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Quick Pitch

Whether you're for or against the legalization of marijuana, we can all agree on one thing -- when legalized, we want it done right.   Our company specializes in bringing industry-specific enterprise software into this brand new, tightly-regulated, extremely lucrative industry.  Using a world-class accounting software platform, vertical system integration abilities, cutting-edge automation, and a team of specialized professionals/industry experts, we will lead the way in managing a multi-billion dollar market just waiting to be captured.

Our founders come from a company that develops similar SAP-based solutions for specific industries.  Their most prominent solution is their brewery product, OrchestratedBEER, which has captured over 20% of the U.S. market share within 3 years of targeting the market including reputable clients like Firestone Walker, Odell, and Full Sail.  Our founding team is made up of the very individuals who built, sold, implemented, and supported products like OrchestratedBEER.  We plan on implementing the same business model for an industry projected to be more lucrative than all other legal U.S. crop production combined.

Viridian Sciences sells technology, not marijuana.  The risks are obvious, though with this unprecedented industry, the old cliché couldn't be more true with this venture: high risk, high reward.  The market is new and free for the taking with massive first-mover advantages.  The competition is inferior, growth potential is off the charts, with a potentially astronomical ROI for investors.  Help us to facilitate the legalization of marijuana, and reap the benefits of capitalizing on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by investing in an industry of this magnitude right from the beginning!

Product/Service Details

Viridian Prime

Viridian Sciences' primary segment is providing business management software solutions to the recreational and medical marijuana industries and hemp industry.  Our Viridian Prime offering is based on SAP Business One, a world class business management software platform and a top 15 global brand.  With fully integrated business processes, limitless external integration possibilities, audit-ready record keeping, and an all-in-one solution offering, Viridian’s solutions have the potential to offer significantly higher economies of scale, and faster client ROI from automation efficiencies than any of its competitors.  The software is fully GAAP compliant, facilitating streamlined auditability, inventory tracking, and financial transactions.

Our development team is comprised of the best talent in the SAP Business One sector.  Our solutions are fully compliant with any applicable state cannabis laws, recreational or medical.  With the development team, we have the flexibility to customize our solution and rapidly roll out updated software to clients, should there be any change in legislation. 

There are over 100 out-of-box automated reports built into the solution, with additional custom-made, industry-specific reports.  We also have the ability to do ad-hoc reporting, specific to any request.  An on-site support team consisting of product experts are dedicated to communicating with users about any issues or requests.

Viridian Edge

Outside of our full-blown ERP offering, we provide a proprietary web application, Viridian Edge, to smaller businesses who just need the bear essentials for compliance and tracking.  Edge is a product comparable with existing cannabis industry software solutions, both from a functionality and price standpoint.  It is a custom built solution, built by the same talent feeding our Viridian Prime development efforts, and it features many unique modules that have many in the industry converting to our solutions after a 1 day sales cycle.  Clients can reap many benefits from running either solution, though Edge is the more affordable solution for many business owners just starting out.  We've developed both solutions to ensure that everyone in the industry is enabled to run efficient, effective, and cutting-edge technology to run their cannabis business.

We have additional business segments, withheld for proprietary reasons.

Traction & Accomplishments

Viridian Sciences has been very active in the cannabis community, specifically in Washington State, attending many tradeshows, conferences and industry association meetings.  Through 6 months of operations, we have closed some of the most notable businesses in Washington, as well as on the east coast.  Some of our most notable:

  • New Vansterdam (highest grossing recreational retailer in WA) 
  • Cannabis City (2nd highest grossing recreational retailer in WA) 
  • BMF Washington (highest grossing recreational producer/processor in WA) 
  • Solstice Grown (Seattle Cannabis Cup winner, reputable medical client)
  • NueVue Pharma (large vertical enterprise in CO)
  • MariMed Advisors (Massachusetts consulting group representing many east coast operations)

How We're Different

Viridian offers a fully integrated, all-in-one centralized ERP solution with it's Viridian Prime product.  With SAP as a backbone, we have the exclusive ability to include all business and legal requirements in one software solution.  All notable competitors have custom-built software solutions that address a limited number of business processes, have much less automation and a slower ROI.  Washington and Colorado's recreational industry, for example, have much tighter regulations than the existing medical industry, calling for a credible solution to manage and automate these government-mandated business processes.  With so many varying legal standards and metrics to comply to, along with the abundant need for legitimate business management assistance, our products relieve all the typical pain points of a growing cannabis business.

Our solution automates all required accounting transactions, inventory postings, industry-specific business processes, and reports, which can save our clients up to $100,000s in efficiencies per year, depending on the size of the operation. Clients can usually justify the cost of our software as a replacement for 1 full-time employee, though our solution automates to jobs of numerous employees.  An advanced feature of Viridian's solution is the ad-hoc reporting ability, and custom data fields and tables.  We have the ability to modify all existing reports and create new ones based on any element in the system including custom data.  Using the world's premiere software technology in SAP, there are limitless integration possibilities.  Some example projects include lab result integration, automatic tax paying, auto-emailed reports and genetics tracking, none of which competitors can do.

Our solutions will continually get better through time, gradually adding additional functionality based on client feedback and customization requests.  Since we're dealing with such an unprecedented market, we'll let our clients, to a degree, direct the product development based on the needs that arise in their first months of opertation.  This agile development strategy has served us well, allowing us to provide specific solutions to clients' needs, as well as adding to our always growing base products.  Hitting the market early with a first-mover advantage, a proven operations plan, and the world’s best cutting-edge software technology, we’ll be able to establish ourselves and lead the market as the superior business management option, and before ERP competitors can put a viable product out.

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