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Fast Facts

Virtuworx is a Web 3.0 platform that enables events, training & education and remote work in a 3D virtual world where engagement and productivity flourish. 

Virtuworx ensures authentic experiences and human connection online, expands access, saves users time and money and reduces their carbon footprint. 

Current Platforms = Disengaged and Dissatisfied Users

Remote events, education and work have changed the way we engage with each other, leaving out what in-person gatherings created naturally: belonging, engagement and understanding. 

The result? Friction, burnout and dissatisfaction.

A Platform for Authentic Engagement 

Virtuworx is a metaverse-enabled web 3.0 platform with application across three verticals: events, education & training and remote work.

We offer a combination of features in a 3D virtual environment combined with our 2D connect platform to encourage engagement, productivity and networking.

Key Verticals - all fully customisable


IRISK certification

Virtuworx completed an IRISK certification in conjunction with a Fortune 500 company to become an accredited vendor and provide Virtuworx behind that company’s firewall.


Full version 2 platform launched in 2022 after Version 1 Beta

Positive customer feedback during Beta.
Constructive feedback incorporated into version 2.

Used by four key commercial conferences:

And a number of other events.

ESG Impact

From travel emissions to energy consumption, in-person interactions have a significant impact on the environment and Virtuworx will be part of the movement facilitating more online gatherings to help drive a reduction in carbon emissions.

Virtuworx broadens and democratises access.  It enables users of the platform who are unable or unwilling to travel,  including people who are disabled or sensitive about their appearance, to attend and enjoy previously inaccessible gatherings in avatar form.

Meet The Team 

David Cummins, Executive Director | Executive Director of The Virtulab, a dynamic tech solutions company and parent company of Virtuworx. Experienced military pilot, commercial drone operator and operational experience in tech enabled drone and software companies.

Wayne Strydom, Chief Technical Officer | A seasoned CTO and Senior Product/Program manager. Mechanical Engineering background in the Oil & Gas sector and graduate of the MIT Tech Bootcamp.

Niall Carroll, Chairman | Co-founder and chairman of CG Tech, the holding company of The Virtulab and Virtuworx.  Member of Tiger 21 and Abundance 360, with over three decades of investment industry success.

Jason English, Director | Chief Ecosystem Officer and co-founder of CG Tech and chairman of The Virtulab.  Member of YPO, Abundance 360 and seasoned Chief Executive Officer with successful track record in operations and technology implementation.

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