our chemical series and ~ 6-9 months from raising a VC A-round.

In the past year Vincere recruited a top-tier discovery team and established a flow of orthogonal assays to validate compounds.

Vincere is now realizing economies of scale from multiple targets in the same pathway reusing CROs and assays.

Support from Top Experts

How damaged mitochondria lead to  Parkinson's

Cells contain a biological system (mitophagy) that clears out old mitochondria and replaces them with new ones.

There are key enzymes already present in the cell that trigger this recycling and repair.

Many factors can throw this system out of balance.

Vincere has successfully developed small molecules that bind to and change the activity of key enzymes, boosting the cell’s natural defense and repair mechanisms to restore health.

Drugging targets can restore balance

Vincere is developing small molecules that can restore mitochondrial quality to stop these diseases from progressing.

As damaged mitochondria also accumulate in aging -- which is the biggest risk factor for the disease -- it is likely these compounds may have an impact on human longevity and other age-related diseases as well.

Keys to Rescuing Cellular Health

Genetic risks, aging, and environmental toxins lead to accumulation of dysfunctional mitochondria.

This increases oxidative stress and reduces energy amongst other deficits, which can lead to cell death and symptoms seen in Parkinson's disease.

Clearing these damaged mitochondria may restore cellular and patient health.

Parkin is part of the cell's defense system which tags damaged mitochondria for clearance, allowing new healthy mitochondria to be made.

Vincere Biosciences is making small molecules that activate Parkin to enhance its ability to restore mitochondrial quality.

USP30 is another enzyme which acts as the "yin" to Parkin’s “yang" by preventing removal of these tags.

We are making inhibitors of USP30, which will also accelerate clearance of damaged mitochondria.

Genetically modulating both of these targets has shown protection in animal models.

Now Vincere has small molecules that can modulate activity directly and enhance the cell's own repair mechanisms.

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